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    Hello, here is an extended timeline of Piratecraft where I gathered politics, updates and silly events. It is up to you to decide what should be included in the History and Events wiki page and what not!



    28 – GodsDead gets a Minecraft account.




    27 – Piratecraft is open to public. End of the friends only era. A 15000 block radius world.







    31 – Build of the Month 1
    ? – The Dirt Hotel is built.




    3 – Build of the Month 2

    ? – The server is populated by people such as Adzybaba, TimHuisman, CrazyPirate1, Unic0rnjunk101. There are no crews, people wanders alone or in groups of maximum three people.

    28 – Ship plugin added.

    ? – New wave of players, such as BensterPC, PipsterPC.


    5 – A fresh new world is tested by GodsDead and the community.
    5 – Port Royal is generated as villager town.
    ? – Testing & Testing for Piratecraft V2. Bugs & bugs fought.

    1 – Piratecraft V2 is released to the public.
    2 – Port Royal releases it’s first set of laws.
    2 – Nassau Town is founded by Adzybaba on an island.
    3 – The Batavian Empire is founded by Adzybaba, TimHuisman, CrazyPirate1.
    12 – Lord0Viper builds the Ophidian ship.
    16 – A New Beginning. Queen Ann’s Revenge sails for new lands.
    23 – 48 hours of doom. The claim plugin brokes.

    ? – New Providence is founded by Lord0Viper and is helped by shiphoo, his trustworthy comrade.
    ? – Nassau is ransacked by New Providence pirates.
    ? – The Batavian Empire disbands.
    12 – The Blackmoon Pirates are founded by Cap’n Jaredman92.
    ? – The Blackmoon pirates are founded and last a month.
    23 – The first public arena of Piratecraft is open.
    25 – The Black Diamond ship is built by Lord0Viper and Shiphoo for New Providence.
    27 -The Shipbuilder Guild is opened. Building and selling ships is a popular trend.

    ? – Port Royal becomes a city state with CrazyPirate1 as governor.
    5 – SaracenOmar buries a treasure.
    ? – Tortuga is founded by Markusi13.
    ? – Port Royal inhabitants try to steal some arrows from Tortuga.
    ? – Novopangaea town is founded by GodsDead.
    28 – Build of the Month May

    ? – The future elven Queen, Reptaria, makes it’s first attempts to create a nation.
    6 – The Thieves Guild is founded by Rendas.
    7 – Added chair plugin.
    ? – KingKreeper17’s gang allies with Port Royale against coie0.
    10 – Jodo89 found the Vikings crew but it doesn’t last long.
    15 – Piratecraft gets listed in pcgamesn.com’s top fifteen Minecraft servers list.
    ? – The schooner “Thor” reaches Hope Island and Bislo1 founds Port Hope.
    ? – The Pirates of the Rogue Cove are founded by Unic0rnjunk101.
    ? – The dutch Oldenbourgh is founded by TimHuisman in the northernmost part of the world.

    2 – SuperGL’s island is bombarded with cannons by XxwafflegunnerxX’s gang.
    10 – TimHuisman build the famous Concordia ship.
    ? – Build of the Month. Unic0rnjunk101 and GodsDead build a sand castle.
    22 – The Pirates of the Rogue Cove crew capitol is finished.
    ? – Athenmos12 builds a giant Cathedral.
    ? – The Hattawi brothers begin their raiding carreer.
    27 – Athenmos12 finishes the town of Valencia.
    27 – Athenmos12’s ship “Trident” is stolen by Iamthereaper89.
    28 – DirectorAnivian starts the Frost Alliance but it doesn’t last long.

    6 – Markusi13 becomes moderator.
    10 – Server cannon building competition.
    17 – Unic0rnjunk101 wins GodsDead’s treasure hunt.
    21 – The Hattawi brothers reach their peek of hate from the server.
    ? – Lots of reports about swearing and lack of common sense. General nostalgia for the good ol’ days with a cozy mature community.
    25 – Athenmos12 invents the official Piratecraft song.
    ? – July  Build of the Month.
    31 – Team Viper raids and griefs Iamthereaper89’s shop.

    3 – Cove Ship building Competition
    ? – The Hattawi brothers are banned.
    8 – Map expansion from 3500 to 4000. Added NESW warps.
    ? – New Providence disbands.
    ? – The Thieves Guild fades out.
    10 – Marvellous Mercenaries are founded by Captain Venom.
    11 – The Eridine Empire is founded by Athenmos12.
    11 – Reptaria starts a “news crew”.
    12 – DirectorAnivian trains an army of dogs, divided in the Red and the Black Squadron.
    13 – “The canal for the people from the people” is finished. 137 shovels, 50 deaths, lots of TNT.
    13 – “Borhimir’s Kingdom” fluorishes. End date unknown.
    17 – Unic0rnjunk101 burns down Athenmos12’s ship.
    18 – Trouble between Eisflo and Bislo at Port Hode.
    28 – Unic0rnjunk101 builds a cake ship.
    ? – August BOTM.

    ? – The Marvellous Mercenaries fade out.
    ? – September Build of the Month. 0 entries!
    ? – Evermoor is founded by Reptaria.
    11 – rgjbcgdk’s giant galleon is split in two Indiamen. One half is stolen by Unic0rnjunk101. The other half is stolen by Markusi13. The separate halfs were battled against each other to the death.
    11 – The Bounty Hunters crew is founded by Bart900 but it doesn’t last long.
    12 – Reptaria declares war on Unic0rnjunk101’s Darthon (Town? Crew?).
    ? – New wave of players, such as Daniel_MacLachlan.
    18 – Added retractable bridges.
    27 – Bart900 builds “Consigner”, the first sailing shop of Piratecraft.
    27 – Added Piratecraft Wiki.
    27 – 2nd Piratecraft Birthday. Treasure hunt celebration.
    28 – wkeresey’s rock becomes a PIRATE rock.
    29 – Reptaria is declared Queen and not King for the first time.
    ? – The Kingdom of Cornola rises and it will slowly turn into the Elven Empire.
    ? – The Kitty Pirates (Raven Pirates) are founded by RavenFalls.
    ? – Virgin Islands are founded by Chailey.
    ? – Tortuga disbands.

    1 – Piratecraft’s King and Queen contest.
    ? – RaveTheWave builds the Castle of the Endless War on the Hope island.
    1 – Unic0rnjunk101 becomes a guardian of Cornola.
    1 – 1th Map expansion from 4000 to 7000.
    8 – Lamanite betrays Ravenfalls and steals the S.S. Kitty. 1000£ bounty is set on his head.
    ? – TimHuisman builds a statue of Ganesh for his Indian settlement in the far north.
    11 – Port Royal’s spleef arena is open to public.
    13 – CaptainVenom invents the anti-drama friendship fire.
    ? – The Kitty Pirates disband.
    ? – Port Hode wins the Build of the Month Competition.
    23 – CaptainVenom opens a Road Building Company.
    23 – Chailey starts the Piratecraft Trade Association and attracts several influent people.

    2 – CaptainVenom invents the water-rail transportation system.
    3 – CrazyPirate1 starts a group of settlements, a precursor of the future British Empire.
    3 – Athenmos12 opens the Shipsmith’s Inc.
    ? – The Raven Pirates are founded by RavenFalls.
    ? – The Milker Bandits are founded by TheUdderMilker, who recruits Icanra.
    ? – Player owned warps are added.
    ? – Ma_c_hi starts Wolfshire (/warp wolf).
    ? – Castle Wither is built  by Unic0rnjunk101 and wkeresey.
    11 – A canal to the West Ocean is started by saturn and ThatStalkerDude. The project receives help from all Piratecraft’s population.
    ? – Republica Aeterna is founded by Athenmos12 and contains three cities.
    14 – mgalbrai builds Fort Rose in the North.
    ? – The freemen of the West Blue are founded by Cjmaca.
    25 – Markusi13 opens a Garden building Company.
    ? – The order of the protectors is founded by Bislo1 to defend Port Hode from
    ? – DirectorAnivian builds the Valhalla base.
    ? – November build of the month.
    30 – The Malavolent Few is founded by Tesla676 and Castillo de San Mictian is their base.

