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    I am sending in a request to anyone that can help fix this, and I have been told that only Godsy can actually help with this.  I believe someone has found an old sell sign of mine and I do not know where or who.  All I know is almost $9000 has disappeared while I was offline for no reason.  I have not spent this money and forgot about it.  I have kept tabs of it.  Last night I went to sleep with about $1200 on me, this morning when I logged on I had $0.96.  I am asking for someone to find the sell sign and destroy it, or to invalidate all sell signs that are currently working of mine.  Before I finish this, I do know it wasn’t a sell sign in my shop at /warp shop, because I have not had a sell sign there for weeks.  My IGN is MysticTitan, and thank you for reading and I hope something can be done about this.  $9000 is alot of money.

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    If you set up a sellsign or any other kind of sign, you are the only one who can break it, and of course admins with their magical powers.

    Also did you try to find them at signshop.piratemc.com?

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    Yeah you should watch out for this.. if you have a sell sign anywhere, and someone has access to the chest, they can sell items to you and pick them up again from the chest. They can simply drain your money.

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    Go to http://signshop.piratemc.com/ , enter MysticTitan in the searchbox for “search for player”, hit enter and BOOM !

    You only have three sell signs – cobble, spruce wood & spruce wood planks. Coords are in the list as well (some cube block base in a winter biome)

    Its that easy xD


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