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    I have recently be banned for crashing when i was playing /ffa

    This is a disgrace do  that you have to ban someone for crashing in ffa j….

    Heres what happened…. when i was playing  ffa j i was killed by mawa my irl friend we were atm sitting right next to each other when i crashed. i logged back on to  when i had the option to leave the server or respawn. i chose respawn and than i had the ffa armor??

    than a staff said if he could see what my stuff was stuff i had on. i let him tpa to me but i did’t want ftb_payer to tpa to him and kill me so i said no and left than got banned

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    You should have reaspected the staff member and excepted his tpa instead of logging off, It’s like fleeing from a court house before your guilty.

    Secondly the staff member wouldn’t have tp’d Ftb since he’s a staff member on duty, not an average player.

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    jetty, I still can’t see the logic here. Did you really think, that disconnection is going to magically convince staff that you didn’t abuse it? It does the exact opposite, you avoided only way they could find out whether you are guilty or not, so they couldn’t do anything better then assure you are guilty. I am surprised you have the courage to even post here and waste their time…

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    Are you joking Jettyman?
    Staff can check your chests and enderchest you know…

    It seems you’re only banned 7 days… continue whining, that’ll for sure improve our opinion of you…

    Topic closed.

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