    2 – Reptaria attempts to create an International Diplomatic Trade Centre.
    ? – The United People of the East is founded by Unic0rnjunk101 as continuation of PORC.
    ? – The Brahma statue is built by Timhuisman in Karjat.
    ? – Babyhoof begins to build Atlantis in the West.
    ? – The Spanish Islands crew is founded by Daniel_McLachlen
    18 – Brewery added.
    18 – GodsDead, Athenmos12 and others make an entire waterway with a dhow and a cannon.
    22 – Wolfshire is covered with graffiti.
    24 – Port Hode evolves the Merchant Republic of Hode. Wogworld is the first patrice.
    ? – Shipsmith’s Inc. closes.
    25 – The spawn is decorated in a Christmas theme by Ma_c_hi
    ? – The Elven Empire becomes a ruin due to Reptaria’s departure.
    ? – The Malavolent Few fades out.
    ? – KarimNaba fills Evermoor with lava and the city is ransacked by dorkito, 3kaj, keto, isako2, cabriel.


    3 – BensterPC proposes a world tour cruise but it never starts.
    4 – Evermoor becomes an admin claim.
    5 – The Olympics idea is proposed for the first time by ryguybuddy.
    ? – The city state of Port Royal ends.
    ? – The British Empire is formed by CrazyPirate1.
    8 – Cove Ship building contest 2.
    8 – Giant community discussion about countries, nation claims, territory plugins.
    10 – Internal and foreign trouble in the Aeterna Republica. Gradual fall of the state.
    12 – Dr.Solid wishes to dig canals all over the world but abandons the project.
    ? – 3kaj begins his plundering career.
    ? – Economy/signs plugins updated/changed.
    ? – The Freemen of the West Blue fade out.
    ? – The Polinesian Empire is founded by KingRS.
    23 – A /parlay command in siege is proposed by Azuries and Timhuisman.
    23 – Physical in-game menu proposed by GodsDead. Never added.
    24 – GodsDead and Markusi13 create custom firearms for the server. Never added.
    24 – The server road project is started by GodsDead.
    25 – Port Royal is not recognized as an official town. CrazyPirate1 starts a petition.
    ? – The (first) United States Empire is founded by soldier10895. It doesn’t last long.
    ? – Meryerenah, capitol of the Polinesian Empire, is founded by KingRS.
    ? – Port Laconia (/warp market) is built by Saraphim7.
    ? – The Luteus Republic is founded by Icanra.

    2 – Custom map icons added.
    5 – Stingbarry’s Carmory Town is finished.
    ? – February Build of the Month competition.
    ? – The Milker Bandits disband.
    7 – Piratecraft is updated to 1.8, siege doesn’t repair damage anymore.
    7 – Singapore is started by Vanroadkill.
    ? – Chailey builds the Black Pearl ship.
    ? – dorkito101 builds himself an image of harasser.
    ? – NewFoundland is founded by CaptainVenom.
    17 – Ravenfalls hides books all over the world with clues that lead to his treasure.
    19 – Port Hode changes it’s name in Port Hope and joins the British Empire.
    20 – The Egypt group is founded by Azuries.
    20 – Dr.Solid starts the Ottoman Empire with Istanbul (Trapzon) as captiol.
    22 – 3kaj is banned.
    24 – The Atlantis Empire is started by dorkito101.
    25 – Carmory allies with the British Empire and the Lorien Empire.
    27 – Novopangea and the British Empire are allied.
    ? – The 0utlaws begin to rise.

    1 – Return of the Elven Queen Reptaria.
    ? – Singapore joins the British Empire.
    ? – Tha Atlantis Empire fades out.
    ? – March Build of the Month competition.
    4 – Dr.Solid’s Ottoman Empire begins to fall.
    12 – Giant robbery at FTB_Player’s base by Unic0rnjunk101 and CallieMav.
    14 – British Elections. CrazyPirate1 is elected Prime Minister.
    15 – The United People of the East declares war on the British Empire.
    15 – The Elven Empire declares war on the British Empire.
    ? – The Polinesian Empire ends.
    ? – The Republic of Venetzia is founded by DanielMacLachlan.
    ? – The Verussian Empire is founded by KingRS.
    16 – The British Empire sieges Havanna.
    17 – ryguybuddy builds a Reputation plugin. Never added.
    ? – The Thirteen Colonies are founded by NickyB_123
    23 – The ghost of Cap’n Blockbeard is seen by CrazyPirate1 during a storm of lag.
    24 – Aqueduct built from Spawn to Cove.
    25 – The Nordic Empire (first Vikings) is founded by JJMS2002.
    28 – Dr.Solid wipes website data. Temporarily banned.
    29 – The Elven Empire declares war on the British Empire after farmer Andy’s issues.
    30 – British assault to the elven city of Lorien.
    30 – Server event with viking ships.
    31 – Peace between the Elven Empire and the British Empire.

    1 – The Nordic Empire is ransacked. Gradual fall of the group.
    1 – Server pvp update.
    2 – BensterPC leaves the Pirate Union. Peace with the British Empire.
    2 – Ship update with new commands.
    4 – The Shën Kingdom is founded by dorkito101.
    5 – Bislo1 is elected Prime Minister of the British Empire.
    5 – Ravenfall’s Merc Camp is finished.
    6 – War between the Raven Pirates and BensterPC.
    7 – The Merchant Guild of the Pirate Federation is founded by Ma_c_hi.
    8 – Dr.Solid starts a skin competition. PaulOnFire wins 1000£.
    8 – Young Hardtimez accuses BensterPC of warp killing.
    10 – Hardtimez shoots at the warps of Port Laconia and Singapore with cannons.
    10 – The Polinesian Empire declares war on the 0utlaws and is supported by the British Empire and the Soviet State of JammyLegion.
    10 – The United Empires (UE) organization is formed by KingRS.
    10 – Singapore leaves the British Empire.
    11 – HardTimez burns down a verussian army camp.
    11 – A betrayal forces Hardtimez to step down from his captain potision and release the 0utlaws.
    11 – Party at Reptaria’s castle for the victory on the 0utlaws.
    11 – The war between the Polinesian Empire and the 0utlaws is over.
    12 – Crews are added. Passports are not needed anymore. The era of city-states and small groups is ended.
    13 – CrazyPirate wins the Build of the Year 2015 competition.
    ? – The Republic of Venetzia disbands.
    ? – Port Williams is started by ShadowManV92.
    ? – The Shën Kingdom fades out.
    16 – KingRS build the United Empires organization city, which would have been controlled by multiple nations. This town will instead become the Verussian Empire, continuation of the previous Polinesian Empire.
    18 – GodsDead opens a whitelisted creative server for tests.
    21 – Crews are released and can be created by Cadets+.
    25 – A pandemic kills the majority of animals in farms.
    27 – Ash Kernel’s town is founded.
    ? – April/May Build of the Month competition.
    ? – The Soviet State of JonnhyLegion disbands and joins the Verussian Empire.
    29 – The Elven Empire and the Verussian Empire are allied.

