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    Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the patience of our beloved Smokeyriver and VapeCloudBear

    I don’t expect results but figured I’d just leave this here

    “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, It’s time to pause and reflect.” -Samuel Clemens

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    Smokey River
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    Oh lord…. while you are at it frame it to hang above your computer. I will leave this because honestly I don’t care if its here. I cussed at you in chat because I was fed up with your constant banter for an hour. Yes I didn’t respond in private message for the simple fact you were asking about my mental health. I am perfectly wonderful in that department and it is honestly of no concern to you.  At the beginning I was very calm cool and collected, I should have temp muted you long before I did but alas I was having a slight amount of fun at your “utter dumbassery.” Again I’m done arguing with you. I was just asking you to leave a player alone and then you had to keep flapping your gums :-p.



    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


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    Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the patience of our beloved Smokeyriver and VapeCloudBear

    well…considering they put up with this for an entire hour…I’d say their patience is amazing

    btw, if you didn’t notice, those screenshots make YOU look bad, not staff


    “Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings as a person” – The Merriam-Webster Dictionary


    Blu Pearson
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    Zack I just poured over 5 hours of console logs and you are dead wrong and trying to cherry pick a few lines of chat to make it look as if staff had out of no where started in on you.

    The exchange between you and Smokey started at 12:30 am. You had been bugging Cysteen. Cys asked you to stop you did not cys ignored you and asked smoke to tell you to stop. Which is what cys should have done.

    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 00:48:43 GMT INFO] zack025 » Smokoey someone said you asked for me?
    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 00:48:43 GMT INFO] Smokeyriver » zack025
    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 00:48:49 GMT INFO] Smokeyriver » Leave cysteen alone

    You responded by arguing the validity of a staff member telling a player to not talk with another player. Then continued baggering and being contentious on purpose to aggravate smokey and try to spin it to make her look like the one at fault. This is a ploy used by narcissistics’s to confuse people into doubting themselves so the predator/offender comes off looking as if they are the victim. Its called gaslighting.

    Your screens show smokey saying “shut the hell up” but what they dont show is that was after 30 mins of you pestering and intentionally winding her up.

    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 01:06:02 GMT INFO] Smokeyriver » OMG
    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 01:06:08 GMT INFO] Smokeyriver » Shut the hell up

    This went on for the next hour until smokeys patience ran out and you were still only temp muted for an hour.

    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 01:41:06 GMT INFO] Smokeyriver issued server command: /tempmute zack025 1hr being annoying and argumentative

    The temp mute is over at 2:41

    While you were muted you to the time to make this post then slowly started back to annoying smoke in chat when then temp mute was done over the course of the next 2 hours.

    This continued until you were soft muted

    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 04:27:26 GMT INFO] Smokeyriver issued server command: /softmute zack025

    This how ever did not stop you from continuing to rant to the staff (who see all chat) any who would read the livemap chat.

    Finally after 4 and a half hours you were banned.

    [Wed, 22. Nov 2017 05:10:30 GMT INFO] The_Network issued server command: /ban zack025 BEGONE THOT

    So 1 temp mute 1 soft mute and ban over a 4 and half hour ordeal. That could have been avoided if you would have done as asked and just left cysteen alone. But you made the choice to continually escalate the situation.

    The bottom line is, you didnt like being told what to do and made a choice to push the situation disregarding what a staff member had asked. Everything after that was a result of that choice.

    Staff are all volunteer and dont receive any compensation so the fact that smokey, vape, and the network put up with this for that long is a testament to their patience. They were nice enough to give you 2 chances to drop it and just play and enjoy yourself and you messed that up.

    Sorry but thats the end of this story.


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    stop talking yer landlubbers




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    Stop bugging Smokey, they have to go make a thanks-giving dinner tomorrow, already enough on their plate.

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    Ahahaha the ban message xD.

    I had the ‘joy’ of talking to you zack, and seeing the exchange between you and Smokey. In case you don’t realize, this server is meant for mature audiences who don’t expect staff to bend over backwards to acquiesce to their case. Please know that there will be no negative effect from your rants for Smokey, and that you might as well stop trying and go find some other server where all the staff are willing to be bent over a barrel because you want to do something annoying.

    After seeing your attitude and attempts to disgrace Smokey, I promise you that no one, absolutely no one wants you coming back on the server, or to meet you anywhere else ever again. I can’t tell if this is because you’re a spoiled brat or just an asshole, or maybe even both, but I promise you we do not want either on the server.

    Thank you to all the staff who keep our lovely server free of these jerks, and I’m sorry you have to deal with their attitude.

    P.S. zack you might want to go and thank Smokey for even giving you as many chances as you got.


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    you’re all beyond pathetic. Staff had CLEAR and explicit messages for a player who didn’t agree with their methods. Also stop telling me how I responded and lets see some screenshots of what I said wrong. you follow like a pack of blind sheep and then expect me to not point it out when i’m being called “autistic” and “Bitch” in chat and nothing happens. Hows that for your “mature audience”


    • Topics: 26
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    you follow like a pack of blind sheep and then expect me to not point it out when i’m being called “autistic” and “Bitch” in chat and nothing happens.

    Why should we be punished when it is so obviously true?


    Maximus Terragon
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    Twisted words and evidence presented out of context

    Your attempt at trying you expose some sort of poor staff judgement or mistreatment is pathetic, and wrong, and bias. Blu summed it up nicely

    “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, It’s time to pause and reflect.” -Samuel Clemens

    How about “treat others how you would like to be treated” – Majority of the population of this planet with some ounce of decency


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