[Resolved] I was calling staff "thots" and im upset I got a 1 hour mute.

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    My Username: {KosmicKingKaiser}

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: {Buckmaster1993}
    UUID: {873481a1-229b-48ca-bd02-af34505f47fa}
    Punishment Tracker URL: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?player=Buckmaster1993&server=0&action=searchplayer

    Reason for Report Abusive Staff Power
    {breaking rules, cheating, glitching, duping, xraying, exploiting, hacking (Using a hacked client), harassing, griefing}

    Overview Description of Report

    {I do not know if this qualifies as staff abuse but I was muted for a 1 word response for 1 hour and 6 minutes after buckmaster killed me in-game. The mute reason was (Staff Disrespect) even though I no longer respect buckmaster in the slightest after I left his crew I don’t I believe this 1 word response of mine deserves a mute but a warning, not a Mute for an entire hour.}

    Detailed Information



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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  GodsDead.
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    Why it didn’t get registered on punismental tracker? The last mute is dothing’s


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    Whoa there nelly! Ain’t no need to be going about all angry just cause you got muted. Yes, it was kinda not the best reason for being muted but still calling someone names isn’t necessary. I think it will help you in the future when you think of calling people names. Also if there is bad blood between you 2 fix it. If he were not staff and you were in his crew. I think you could hash it out yourselves. Don’t take this as a chance to make jabs at someone just because you don’t like them.

    Fix it bra.



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    Ok vlad here is the thing Buck did this for the simple reply of “thot” and ive seen alot worse said to staff member’s. I get a 5 minute mute but eve that id kinda pushing it for “thot” you talk about kosmac taking jabs while buck possibly did an unteasonable action due to his bias and hatred for kosmac. Kosmac just thought that he would try to help out and report what he thought was an unacceptable response he just wanted to make sure this didnt happen to others and he wanted this issue to be checked out so i does not happen again because of personal conflicts. I just do not belive staff descsions should be based on a personal bias or hate. Not to mention on the 23rd buck was warned for racist comments which i belive is alot worse than “thot”. I know kosmac and i dont havevthe cleanest records but that doesnt mean my response is invalid because of that but in this situation we did not use racist language. You could argue the same saying buck’s racist comments warning doesnt make all yis punishments invalid but the thing is he is a staff member that is supposed to prevent such things from being said. In my point of view someone thats supposed to prevent players from getting out of hand should not have said somthing racist very recently and then do a unreasonable action a few days later. I understand i may not be the most PG character on the server but i expect everyone should be treated equally when it comes to staff interactions.

    – sincerely Nitro

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    This was a 1 hr 6 min mute because it was his 2nd of the day.  @bazurka Muted him for mouthing off about an hour before this mute.  That is why it didn’t get a warning.  Oh and Nitro the Racist Comment Kick was actually an auto kick by the server when I typed what somebody was saying as the reason for /tempmute.  even though I was typing a command it still took it as something in main chat and kicked me.

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    ok buck here is the thing you were not currently engaged in your duties. like warning him or questioning him. you say it is staff disrespect but i dont see how “thot” disrespect considering the atmosphere of pmc. i just dont see how this is a reasonable response he was not really mouthing off this was just an excuse to mute him which i dont think a staff member should be doing you are supposed to mediate the server not make it a even more toxic area.

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    In a string of endless drama and a whirlwind of foul language being thrown into the main chat, there is always one word that will become the last before punishment hits.
    Well, Cosmic – this time it looks “thot’ was just it.

    We can have an admin look up and post all the things being said before; like calling Buckmaster an idiot and other things. One of you had already been muted that evening and it sure seems like you guys cannot calm down. Pointing at just one word and calling foul play is not quite telling the entire story!

    I appeal to you to please don’t take out drama in main chat and maybe figure out how you guys can mend things in a mature manner.


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    What Baz said.



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