    3 – Server event on a galleon, but the ship sets on fire.
    3 – Verussia experiences internal trouble and declares war on British Empire and Elven Empire.
    4 – The Roman Empire is founded by BGraph.
    4 – The Elven Empire attacks 0utlaw’s Verussi.
    5 – The Verussian government is changed and ties with the 0utlaws are broken.
    5 – Chailey buries a treasure near a /warp.
    6 – Stingbarry’s Netherblood People rise.
    6 – The British Empire starts to dig out the river Thames.
    7 – The Verussian Empire joins the Allied.
    9 – Evermoor is completely repaired by the community.
    13 – Iamthereaper89 puts a 9000£ bounty on Unic0rnjunk101’s head.
    15 – A plague corrupts a desert biome in the South with netherrack.
    21 – DirectorAnivian reveals several rhymed riddles that lead to multiple treasures.
    22 – Royal Elven Ball at Mirkwood.
    22 – The ball is gatecrashed by Unic0rnjunk101.
    23 – New treasure hunt by DirectorAnivian.
    23 – AsianAdventures becomes a princess of the Elven Empire.
    25 – GordensAlive digs a gate canale between the central and the souther ocean.
    25 – Unic0rnjunk101 and Billy the Bat become best friends.
    25 – PaulOnFire finds GodsDead’s treasure on a mysterious island that will be known as Twin Peaks.
    26 – Rubihube starts the “American Brewers inc.” business.
    26 – Dorkito101 starts the “Elven Brews Inc.” business asand starts a rivalry with Rubihube.
    26 – Saraphim7 is declared King of the Elven Empire.
    27 – Markusi13 puts a bounty on everybody.
    ? – The Ottoman Empire is restarted by _Lego_.
    ? – Port Terragon is started by Maximus_Terragon.
    ? – The Ottoman Empire is started by _Lego_ and chooses Port Terragon as it’s capitol.
    ? – CelticTiger38 starts the Ireland settlement.
    ? – The French Empire is founded by lewboi100.
    29 – The Elven Empire declares war on the French Empire.
    ? – The Port Terragon ballroom hosts the Royal Elven Ball. The event is gatecrashed by HardTimez.
    30 – North Verussi is ransacked by british criminals and other individuals.

    1 – The Elven Empire and the British Empire accuse each other of undisciplined soldiers.
    1 – The British Empire repairs South Verussi, the Elven Empire repairs North Verussi.
    1 – The governor of South Verussi, 12965kj, calls out BensterPC for bombing the city.
    1 – GodsDead proposes a no teleport weekend. Never done.
    ? – The Crips crew is founded by CelticTiger38 and his comrades.
    ? – After a conflict with the elves, the Ireland settlement is abandoned.
    ? – Saraphim7 is no longer the Elven King.
    7 – The Elven Empire declares war on BensterPC’s Pirate Union.
    ? – The Endurian Empire is founded by xElitaa.
    9 – Gold farms are now useless.
    9 – The Elvish Gazette is founded by dorkito101 but it’s not a success.
    ? – The League of Free Merchants is founded by GordensAlive.
    12 – Summer Grog.
    13 – Port Laconia (/warp market) is the wealthiest place in Piratecraft.
    14 – Boom Docks is built by GordensAlive.
    ? – The British Empire reaches 100 members.
    15- Treaty of Corfadia for passage in the Corfadian Sea is published by Zoroax99.
    15 – Athenmos12 is banned. He had the best statistics at the time.
    15 – Boom Docks is ransacked.
    16 – The 0utlaws declare war on the British Empire.
    ? – The Minehoarder crew is started by _PigGuardian_.
    18 – The first Bank of Piratecraft is opened by Chailey.
    19 – Tension between Iamthereaper89 and the British Empire due to a murder at a warp.
    19 – The “Piratecraft Cruise Services” are founded by dorkito101.
    20 – 1000 threads in the forum.
    ? – The Spanish Empire is founded by MCMonkeyGMx
    ? – The Titans are founded.
    22 – Unic0rnjunk101 forgets his pizza in the oven.
    22 – Rubihube is declared Prince of the Elven Empire.
    22 – The Pirate Union changes name to Pirate Legion.
    22 – Verussia becomes 0utlaw land. KingRS has no power but walls and infrastructures are built under Hardtimez’s rule.
    ? – The Italian Empire is founded.
    24 – The Pirate Court is founded by Cap’n Ryeaka. 0utlaws and Lego’s Raiders of the Lost Kraken join.
    25 – The Elven Empire declares war on the 0utlaws.
    25 – British and Elven troops push the 0utlaws out of Verussia.
    25 – Grammar Alliance between Zoroax99 and Rubihube.
    26 – The Imperial Empire capitol Faythe is occupied by Ryeaka’s pirates. Palmerageddon builds a new capitol.
    27 – Cove Ship building contest 3.
    28 – The Pirate Legion allies with Ryeaka and joins the Pirate Court.
    ? – The Imperial Empire changes it’s name to Iborian Empire.
    29 – The Elven Empire resignates from the 0utlaw war.
    30 – The Elven Empire refuses the peace conditions given by the 0utlaws and therefore joins the war again.
    30 – The Raven Pirates and the British Empire are allied.
    ? – The French Empire fades out.
    31 – Deckhands are now immune to siege.
    ? – Maximus_Terragon leaves the Luteus Republic and starts the Xenon Empire.
    ? – The Wind crew is formed by Korotuki, PrankCalls, MinecraftVentura.

    ? – Build of the Month.
    1 – The British Empire releases it’s first set of laws.
    ? – The Shroomwind island is fortified by the Wind crew.
    3 – ryguybuddy starts the no teleport challenge with dorkito101.
    ? – Stonemeadow is started by CelticTiger38 as elven settlement.
    4 – Verussia declares war on BensterPC’s Pirate Legion and is aided by Wind.
    4 – Server event with kits and arenas.
    5 – The Turks are founded by pokantu1.
    ? – Royal Elven Ball hosted by the Luteus Republic at Port Terragon. HardTimez gatecrashes the event.
    6 – The Elven Empire releases a map of their territories.
    7 – BensterPC/Gen_Ben is banned.
    ? – Port Caraway is built by Icanra.
    8 – War between the Iborian Empire and the Thriteen Colonies.
    9 – Peace between the Iborian Empire and the Thirteen Colonies.
    10 – Luteus Republic allies with Verussian Empire, British Empire, Iborian Empire.
    14 – Palmerageddon proposes annual Piratecraft Olympics.
    15 – The Turks disband.
    15 – The “WolfWind” ship is built by NorthernWhiteSoul at Wind’s island.
    16 – The Kingdom of Sweden is founded by pokantu1 and fades out soon.
    16 – The Entarian Alliance is founded by InventorJohn.
    16 – Dorkito101 attempts to start a Roman Empire.
    16 – The Entarian Alliance is founded by InventorJohn.
    18 – A Grand Tournament of fights is organized by JamesWClark in honour of the Ottoman Empire.
    20 – The Roman Empire holds a ship competition.
    21 – The Phoenix Pirates are founded by Elo106.
    ? – The Allied are formed by Elven Empire, British Empire, Iborian Empire, Thirteen Colonies.
    23 – Surgery. Dr.Solid switches CrazyPirate1’s heart with the one of his dog Chooper.
    24 – Palmerageddon proposes a “Carcass” cannon shot. Never added.
    ? – The Italian Empire fades out.
    27 – Tension between Verussia and the Luteus Republic.
    ? – The Spanish Empire fades out.
    ? – Twilight Empire is founded by Kitsune.
    ? – The Dwarf Territories group rises but does not last long.
    ? – The Verussian Empire joins the Allied again.
    30 – Cap’n HardTimez gets banned.
    30 – The 0utlaws disband.
    30 – Some of the remaining 0utlaws join the Red Lotus.
    ? – Singapore is abandoned.
    ? – Lithvather is declared King of the Elven Empire.
    ? – The Endurian Empire fades out.
    30 – A mysterious Badrang appears and is believed to be an alt of Hardtimez.
    31 – Black Flag is founded by Mandarin_Panda.
    31 – Building a new future: the Elven Empire releases a policy against the rise of new supercriminals.

