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    The Devil
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    Hello! Some of you may know me as DrCerberus or my new IGN, MrMooshy. I am writing this forum to inform you on my lastest Plan! I intend on building something along the lines as a Piratopia or A.K.A Pirate Paradise. A safe haven for New/Old Pirates, a place where everyone can just be and not have to worry about getting blown up, shot, stabbed, strangled, ect. Know, I know there may be versions of this already on the server, but I believe we can actually build something were we can establish a forum of active community flowing in and around the Island.

    Here comes the Bad News…….

    Sadly, something of the scale/mass of which I and hopefully soon you, will need to accomplish will a cost a decent amount of Money. Now I know we are all Pirates and don’t like to share our Doubloons, which I 100% understand. All I’m asking if you a few Doubloons here and there, I don’t expect anything massive so I will understand the small amounts. Please comment down below if you are interested in Donating, and I will contact you IG in the near future.


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    1) “Reputable” Crews wouldn’t want anything to do this

    2) All “pirate ports” have their scuffles

    3) Good luck, but don’t expect too much. You probably won’t get much free help either.

    Sorry if this seems harsh. I love the idea; it’s just improbable that it would work as you said. Things like this have been attempted before.

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    This is a great idea, but unless there was some sort of Pirate Brotherhood where everyone was allied this would never work. We’ve had pvp-free zones and because of that people/crews have taken advantage of the rules there and used it to conduct full on raids of the premises.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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