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    Current Username: Jakkeyyy
    Username when banned: Jakkeyyy
    UUID: UUID 9014f99c-1490-49da-8b94-5f1ba5ec26dd
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=Jakkeyyy&server=0
    Banned By: Your mom!!!!! :O

    Unban Appeal

    Guy oh my god how has it been!!!! I am going to come back to Piratecraft!!!! This is my appeal omg omg omg omg!!!! I have come up with the 13 reasons why I should be unbanned and more!!!!


    1. I have cut my ding dong in half giving myself a micro ding dong so I can be like you guys

    2. I will now back stab everyone I know and make fun of them behind their backs

    3. I will lie to staff and give them false information over pixels

    4. I will be a virgin and obsess over people online and make weird things.

    5. I will in fact never go outside I have started by removing all the grass in a 100 mile radius around me I have hired people to remove grass wherever I go

    6. I will get a staff position to only abuse power, find stuff out and in fact not do any staff work

    7. I will start not just recording things for staff but in fact recording everyone 100% of the time then clip the recordings to make it seem like they said something offensive!!

    8. I will start to make Minecraft threats because I am again cutting my ding dong in half and turning into a virgin to be more like you guys!!!!!

    9. I will also be acting like a woman because as we have seen being a girl has a lot of perks on this server!!!!!!!

    10. I will be in fact a two faced liar also because that is just what has to happen if I want to be on pmc. And try to get people’s IRL friends to say bad stuff and share stuff about them!!!

    11. I will be kissing staff’s ass I have learned that this is the only way to live.

    12. Also I’ve found out that only pussies who keep their mouth shut can play on pmc so after this I will keep my mouth shut and be a pussy. Of course I will cause drama in discords then say I am bipolar and retarded which some of you actually think I am.

    13. ?????????? what is the thirteenth reason???? :0000


    Those are the 10 things I will do to be unbanned on an extra note.  will turn European since unless your European or a douchebag you can’t be staff, maybe I will be a douche bag too!!!! I’m just trying to fit in!

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    trying too hard to be funny tbh

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    miss u mindmeld <3


    100$ USD and ill give you back your name

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    God this is disgusting human behavior. What a loser.

    King of Silent Hill
    Keeper of the Dungeon
    Purveyor of Silence
    Protector of Vána Selanda

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    Have fun with that (hopeful) blacklist.

    River Sullivan-Ross
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    smh (shake my head) this porson sayd that my mom is gay (happy) and i am med!!!!!! plz ban asap (as fast as allowesd)

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    • ★★★★

    Closing this. Disgusting behaviour.

    I will however leave the post up so we can see your behaviour if you ever decide to properly appeal in the future.

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