    1 – Flat or round world? Haydenfire089 proposes a border warp that teleports you on the opposite side of the world when you reach the end of the map.
    ? – The United People of the East fades out.
    ? – The Starks are founded by SirHayden and SeconDeath.
    1 – Verussian and Elven meeting in Verussia.
    ? – Delta is founded.
    ? – CHARLEE builds HardTimez’s gravestone in a southern town.
    4 – New warps can’t be buyed by players anymore. Old, popular player warps keep existing. Inactive ones are disabled.
    ? – Titans fade out.
    ? – The Delta Tower is built by gildor_stinky.
    5 – Black Flag is disbanded.
    5 – Reforms in the Entarian Alliance against inactive claims in their settlements.
    5 – Chailey’s economic report: Bislo1, Saraphim7 and Iamthereaper89 are considered the wealthiest merchants.
    6 -Vapecloudbear and Smokeyriver are now staff members.
    6 – GodsDead goes to Thailand for two weeks.
    7 – KingKarim sneaks in the Elven Government and kicks all the crew members.
    7 – _Lego_ is banned.
    8 – Experiment. Every 24 hours, a public warp is switched to a player to promote his shops or buildings.
    8 – JamesWClark is _Lego_’s successor for the leadeship of the Ottoman Empire.
    14 – Palmerageddon promotes again the Olympics and gathers ideas.
    15 – dorkito101 starts a Farmer Colony for defenseless farmers.
    ? – The Live map brokes. Week without player tracking. Interesting experience.
    ? – Riverine Town is build by Lithvather.
    17 – Gen_Ben (BensterPC) is banned.
    18 – KarimNaba is banned.
    ? – Port Blue is built by CaptainBlue.
    ? – The Defense Naval Fleet is founded by crimeminer and copies the Verussian flag.
    20 – BensterPC’s grave is built by allidoisdig1234.
    20 – Crimson Flame is founded by allidoisdig1234.
    23 – Claim size update. New minimum amount: 80. New minimum width: 3. Useful for roads and rails.
    23 – The Sea Kings are founded by Swordsmanship.
    23 – Live map is back online with a new texture: Dokucraft light.
    26 – Defense Naval Fleet and Seakings are allied.
    27 – The Iborian Empire starts a slave trade with KingRS as first worker.
    27 – Ranks have now color instead of icons in chat.
    28 – Palmerageddon proposes an Apocalypse event with massive water flood in the Piratecraft world.
    29 – Elo106 proposes a Honor Code system.
    ? – Lithvather is no longer King of the Elven Empire.
    ? – Maximus_Terragon leaves the Luteus Republic and forms the Xenon Empire.
    31 – Iborian Empire and Sea Kings are allied.
    31 – Update: deckhands are made immune to siege.

    ? – Twilight Tower is built by Kitsune on the northern coast of the Iborian Sea.
    2 – Skirmishes between the Elven Empire and the Starks.
    ? – The Crimson Flame fades out.
    3 – The Defense Naval Fleet merges into the Sea Kings.
    3 – The Verussian Empire is under Henrik10400’s pressure.
    3 – The Allied declare war on the Starks.
    6 – PaulOnFire draws the project of an Olympic Stadium.
    6 – The Xenon Empire and the Verussian Empire are allied.
    7 – Xenon Empire and Luteus Republic are no longer allies.
    8 – Unic0rnjunk101 proposes marriage to Reptaria.
    10 – GodsDead proposes a creative world with no whitelist.
    ? – PaulOnFire and Jasper cry diamond tears in a pool of lava. Legend says the diamonds still lie there.
    10 – SuperGL sails into the sunset.
    11 – The /near radius is reduced. Revoked “safe tp”.
    ? – The Black Diamond attacks the Verussian Empire.
    12 – Staff attempt to create a ship battle minigame with schematics of vessels built in Piratecraft.
    15 – Tension on the Verussian Continent: the Xenon Empire feels pressured by the Verussian Empire.
    17 – British Elections: Michty is Prime Minister and DirectorAnivian is Vice Prime Minister.
    ? – The Raven Pirates fade out.
    26 – The Entarian Alliance has 50+ members.
    27 – The Entarian Alliance starts a space program.
    30 – Arinthros’ and KellyYore’s mall is rebuilt and becomes a brand new, luxurious mall.
    ? – Beginning of the first Verussian War.
    ? – Delta is founded as replacement of the Starks.

    ? – End of the First Verussian War.
    ? – The town of Cubigran is built by Haydenfire098 and becomes part of the British Empire.
    ? – The New Roman Republic is founded by Chasedillon123.
    4 – The Entarian Space Program is canceled due to excessive tnt costs.
    ? – The Reich group (Father of the Eternal Empire of Hydra) is founded by dpex81.
    7 – The Rohan group is started by _PigGuardian_.
    7 – SeconDeath sieges himself.
    7 – Update: UUID, crew claim trust, crew home permanent.
    ? – FBI is a temporary replacement of Delta.
    9 – Cysteen’s base is ransacked by Nbiwe and Sky_Walker_99 thanks to a Nether portal.
    10 – Empires meeting at Rohan. Verussian Empire, Elven Empire, Holy Roman Empire are present.
    10 – General chaos due to crews disappearing.
    11 – The Luteus Republic disbands and is replaced by the Lutia group.
    11 – “Patents and Copyrights” office started by Palmerageddon.
    ? – Cubigran becomes an independent city state.
    ? – Cubigran and the Entarian Alliance are allied.
    16 – Forest planting around Rivendell. The elves encourage global reforestation.
    16 – The Oriental Empire of China and the British Empire are allied.
    19 – Reich sends infiltrators to Cubigran.
    20 – Gidlor_stinky opens a bookshop at /warp nexus.
    ? – The Sea Kings fade out.
    ? – War between the British Empire and Delta.
    24 – Cubigran declares war on Reich. The conflict fades out soon.
    25 – Peace between the British Empire and Delta.
    ? – Warp Halloween is created by CallieMav.
    31 – dorkito101 opens a library with biographies.

    ? – The Lumin Empire is founded by Kitsune.
    ? – Viper is founded by Chamberlain_.
    ? – General increase in warp killing.
    ? – Lucky is declarered King of the Elven Empire.
    4 – War still goes between the Elven Empire and the Verussian Empire.
    5 – Rubihube starts a kickstarter for his Vault_Tech project.
    7 – DirectorAnivian’s futuristic ship competition. Gildor_stinky is the winner.
    9 – The Elven Empire attacks a Xenon fort confusing it with a Verussian one.
    13 – The Entarian Alliance begins to dig out it’s  730.000 blocks underground city project.
    15 – The Elven Empire publishes surrender conditions for the Verussian Empire but they are refused.
    17 – The Verussian Empire obtains peace with the Elven Empire paying a certain amount of money.
    ? – War between the British Empire and the Verussian Empire.
    ? – The Spanish Islands disband.
    ? – The Diamond Skulls disband.
    17 – The Crusaders of the Void are founded by Cysteen, Daniel_McLachlen, Unic0rnjunk101. According to Unic0rnjunk101, the original purpose of the group was to hunt people who stole loot drops at the Halloween event.
    ? – War between Delta and the Crusaders of the Void.
    21 – Ship update – Cruise: OFF.
    25 – Warp Halloween closed.
    ? – The Dawnfury Castle is started by Cirquo.
    28 – NickyB_123 finds Santa’s ship.
    29 – Vault 121 is completed by Rubihube.
    29 – Rail tunnel battle between british troops and Crusaders of the Void .
    30 – Stone Co. is created by TheMeatBarrel.
    30 – Secret Santa event organized by Icanra.

