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    I was muted and nobody in the help channel will give me a reason why. How am I supposed to correct the unwanted behavior when the only response is “staff decisions are final” with zero further input? Heavy-handed tyrannical mods continue to lower the overall quality of the server. This has been a recurring theme.

    A simple explanation with relevant evidence/examples for moderator decisions would be sufficient… instead we get silence and insults.

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    Hello MrMadBurrito,


    For the brief version of why you were muted, the explanation that appears in your /bminfo about describes the situation:


    “Continues to show toxic behaviour since previous punishment. Please take this time to reevaluate your use of and approach to chat”


    More specifically, I, as well as other members of the staff team, have not noticed any marked improvement in your behaviour in chat since your previous longer-duration mute (of 1 week back in May). We have noticed that, in particular, pvp-related chat issues have resumed with especially toxic behaviour surrounding the frequent semi-planned fights around warp south, as well as in random skirmishes. To directly address your concern via a concrete example of unwanted behaviour, the one that jumps to my mind was your use of “mehshitter” on June 1 at 10:54pm GMT simply because you didn’t like the outcome of a fight. I personally warned you for this, and I know that other staff have done the same for similar incidents. Your response in this specific example was that it was the server’s fault for the auto-filter linking “meh” and “shitter,” since you had intended to call the player a “gay shitter”, rather than admitting to the fact that this a) did bypass the filter (with or without the auto-filter linking the two), and b) was an unacceptable thing to use as an insult. This is, of course, far from an exhaustive list, but hopefully it serves as a helpful example.


    In terms of the silence and insults you mentioned receiving from the staff team—we ask that any contests to mutes be submitted via support ticket rather than in-game DMs, as it helps keep all staff on the same page when carrying out investigations. If you felt that staff was attacking or insulting you at some point during the process of explaining your mute, please do make a ticket on that as well so that we are able to properly investigate your concerns.


    Hopefully this helps clarify the situation,



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