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    Player(s) Being Reported: MoistPqnqkes
    UUID: c7395723-b937-4910-82e3-c8458bf8caba

    Specific Quote stating the offense as not allowed: “Strictly no AFK pools or farms.” This quote clearly states that AFK farming is not allowed.

    Reason for Report: Breaking rules

    Overview Description of Report
    I clearly and literally ask Moist if he AFK Farms, and he clearly admits to doing so, and seems quite proud of his obscene action.

    Detailed Information
    Yes, this photo is a few days old however that is because I am not one to quickly rat on somebody. However, Moist’s constant cruelty and harassment towards me has caused me to rethink my decision of not making this public.

    Rejecting this report/ censoring it will only prove my previous post correct.


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    i think he was talking about a skelly farm that uses dogs that doenst prevent u from going afk. It doenst even produce so much exp or drops

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    Nah I don’t think so, if you read the post I state that I clearly ask him if he AFK FARMS and he says yes…

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    Thank you for reporting this _Gores.

    I checked the /homes of MoistPqnqkes and could not find any afk farms.

    Actually I think you misunderstood : you had asked “do you afk on piratemc” … I think everyone does at one point. I myself wait until I have a full group of unsuspecting spiders amassed before I cut their lives short. That does not make it afk farming.

    Any farm that prevents a player from being automatically kicked after your afk max-time is considered illegal as it gives the player an unfair advantage in ranking up and acquiring claimblocks.





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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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