    1 – Edori_an attempts to start a bounty office at Port Hope.
    2 – Peace between Delta and the Crusaders of the Void.
    4 – Royal Elven Ball and Vault 121’s grand opening.
    ? – Decky Town becomes the capitol of the United States Empire.
    8 – Vault 94 is built by Lithvather.
    8 – Lucky becomes King of the Elven Empire.
    8 – Lucky steps down from the title of King of the Elven Empire.
    ? – The United States Empire is founded by Galaxy219 as President and SBurger6969 as Vice President.
    10 – Christmas firework kit for everyone.
    11 – The United States Empire ally with the Elven Empire, Lumin Empire and the Verussian Empire.
    ? – Sanguine Court is founded by Lucky.
    13 – The Elven Empire declares war on the Crusaders of the Void.
    14 – The Elven Empire surreders to the Crusaders of the Void.
    15 – Cubigran declares war on the United States Empire.
    16 – Viper declares war on Cubigran.
    16 – The Elven Empire has now two domains: the Woodland elves and the High elves.
    16 – First edition of the “Piratecraft Articles” newspaper.
    17 – Tension between the Woodland elves and the High elves.
    18 – The Crusaders of the Void assault an elven settlement and the United States Empire HQ.
    19 – Cubigran and the United States Empire are at peace.
    ? – Evermoor is sold to the Crusaders of the Void.
    ? – The United States Empire suffers pressure from several raiding groups.
    20 – Delta celebrates Christmas.
    ? – Newspapers are a trend.
    21 – Stone Co. is incorporated in the Entarian Alliance.
    21 – War between Delta and the Xenon Empire. False rumors about the Entarian Alliance joining the war.
    21 – Cubigran closes it’s borders to everybody.
    22 – Haydenfire098 is banned. Cubigran fades out.
    22 – Battle between the Crusaders of the Void and Delta at Wizard’s Tower.
    22 – The Elven fortress Lathol is started.
    ? – Warp killing increases. Warps are becoming ghost towns.
    24 – Christmas Love Drama: Unic0rnjunk101 and Texter495 fight for Queen Reptaria’s hand.
    26 – Warp Christmas is open.
    27 – Warp Christmas is closed due to lag issues.
    28 – The Verussian Empire builds a super villager farm.
    29 – Texter495 is kicked from the Elven Empire and killed. The elven marriage fails.
    29 – British and elven troops fight the Crusaders of the Void at Lathol.
    29 – Riverine is unclaimed.
    ? – Solis is founded.
    30 – Rohan merges temporarily in the Verussian Empire.
    30 – The United States Empire declares war on Solis.
    ? – The Lumin Empire disbands.
    31 – All elven towns are equipped with a secret biohazard weapon.
    31 – The Elven Empire celebrates New Year at Lathol, capitol at the time.


    1 – The Elven Empire declares war on Solis.
    1 – AdmiralTrench demotes all the leaders of the Elven Empire and becomes it’s dictator.
    ? – Eden is founded by Asterity and will soon join the Crusaders of the Void.
    2 – Queen Reptaria regained control of the Elven Empire.
    2 – Rebellion in the United States Empire, leaders are demoted.
    2 – United States Empire and Verussian troops fight Solis.
    2 – Economy analysis by Dagersh.
    2 – SeconDeath’s vault is emptied.
    3 – Biotopia, an underwater city, is started by the Entarian Alliance.
    3 – VenturaTheWizard burns HardTimez’ ship.
    3 – TheGrandma takes full control of the Elven Empire.
    4 – Part of SeconDeath’s treasure is returned after a raid on Wiilzo. Further investigation leads to another robber.
    ? – The Eternal Kovaltio Aurea group is founded by CallieMav and GrimHolder.
    ? – The New Roman Republic (SPQR – NRR) is founded by Chasedillon123.
    4 – TheGrandma disbands the Elven Empire.
    5 – Coup in the United States Empire: Quackbot, BlackMambaVenom, and AidsPlays demote Galaxy219 but the issue gets solved soon.
    6 – The Winter Royal Elven Ball is prepared.
    7 – The Entarian Alliance works on a 1000 block range clusterbomb cannon.
    8 – The Ashikagan Navy is formed by ultracreeper and otagowill.
    8 – Elven scandals. TheGrandma takes full control of the Elven Empire. Riots between the elves.
    8 – Eden fights the High elves.
    8 – Warp Market is closed.
    8 –  CelticTiger38, Quackbot, BlackMambaVenom, and AidsPlays leave USE and start the SKATS crew.
    9 – TheGrandma disbands the Elven Empire.
    9 – _PigGuardian_ tries to gather members from the disbanded elves.
    9 – Chailey tries to create The New Elves group with elven veterans.
    ? – Enigma is founded by Texter495 and gathers several strong players from CoV and Solis.
    10 – The New Roman Republic starts a weapon production project called “RADDA”.
    11 – The SKATS crew rejoins the United States Empire.
    11 – Brief war between Enigma and the British Empire.
    ? – Fluorishing period for Rome.
    13 – British Empire and Solis non-aggression pact.
    14 – Update: Custom brews for super potions are added.
    16 – Queen Reptaria and the Elven Empire return after the turmoil.
    17 – “Gildor’s Essentials” shop is opened at Warp Trade (Port Hope).
    18 – Warp meet is open at Cove.
    19 – Astrobolt betrays the United States Empire and destroys Stonemeadow.
    19 – Blood bath at Warp Trade (Port Hope) caused by the Crusaders of the Void.
    21 – Tension between the British and Verussian Empire in the International Leaders Conference meeting.
    21 – Enigma falls after VenturaTheWizard becoming it’s leader and disbanding it.
    22 – _BurningEyes_ (Saltpigeon) builds a cookie farm as commemoration of TheGrandma.
    22 – First speech of Ultracreeper about the Ashikagan revolution and birth of Colrainism.
    22 – Eclipse is founded by Texter495 as continuation of Enigma.
    ? – Eclipse is not as popular as Enigma and disbands.
    ? – The Elven Empire revives.
    26 – Lego is promoted Chief of Police of the British Empire.
    26 – Piratecraft Articles News are not daily anymore.
    27 – The tropical Storm Aaron crashes the server.
    27 – Piratecraft test server, people blows up their own towns.
    28 – Giant elven fortress burned by Zee_King_Bee.
    ? – Apparently the British Empire and Verussian Empire never signed a peace treaty since the first Verussian conflict, therefore they are still at war after 4 months.
    28 – War between the Verussian Empire and the British Empire. Some Verussians are sheltered by the Elven Empire, which stays neutral. Xenon Empire and Thirteen Colonies take part in the war.
    30 – KingRS steps down in Verussia for WilsonManzer.
    29 – Land border issues between WolfHeart and SPQR.
    30 – The Entarian Alliance proposes a set of international rules for wars.
    30 – Tensions between Ashikagan and the British Empire.
    30 – Rohan tries to stop the British Empire’s attacks against the Verussian Empire offering money and resources.
    31 – The war between the British Empire and the Verussian Empire is over.
    31 – Ultracreeper, Kaiser of Ashikagan, declares war on the British Empire.
    31 – Ultracreeper’s Operation Shadow to transform the British Empire in the state of Britannia begins.
    31 – Solis temporarily disbands.
    ? – The new 0utlaws are founded.
    ? – The Elven Empire has a third dominion: Dark Elves.

