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    My Username: {VladDracul}

    Player(s) Being Reported. Vec0203
    Username: {Vec0203}

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)

    Overview Description of Report

    So I was getting help from Lawzoneon with a claim and figure some stuff out and getting a old claim removed. As soon as he had finished that and I went up to test some commands for the claim Vec killed me and Mikael. I would have been fine if not for the fact I still needed help from staff. Law said he was done with the unclaiming part but I still wanted him to look at another claim close bye. I decided to ask Vec about what he did. I said it was a really dck move to kill players when they were just helped by staff literally. He said he likes dkc moves. If it had been a minute after or something like that I would have been fine and I think it would have been fair, but literally right after law had unclaimed this portion.

    Detailed Information


    Time was 1:40 pm about


    I can only give the time and date really you will be able to find it in the chat log and being staff im sure you have other ways.

    I don’t really mind if I don’t get the stuff back I just want Vec told that being a dck on the server or things of that nature are frowned on and he should be a little bit more considerate.

    Sincerely, VladDracul

    ” Players have been banned for less”


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    Ehy Vlad.

    As you said, I killed you after the staff was helping you out. When I killed you, I saw no mod nearby. As I said right after you complained about the same thing in-game, the staff had finished his work.

    And by “I like DCK moves” I meant I like to play it stealth because it’s easier if the prey isn’t aware of his surroundings.


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    I read from your other post in the Elytra that you are very pvp active and now it makes more sense for what happened. I  understand why you killed me then but I still think that just waiting in for staff to leave before killing a player is pretty sad. If your that desperate for pvp try another server or just join a crew that actually raids then you might get more chances than just getting the bread crumbs. Its not why you kill its how you kill. If you know say that a player is getting help from staff in Global Chat and that you can see them but come invis and wait until there done it kida leaves me wondering why you bother at all and don’t just siege during a staff member helping or kill them outright. Its not like that will say its unfair since staff are technically players. Which brings to mind. If a staff member is helping another player and they have there /Currently busy tag on and you siege a player they are helping is that okay? In your sense I think you would see it okay but in my sense I would see it as not okay. Why? Because it prevents staff from doing what they are intended to do. If everyone attacked the server owner when he came on I think that might become an issue or mabey it might just become a thing or a meme. Never the less I think just waiting around for staff to leave is the same as waiting at the edge of a warp just to kill players. It has been done and very frowned at. Hence the reason why GodsDead made the warp borders much larger due to players just waiting for kills to raise there kill levels in there crew bla bla bla. It got so bad players where setting death traps right outside of warps literally just to get new players stuff or get their keys from vote chests etc. Talk about a dck move. You may be wondering why I keep going on well its 1 in the morning and I feel salty and im going to do it  right now so TAKE IT!


    So mabey if you get help from staff  Vec I will just stalk you on live map and come invis and wait until staff is done and jump you. You wont be ready for it and I don’t care cause in your famous words “I like dck moves”

    Sincerely, VladDracul




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    Dear Vlad, I really hope you try and get me off guard, it’s not going to be easy.

    Sincerely, Vec0203.


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    When I allowed vec to attack him I told him to wait until law left busy mode (never been in busy btw) and left the area.

    He just jumped on you killed and left loot there. Making a report for that kind of stuff is just a waste of time for staff and for others that need to read. If you are salty cause u don’t sleep just turn ur pc off and go to sleep instead of complaining about getting killed in a SURVIVAL, PIRATE server.

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    Yeah hi to clarify – once an admin is finished nearby, people are free to kill each other. Its only when you actually kill the player while staff are helping, or try to kill the staff helping where you will be jailed or warned, or whatever

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