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    Lucius Artorius Castus
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    you know what happend? I was cool guy I tried my best in school. It was a busy monday I didnt have homework so i had to make it all over again. after I got home (grandma’s house) I finally got 300 bal after all this time. I bought a longboat I watched the map I navigate thru the  rivers near spawn. and then it got stucked in the bridge aquaduct whatever. so I just typed in 1 sentecned report cuz I was so tired from school.

    wednesday aug 21: ugh my friends invited me to party with them when I got home I expected help but I got they wanted a btter report I coudlt help it I was so drunk I snapped telling them my waterloo I told them my mosty embarrasing move I told them my age! thats when my life status in pcraft got went dont all to shit. veerybody was like whut the fuck who what reprot? huh even tiki was like uh”who this scrub. they were insulkting me they were saying their braincells were going extinc. I was in ruin.  like dude I’m just a kid. aryt I was hurt by what they were saying. they told me i was retarded my I was a mistake my parents had. I was the lowest form iof lifeform in society/.

    aug 23 friday: I was so busy in school I went to sleep after I got home.

    aug today!12am: they tookeverything from m. even max deckhand gift for me my assassin mask my relics and artifacts my red horse. but not everything (i still got the burgeon ship and “lightning” the fastest horse0.

    when they knew I was right they still told me i was reetarded!! i COULDT FORGIVE THEM they bullied me. zzzzz goodnight iots already 350am

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    The Plastic Pirate
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    If you are reporting players, it’s recommended you follow the format (names, timestamps, evidence etc) and you report them here: https://piratemc.com/forums/server-support/player-reports/. Looking at your recent postings on this forum and your behaviour ingame, I’ve come to the conclusion you are trolling the forums or you’re just really immature (see the forum tag for example).

    I’m going to close this thread as it doesn’t help the moderation team, which can’t do much with the information provided in this forum. Have a great day.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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