    ? – The Team Rocket is founded by CelticTiger38 (Sir_Croc0dile).
    ? – The Team Rocket disbands.
    ? – Creed is founded
    1 – The Entarian government starts reforms to move from dictatorship.
    2 – Lithvather remarries Reptaria and becomes Elven King.
    ? – The Rorin group is started by Kanube.
    4 – Piratecraft hits 19000 claims.
    6 – The British Empire laws are revised.
    6 – Ae0 starts a safety room business.
    6 – Ae0 publishes a “Brewing 101” book.
    6 – Update: clusterbombs are less powerful.
    6 – Chasedillon123 proposes an international Geneva convention.
    7 – Peace between Ashikagan and the British Empire. Operation Shadow failed.
    8 – An elven map is drawn by its geographers.
    9 – The New Roman Republic publicly erases every support for the Ashikagan movement.
    9 – Rohan build its first town: Dunharrow.
    13 – The Geneva Convention is held and turns into a bloodbath.
    ? – Elven spin-off crew Rangers of Valor is founded by Galaxy219 and CelticTiger38 (Sir_Croc0dile).
    ? – Rangers of Valor disband due to internal disagreement.
    16 – Unic0rnjunk101 puts a 10620£ bounty on Smokeyriver’s head.
    ? – The Tea Party is founded by Zenphai.
    19 – The Standard Minerals company is started by InventorJohn.
    25 – Warps are almost removed: /warp trade and /warp food are the last remaining.
    27 – Norse is founded by lordofpandas/northernwolfsoul.
    30 – Warp Trade and Warp food are closed.
    ? – Build of the Month competition February/March, fails.

    2 – Elven Royal Council.
    ? – Creed and new 0utlaws merge.
    ? – The British Empire starts a project to have privateers and corsairs.
    6 – General arguments about possible elven griefing crimes.
    ? – The Seawolves are founded by Hewwy.
    10 – The Xenon Tower is finished by Maximus_Terragon.
    11 – Rohan fights with a copy group.
    13 – The Atlantians are founded by Texter495 and Konstruktor.
    ? – Port Ae0 grows. The first shop is opened by iOdiwanKenobi.
    13 – The Stone Addicts anonymous club is started by Chasedillon123.
    14 – Metropolis is ransacked by hackers. Community charity to compensate Kontruktor’s loss.
    14 – Rorin dies. The Order of St. Ender is founded by Kanube.
    14 – The Piratecraft Articles releases its 40th news edition.
    14 – Texter495 tries to organize a Piratecraft President election.
    15 – Mandarin_Panda tries to start a mail delivery service.
    ? – The Elven Empire and Creed are allies.
    18 – otagowill proposes a police department in Piratecraft against griefing and missing payments.
    18 – An achievement plugin is proposed by Koi001.
    22 – People are bored. Debates about war and Cruaders of the Void.
    23 – An active crew list and analysis is released by PaulOnFire.
    23 – MCShovel is promoted to Rear Admiral.
    25 – The Crusaders of the Void have a party at juicebox’s castle.
    25 – British Elections: Bislo1 is elected Prime Minister.
    ? – Lylalune is built by Lithvather.
    ? – The Tea Party fades out.
    29 – iOdiwankenobi starts a story chain that gets popular.
    ? – The Piratecraft Articles slow down.
    31 – The HMS Victory ship is built by Maximus_Terragon.

    1 – British Government april fools. PaulOnFire publishes a fake minister cabinet.
    1 – The Elven Empire and Creed are no longer allies.
    ? – Fade is formed by SSBurger6969 and counts ex EE and USE members.
    ? – Fade disbands.
    2 – Elexandre is banned.
    4 – GodsDead goes to New York city for 6 days.
    ? – Solis is recreated.
    ? – The British newcomers crew project (BETC) ends.
    10 – An NRR trireme is stolen by CelticTiger38.
    12 – Reich changes name to Hydra.
    13 – The famous exclamation “Heil Hydra” is said for the first time by Reptaria.
    13 – The Crusaders of the Void have a new leadership.
    13 – A marketplace forum is created and becomes popular for a month.
    15 – Lithvather’s Lylalune town is bought by WilsonManzer.
    14 – The Juice Pirates are founded by AppleJK.
    14 – Cononut Bay is founded by AppleJK.
    15 – The Federated Nations and the League of Nations improve their relationship and increase communication.
    15 – Port Banana is founded by FelixJaeger and leoneinleone.
    16 – Piratecraft is updated to 1.9.
    16 – Pear Wharf is founded by danieldan4 and TheMasterHD.
    16 – The Hamsfield Court is finished by CrazyPirate1.
    ? – The Crown Castle is built by HaloBearer98.
    17 – Watermelon dock is founded by lordeagle1945.
    20 – A map of Piratecraft is drawn by Apple.
    21 – Writing competition organized by Icanra to select a new Piratecraft
    Articles writer.
    23 – Hyde and Seek at the Hamsfield Court.
    24 – The Seawolves disband.
    24 – Misunderstanding regarding Chasedillon123, Reptaria and furries.
    25 – Elite is founded by iOdiwanKenobi.
    ? – The Lady Faye ship is built by Daniel_McLachlen.
    26 – The Lady Faye ship is auctioned and bought by Astrobolt for 1100£.
    26 – The Elven Ball is held privately in order to keep it safe.
    29 – Discussions on /back.
    30 – Discussions on chorus fruits.

    ? – Lithvather  is no longer the Elven King.
    ? – Rohan merges with the Verussian Republic.
    4 – 2 elytras are put on sale at Cove for 25000£ each.
    5 – The British Empire and Ender sign the “Holy Ender” peace treaty.
    5 – The British Empire and Solis sign the “Sun never sets” peace treaty.
    5 – Icanra’s writing competition finals.
    6 – An elven ball is held to celebrate the elven Laskalan festivity.
    7 – Vanilla boat races at Cove.
    8 – The Verussian Republic and the New Roman Republic merge.
    9 – The Verussian and Roman merge fails.
    ? – Leafy greens movement and Ricey ricefield conflict mess.
    10 – The British Empire and Elite sign “A treaty for the Elite” peace treaty.
    10 – The Atlantians change name in Trident Network. Trade is limited to enchanted books and bottles. Money is not accepted as payment, only diamonds and gold.
    11 – Asterity becomes part of staff.
    12 – A crew timeline is drawn by Apple.
    12 – All shops near NSWE warps are removed. A minimum distance of 1000 blocks is set.
    ? – Zombie horse plague.
    15 – Astrobolt opens a villager shop for 27 minutes.
    ?- The costruction of London is restarted.
    18 – The Thirteen Colonies become a Colonial State of the British Empire.
    19 – The Thirteen Colonies declare war on the United States Empire.
    19 – A public bet on the winner of the 13Co – USE war is organized by Chasedillon123.
    19 – Reptaria proposes some guidelines for nations.
    19 – The elves plan a future 100000 claimblocks town, to be called Imladris (city of light).
    19 – A hunt for the Crusaders of the Void. A coalition is formed against the crew.
    20 – Ceasefire between the Thirteen Colonies and the United States Empire.
    21 – Metropolis boycots trade with the Crusaders of the Void.
    21 – The Marula Island is colonized by the Juice Pirates.
    ? – Mango Bastion is founded by ggbrother, CeramicShip and Utente3Turbine.
    23 – Konstruktor leaves Piratecraft. The Trident Network fades out. Metropolis is abandoned.
    23 – The Defenders attack the Juice Pirates beginning a conflict.
    24 – Chasedillon123 starts a ship crisoming tradition.
    ? – Galaxy219 steps down from USE leadership and CelticTiger38 (Sir_Croc0dile) becomes president.
    25 – Giant crew update.
    25 – The Crusaders of the Void split and fall.
    25 – Khaos is founded by Souldin1.
    25 – The Asylum is founded by Cysteen and Jmoo_.
    ? – The Asylum attacks the Juice Pirates, beginning a conflict.
    27 – Rohan is no longer merged with the Verussian Republic.
    27 – mountainrasta becomes a staff member.
    ? – Chasedillon123 feels pressured by the verussians in the new merged government.
    ? – The Ananas Fiord is founded by MattSworder.
    27 – xxatu is declared Roman Emperor by Chasedillon123.
    28 – PvP safety areas built at Ae0.

