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    Current Username: Pepe_Pie
    Username when banned: Pepe_Pie and IPepeTheFrog but Pepe_Pie is my main
    UUID: a03a99be-6353-44b4-bb4e-c4e8fb0b1d8f
    Your punishment tracker link: http://bans.piratemc.com/
    Banned By: Max

    Unban Appeal

    I was banned for using an alt (using alts was not bannable according to rules at the time). I already posted about so you probably know about it now and I know I shouldn’t argue with staff but I had every right to there because banning isn’t like a mute. And, alts were allowed so please. I really liked this server. I played like 15 hours in 4 days. That’s a lot. just give me like a 24 hour mute for what I said. I’m sorry Max.



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    Edit: He changed my ban yet again because I know he saw this and knew it was wrong. “bad behavior” to “alt” to “Rude, Racist, Poor Attitude”. You said I’m sick of this right before you banned me too.

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    Let’s go through this one by one:

    1. I think you got confused with my wording when I said “I was rewriting rules page and forgot to add this”. It has always been illegal to use alt accounts on here, I simply forgot to re-add it to the rules page a couple days ago.

    2. The Alt account of yours was banned and will stay banned for the reason above. Your main account was not punished simply for bringing an alt account online.

    3. I didn’t change your ban, I banned you via console to make sure you were banned. This is the first time reading this. Your alt account’s punishment tracker will still say ‘banned for alt account’.

    4. In your 15 hours of gameplay time you have gotten yourself plenty of mutes, a warning, and plenty of verbal warnings to stop bypassing our chat filter with use of racist language. You proceeded to argue with me and insult me after your alt was banned.

    5. Once again, your main account was not banned for having an alt account. You joined with it, I banned it, and that was that. People said in chat it was illegal, I’m pretty sure it says in-game that its illegal. I simply messed up the website for 3 days. You were banned for proceeding to argue with me, bypass chat filters again, insult me, and for your previous punishments. In your 15 hours you have shown to be incapable of behaving according to our rules after multiple chances.

    Denied and closed

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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