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    Current Username: GingfulGlider
    Username when banned: GingfulGlider (I believe i changed it right before I got banned so)
    UUID: https://mcuuid.net/?q=GingfulGlider
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=GingfulGlider&server=0
    Banned By:  Lawzoneon

    Unban Appeal:

    So I was banned on January 21st 2019, for my extreme toxicity to the Piratecraft community, which is approximately 3 months ago. I believe in that time I have matured and have grown over my toxic ways, I have been playing on other servers in that time and have grown to be an actual member of a community, instead of just being toxic 24/7, and  being rude and annoying for everyone around me.

    I admit I was wrong in my ways and I am sincerely sorry for what I have done to other players and the staff of the Piratecraft community.

    I apologize for being so toxic to everyone around me, I wasn’t thinking at the time like I should have been, and I admit I made many mistakes throughout my Piratecraft journey.

    I would love to be unbanned as i have not been able to play with my friends for a long while and would love to come back and pick up the pieces of my story and actually be a valuable member of the community, I swear I will be on my best behavior and do my best to never be toxic, annoying, or just straight up an ass ever again.

    Thank you for reading my appeal and have a nice day.

    I hope I can be let back into the pmc community soon…

    Sincerely; GingfulGlider.

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    ging its been long and i think you deserver a second chance. its been months and you were a true friend to me. i just hope you can stop your toxic behaviours and try to assimalte into our community

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    I remember when I was a newer player gingfull was a lot less toxic, if he can help others and is truly less toxic I can say without a doubt he should be unbanned, I believe he has changed back to be less toxic and I think that a second chance may be a well fit for you.

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    Ging, well said. I’ve known this guy for about 2 years now. Though i know he can be retarded sometimes, his humor can be a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air for many during hard times. If anyone in this community should be allowed to come on back with his friends it’s him (though I know I shouldn’t be nice cuz he’s also a dick to me as well) I do frankly support Ging and his efforts to rejoin his community and play alongside his brothers and friends. If any staff sees this or anyone capable of unbanning him reads this, please do. He can be a burden, yes. But he’s also been a great asset to the community in the past and makes a great friend. He is still to this day after much disagreement at times, a great friend to myself. I’d consider him a brother to me alongside the people I first met upon my return to PMC 2 years ago. He deserves a second chance. By all means, he has my full support.

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    Joshua Frasca
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    Hey I support GingfulGlider in his unban appeal, he’s actually a great guy over discord, and he has supported me through a lot lately, I’ve known him for a while now and I don’t believe he should have a ban for this long. I’m sure he’s changed quite a bit and I’d trust him myself!


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    He has been really good to me and my crew in Voice chat, and he seems like a changed player. I believe that he deserves another chance, especially he has had multiple months to mature and become a more valuable member of the community.


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    Gingful Gingful Gingful whatever did you do to get banned.

    With that aside I miss the guy he has his momments where I cringe ,but I truly think he is a decent person.

    I do hope that you will be allowed to come back and show us How Much You Have Changed for the Better.

    Perhapse a trial period should be given to banned players or the 3 strikes and you are out thing. Oh I havent checked his punishment checker he he he. I wonder what I will find. Oh no I havent checked mine. Dont Check my Punnishment Checker I am ashamed of it. I wish there was a Removal of Punishment history.

    Man was I a checky little guy back then a tad salty too.

    Anyway back to Gingful. Yes I think he should be unbaned.




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    I believe it’s time for GingfulGlider to rejoin us in the vast world of Pirate Craft.

    He has atoned for his mistakes by paying the price of Time.

    He has grown a pair and now seeks to rebuild.

    GingfulGlider in a nutshell is a genuinely great person, I really hope he makes it back to us, may it take months if this gets denied but my god, I hope he comes back, I hope he gets here so we can fill him in on what he has missed but most importantly…

    I hope GingfulGlider can take in the fresh air of pirate craft and taste the fruits that come from being a pirate.

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    I support Ging’s unbanning and if he does I might feel like I should un-quit. He is a great person and as testament to the fact that he is a great person I am supporting his unbanning even though he blew up my base.

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    We’ve discussed the possibility of you returning several times, we wondered how long it would take you to appeal. We do believe that people change, and that second chances should be given after all.

    56 days gameplay time is a lot – a lot wasted you could say, but you were definitely a long term player. It takes quite a bit for us to ban players such as yourselves – the number of mutes and the attitude you showed say it all to be honest; disrespecting staff decisions, arguing with staff, very toxic behavior.

    While what goes on outside of PMC discord is none of our business, the stuff you say doesn’t exactly support your statement of “I have matured and grown over my toxic ways”. You’re still immature, you haven’t gotten over your toxic ways – people don’t just change their whole personality in 3 months.

    At the end of the day we gotta ask ourselves; would unbanning you benefit the server community? We feel that at this stage the answer to this is ‘no’. We’re happy for you that you have found a new community to be a part of, but that doesn’t qualify you to return to this community just yet.

    Feel free to appeal again in a few months, perhaps the situation will be different- perhaps you will be different.

    Denied and closed.

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