    1 – Astaria is founded by Kitsune.
    1 – The Spring village is built by Kitsune.
    ? – The United States Empire fades out.
    ? – The Verner Expedition is founded by bcbcommish.
    ? – The Solomon Archipelago is colonized by the Verner Expedition.
    ? – Ae0 experiences a business boom.
    7 – /rank is added.
    10 – The Templars are founded by Browe_.
    ? – The Templars attack the Juice Pirates, beginning a conflict.
    12 – Event: Treasure hunts around warps.
    12 – An underwater arena is built by the_pig_boy.
    12 – /worth is added.
    13 – Tension between Halobearer98 and Icanra on a town near the Defenders’ Whiteridge.
    14 – The British Empire and Elite are no longer allies.
    ? – Incidents regarding “radicalized actions” of british soldiers.
    18 – Maximus_Terragondraws another map.
    19 – The Defenders fade out.
    22 – The Night Raiders are founded by Mandarin_Panda but don’t last long.
    23 – Tension between VE-NRR and the British Empire on JamminMas.
    23 – The French Empire is founded by Texter495.
    25 – _PigGuardian_ starts an argument over the Hattawi’s ban.
    25 – A supply bank for deckhands is suggested by Lord_Akley_VII.
    ? – General period of high drama rate.
    26 – The French Empire delcares war on the Elven Empire.
    26 – The French Empire disbands.
    30 – Astaria ends.
    30 – Dragon heads for sale at Cove for 15000£ each.
    ? – The New 0utlaws disband.

    ? – The Heart Pirates and the Templars start a war.
    4 – Firework display at Fort Ticonderoga.
    7 – iOdiwanKenobi’s box is blown up.
    9 – Robbery party at Lucky’s unclaimed base.
    9 – Plessman’s castle is finished.
    11 – First (baby) robbery of the Eternal Empire of Hydra. 25£ are asked as ransom for a small dhow.
    11 – The Heart Pirates attack the ae0 Island.
    13 – The Apple crew hacker mess.
    13 – The Piratecraft Historical Society is created by Chasedillon123.
    ? – General period of attacks at the ae0 Island.
    ? – The Juice Pirates begin their journey on the Apple Galleon.
    23 – The mob killing summer event is opened in the Nether.
    24 – The British Empire declares war on the Heart Pirates.
    26 – The Odd Pot shop is reopened by iOdiwanKenobi at ae0 with the chepeast potion prices.
    ? – The Apple Galleon is cannoned by British, Templars and Thirteen Colonies.
    29 – A new spawn project is started by GodsDead.
    30 – Chasedillon123 plans a history museum.
    ? – Build of the Month competition, July/August.

    1 – The Hamster Alliance is founded and is joined by Unic0rnjunk101.
    5 – NickyB_123 tries to reduce Hardtimez’ pirate fame with a speech.
    7 – Ae0 reaches 90 shops and 1420 signs.
    8 – Update to 1.10: Map Expansion from 7000 to 10000 blocks.
    ? – The Hamster Alliance fades out.
    9 – Rome falls. PNN special report by Chasedillon123.
    11 – Lithvather sets up a treasure hunt in the new lands.
    12 – _IceBear_ builds an ice boat race path.
    ? – Keemster’s and Goddybear’s tptrapping period.
    ? – Elite fades out.
    13 – GodsDead goes to San Francisco for 8 days.
    15 – The Andarian Empire is founded by CaptainBlue1911 but it fades out soon.
    15 – Supernova1999 and AdmiralTrench plan a giant cathedral but it is not built.
    16 – The Templars start a war against the British Empire. Arguments on the lack of serious reasons.
    17 – The Elven Empire aids the British Empire in the war against the Templars.
    18 – Fort Xeno is assaulted by Elven, Apple and British forces.
    19 – The Citadel is sieged by Elven, Apple and British forces.
    19 – The Air Conditioners crew is created by iOdiwanKenobi. It fades out soon.
    20 – Cysteen tries to transform the war against the Templars into a minigame with killing points.
    20 – The Asylum declares to offer only defensive help to the Templars.
    20 – The Elven Empire declares to offer only defensive help to the British Empire.
    24 – The Eternal Empire of Hydra becomes popular.
    ? – The Marulosseum is built by the Juice Pirates.
    31- Lawzoneon becomes a staff member.

    1 – “The Princess” appears.
    2 – Elven Remors aimed to have less inactive members. The 65000 claimblocks Avalor city is planned.
    3 – Server drop party event.
    5 – The Piratecraft games server project is started by GodsDead.
    ? – The Black Clover crew is founded by Lord0Viper.
    14 – The Templars split and fall. End of the war. Chailey tries to keep the crew alive.
    15 – The Phantom crew is founded by Browe_.
    14 – Hydra raids kaithefireninja.
    16 – Restock: 2 elytras and 2 dragon heads are on sale at Cove.
    ? – Port ae0 is cannoned by Phantom.
    17 – Battle of the Thames.
    ? – The Eternal Kovaltio Aurea fades out.
    22 – iOdiwanKenobi starts a few days war with the Verussian Republic.
    23 – Empire and pirate guidelines are proposed by Reptaria but refused by the community.
    ? – The Xenon Empire and the Templars merge into one crew: The Xhantian Order.
    ? – The Luteus Republic and the Iborian Empire join the Xanthian Order.
    25 – A big skull structure is built by missmolamola.
    28 – A treasure is buried by Browe_ and is found by MrBluBeardedYeti.
    ? – BExit from the League of Nations.

    1 – Warp Halloween is open.
    ? – Secession of the Thirteen Colonies from the British Empire.
    5 – Update: deckhands can no longer siege.
    ? – Ultra Carrot Co. is started by ultracreeper.
    10 – A skeleton farm is built by Astrobolt at the Ae0 Island.
    10 – Avalor is finished by Reptaria.
    10 – A library is opened at Cove.
    15 – The Crimson Flame is founded by allidoisdig1234.
    15 – Agreement of continued trust between the British Empire and the Thirteen Colonies.
    17 – The rail between Port Ae0 and London is completed.
    19 – The Ae0 Island is connected to the continent with roads and bridges.
    19 – PaulOnFire finds a sea cucumber from space.
    21 – Extreme book sale by JamesWClark.
    27 – Ship battle between the Verner Expedition and TSE. bcbcommish fights with 91 XP levels.
    29 – The Seagulls are founded by JamminMas.
    31 – Ultracreeper publicly apologiezes.
    31 – Hydra raids Mystic_Titan965.

