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    Current Username: koi0001
    Username when banned: koi0001
    UUID: 67815555-98e7-49a4-ac9a-ee1a1df4a36e
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?player=koi0001&server=0&action=searchplayer
    Banned By: Markus/Godsdead

    Hello Piratecraftians! Some of you might remember me. However, I’m willing to bet due to the extensive time since my ban few players remain from that era. I’m hopping to get an unban from being generally a toxic player. I know the official ban states it was mostly trolling, but this is simply a symptom of me being a toxic player/person at the time. I was rude to members of the community and members of the staff team (Mainly Godzy and Markus). I acted in this way as I was childish, arrogant and was unsure of if I wanted to stay on the server at that time. These actions were mistakes and I apologies for them, my actions only got worse after these incidents as I saw my ban at the time as intense regarding the rules broken. I can acknowledge now that the staff team was more than lenient with my behaviour, attitude and all around conceited personality at the time.

    I wish to get unbanned as I want to return to the community that Piratecraft harboured. In the time that I’ve been banned I’ve been unable to find any server that is able to match the calibre and sense of  that this server had. I think I’ve learned from my time banned that it’s not worth getting banned from again here again.

    Cysteen, I’m sorry for generally harrasing you towards the end of my time on Piratecraft. There’s no excuse for how I singled you out in most situations.

    Godzy, I was far to judgemental and harsh on a person that I had never met nor even talked to on TS. I was angry at you as you had banned friends at the time who I thought were in the right, after accessing the situation and having time to think about their actions & mine I can definitely say it was wrong to consider you to be in the wrong or harsh.

    I hope Markus still plays, if he does and remembers me I’d like to apologies for creating so many hostile and toxic situations I created and you had to deal with over the years I played.

    I hope the Piratecraft community consider this unban appeal. If I remember correctly these things are only accepted once a blue moon.

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    Well I think everyone deserves a second chance, there is no other server like Piratecraft. I think I recognize your name, I played in early 2015. We never interacted much if ever, but I’d like to see an old player on here. I hope to see you soon. 😊

    Sean “Moses” Meehan
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    Koi I think you deserve another chance, as I remember you being a chill dude for the most part. Also, I impersonated you after you got banned (koi001).




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    koi was unbanned mere HOURS before he’s sending private messages to people to tell them to go to another server.


    And people wonder why I don’t like giving second chances, people don’t change, once an asshole, always an asshole.

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