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    James Biddix
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    Current Username: LordParzival2000
    Username when banned: SirParzival2000
    UUID: d1ffd805-4f48-4202-a939-ff3cd9771914
    Your punishment tracker link: Permanent Ban
    Banned By: Xeron
    This is SirParzival2000,
    I am really sorry for duplicating dragon heads.  When I first started this server I was always really poor.  But one-day me and my friends were screwing around with cannons, and when Lordmasonmoney was killed he dropped a dragon head!  My friend Lordmasonmoney showed me how to do this and we sold about 7 dragon heads.  I was so excited because for once on the server I had money!  When the admin caught us.  He was going to ban us but I think he did not because I immediately dismantled the operation.  Lordmasonmoney told me the admin let us keep the dragon heads, so I decided to trust him and I immediately tried to sell the rest of my dragon heads to get this episode behind me, hence me trying to sell all our dragon heads to LEGO in one fell swoop.  After failing I went to bed.  I was woken up in the morning by my friends screaming at me for getting them banned.  I love the Piratecraft server, and it is one of my favorite pastimes.  I am really sad to get banned, and I hope my request will shine through.  I promise I will never do this again.  One more thing even if I do not get unbanned, my friends LuckyLeaf344 and Lordmasonmoney should get unbanned.  They did nothing wrong.  Well except Lordmasonmoney.  LuckyLeaf344 was just a deckie living in a house claimed by him.  I sincerely hope you can review this request.  I also understand I have benn wiped, and I will accept this punishment.
    I was a donator on the server so If I do not get unbanned could I please have the 5 dollars I donated back?</p>
    With Hope,


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    Hello @sirparzival2000,

    What you did is outrageous. The damage you could’ve caused to the eco, would have been devastating to our great server.

    You do the crime, you serve the time. As with the other dupers we’ve had in the past you shall remain banned and your items/bases shall be wiped.

    Lastly your money will not be refunded. You did something dumb/stupid and got yourself banned. Should’ve thought about your stuff and rank before your actions. (Also if you read the TOS it states you won’t get it back there)

    You (and your friends) can re-appeal in 1-2 years from now and we’ll see what we do then.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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