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    March 2015 BOTM

    So since the entries for Feb BOTM has now closed, it’s time for march to open whilst we wait for the magical screens to appear. I was very disappointed with he lack of entries so far. There are some amazing builds out there that deserve to be entered, whether the grand plans a have finished or not it doesn’t matter, there’s no limit in this competition just a chance for you to show off your skills.
    The Booty:
    1st prize

    • Prime spot on the header banner
    • 1250 Claim Blocks
    • £500 In-game
    • Random Stack
    • Unique BOTM diamond toolkit
    • A map icon in the new BOTM category
    • A personally baked cake form GodsDead

    Please enter your builds with the following form:

    Build Name





    It is important that all co-ords are correct!! If any co-ords lead me to the wrong place, i will not be chasing you up for the correct ones, i will remove your entry from the competition.

    Once all the submissions have been entered, SuperGL will post a blog, with images and details, complete with a community poll voting system. All entries must be submitted before the end of the month. Please contact SuperGL if you have any further queries or details answered.

    The winner of every BOTM will automatically be entered in the Build Of The Year Competition. This competition will be judged very harshly, the competition will be fierce and most of all the ultimate prize will be Great! More details to follow soon.

    Entries need to be claimed by the owner.

    Happy Building to you all and Good Luck!

    How to get your current location? use /getpos /coords /position /whereami /getlocation /getloc


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    Build Name: Residency of the Virgin Islands

    Builder: Chailey

    Sub-builder(s): N/A

    Co-ords: -2,114 , 64 , -7027


    Wow I’ve waited a long time to do something like that 😀

    - Chailey (@Chailey)
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    Build Name: Isle of Luteus
    Builder: Icanra
    Sub-Builder(s): MineMonkey7
    Co-Ords: -6583, 69, -175

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    Build name : City Of Havana

    Builder : Bensterpc

    Sub Builder (s): N/A

    Co-ords : 3170,65, -643



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    Build name : Port Williams

    Builder : ShadowmanV92

    Sub Builder (s): N/A

    Co-ords : 3076, 65, -3704

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    Alex Lazescu
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    Build Name: Venetzian Oracle

    Builder: The one, the only, Aeeeeyyyggentius! (A.k.a. Athenmos12)

    Sub-Builder(s): Azuries, if she follows through on her landscaping thingy. Ill edit the post if she does/doesn’t.

    Co-Ords: X:58 Y:83 Z: -2,783

    Retired Pirate 6/25/14 -- 6/15/15


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    Finished and ready for approval.


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    Woah! this is gonna be quite a competition 😀


    Smokey River
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    Build name: Fort Macon

    Builder(s): smokeyriver

    Co-Builder: vapecloudbear

    Coordinates: -7168, -915


    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

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    Ash Kernel
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    Build Name: Ship Battle


    Sub-builder: N/A

    Co-ords:X:475  Y:67  Z:-3327


    Description (SPOILERS!)


    A Navy Schooner found out that Pirates have hijacked a merchant Man O’ War to sneak into the Briston Battle Tower. The Navy engages ship combat with the  Pirates and this is where the story starts.

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    Build name Westeros windmill



    Co-ords -6836 63 -2632


    The structure should be viwed from the farm side

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    Thank you all for your entries. March BOTM is now closed.


    I will be putting up April BOTM within the next few days.

    So stay tuned for announcements and winners.

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