    1 – The Entarian Alliance announces its official flags.
    2 – Update: Added //calc, /bottle has now a cost.
    2 – The SeaGulls declare war on the Elven Empire.
    3 – The Elven Prince Kitsune begins a Revolution which causes the fall of the Elven Empire and the surrender to the SeaGulls.
    4 – buckmaster1993 founds the Republic of Rome, Kitsune starts the Avarian Order, AssassinHades creates Tamriel.
    4 – PNN special report by Chasedillon123 on the elven fall.
    8 – Economy report for Ae0 by Chasedillon123.
    9 – The Halloween event is closed.
    10 – The Elven Republic is founded.
    10 – An info center is built at Port Ae0.
    11 – Evermoor returns to Reptaria.
    11 – The Crimson Flame fades out.
    15 – The Asylum and Piratequest attack the Seagulls’ castle.
    16 – CrazyPirate1 becomes forum moderator.
    18 – Ultra Carrot Co. closes due to attacks from the Asylum.
    18 – The People’s Republic of China is founded by Ultracreeper.
    19 – Doubloon Haven (/warp shop) is open.
    20 – War between the People’s Republic of China and iOdiwankenobi’s Jedis.
    20 – The Roman Republic releases a new constitution.
    21 – A rail from London to Doubloon Haven is built.
    21 – A casino is opened by Gildor_stinky at Doubloon Haven.
    22 – Bislo1 is publicly announced to be the Prime Minister of the British Empire again.
    22 – Piratequest declares war on the British Empire and the Elven Empire.
    26 – iOdiwanKenobi is banned. The Jedis fade out.
    28 – Propaganda issues between the British Empire and buil1115.
    ? – Build of the Month November/December.

    1 – Several nether portal trapping issues.
    3 – Ultracreeper’s People’s Republic of China turns into the Imperial Japan.
    4 – The Solstice group is founded by JamminMas.
    7 – The Christmas Event is open.
    10 – Piratequest declares war on The Asylum.
    ? – The Commonwealth of Nations is formed.
    12 – The Meat Beaters are founded by Browe_.
    16 – Issues between the Seagulls and the Imperial Japan.
    17 – Markusi13 turns into a polar bear.
    17 – The Soviet Union is founded by CelticTiger38.
    18 – Battle at South Verussi: Juice Pirates against Phantom, Asylum and Piratequest.


    Some birthday dates I found:

    Chasedillon123’s birthday – end of march.
    CrazyPirate1’s birthday – 8th of march.
    DirectorAnivian’s birthday – 25th of september.
    Dr.Solid birthday – 7th of July.
    GodsDead’s birthday – 19th of October.
    Icanra’s birthday – 2nd of april.
    KingRS’ birthday – 22nd of may.
    Lithvather’s birthday – 22nd or 25th of may.
    Reptaria’s birthday: http://piratemc.com/members/Cornetheus999/activity/33430/
    Vapecloudbear’s birthday 18th december.

    By making this, I felt like these were the main ages of Piratecraft. They are not based on wars, but on the way players used to live and play.

    2012 – sept. 2012: Friends only server.
    sept. 2012 – dec. 2014: Individuals, small and distant groups.
    dec. 2014 – feb. 2016: Player owned warps, nations.
    feb. 2016 – nov. 2016: Ae0.
    nov. 2016 – ?: /warp shop.

    Thank you to those who answered my history questions in past!


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    Hmm. This is nice. Actually taking time to work on history. However, there is one “historic event” that I disagree on. If you could explain/give evidence to this claim I have found?

    If I do recall, 3kaj and I have never had any alliances. I also do believe I was in the Elven Empire at the time since I joined that early and the EE was one of my first crews.

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    • ★★★★★★

    Hey I appear 4 times in this 😀

    Anyways, Apple this is awesome! Nice job

    Leader of the Narwhal Syndicate
    Former Official Bitchnugget of the Asylum
    King of the Elves, 2016-2017 (Rumoured)

    Crew History:
    United States Empire
    The Asylum
    Phantom Pirates
    The British Empire
    The Coalition
    Dealer's Deck
    House Indoril

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    • ★★★★★★★

    I just want to say, this is some amazing research you have done here, Apple. If I’m not mistaken, you must have read every single forum post on these forums, which is an incredible achievement.

    This absolutely MUST be transferred over to the wiki timeline. Or might I say, the wiki timeline transferred over to this? 😉

    Also, I hate to be pedantic, but I would like to suggest a few corrections to the timeline (please take it as a compliment that I actually read almost everything through! >.<)

    March 2014
    30 – British assault to the elven city of Lorien.
    => EE was known at this time as the Elven Empire of Lothlorien. I distinctly remember the siege of Evermoor, which I suspect this entry refers to. As you later wrote on 9th May: “Evermoor is completely repaired by the community.”

    April 2014
    5 – Bislo1 is elected Prime Minister of the British Empire.
    => This is information from April 2015. CrazyPirate was Prime Minister until 17th September 2015.

    May 2014
    ? – The dutch Oldenbourgh is founded by TimHuisman in the northernmost part of the world.
    => Oldenburgh is actually really near Reaper’s island! Karjat is in the far north of world.

    Job well done, I say! 😀

    Also. WTF!

    May 2015
    25 – PaulOnFire finds GodsDead’s treasure on a mysterious island that will be known as Twin Peaks.
    => I did in fact find a treasure chest around this time, but it didn’t belong to Godsdead (unless I have completely mistaken what this entry is referring to). This is something I never told anyone. Was someone spying on me…? 😉

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    Aye cool work man, I’d just like to point out that there is indeed a difference between koi0001 and koi001 not the same person, yes I copied his name  but I assure you there is indeed a difference. Also A few of the dates seem to conflict but apart from that amazing work man!

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    • ★★★★★★

    great job apple!

    some things to point out-

    in march of 2016 when Bislo was elected PM of BE for the first time, Lawzoneon was his PM, and i believe in april i took over the position when law went to tas (i dont remember the exact date), and i was one of the main BE leaders while Bislo was inactive.


    also, on October 10, 2016 i left my VPM position in the BE to join TAS, im not sure who took it over from there until the elections later that month.


    also my birthday is the 28th of November 😉



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    APPLE PEN!!!


    This post that I posted on this post about something is probably useles information.............

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    Wow great work Apple! This is seriously impressive; especially considering your a fairly new player! Everything was spot on from the Verussian/Polynesian point of view I can say.

    However unless I missed something out, in which I apologize, but I didn’t see anything on the ‘First Pirate Craft World War’ the biggest war in server history. I would be happy to detail you the events of this war, being a major participant. Other than that great work! ?


    Leader of the Verussian Empire and the country Verussia.

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    • Total: 117
    • ★★★★

    @iKeto I tried to find the source before typing this response, but I failed. This timeline has been slowly done through weeks and sadly I have no idea now where did I read that. I will rather delete that part if you say it’s false. I wonder then if  KarimNaba really filled Evermoor with lava and who then ransacked the place. Maybe somebody saw you there but you weren’t actually attacking?
    I believe the concerning post/comment was about Evermoor being unclaimed and therefore ransacked by some people but I may be wrong.
    As soon as this information will appear on the wiki, you will be able to fix any mistake.

    Thank you for the notes. Regarding Bislo1’s election, I probably made the year mistake while scrolling my word document. To be sincere, at a certain point the information was a little overwhelming.
    Here is the treasure I was referring to! http://piratemc.com/topic/post-ya-screenshots/page/8/#post-14020
    P.S. I am looking forward to see that one post you need to make.

    I didn’t know. This is the original koi0001 then? https://piratemc.com/members/koi0001/
    I wonder why you copied the name! You should write down your story on the wiki.

    @CaptainCrackerz I knew about those government changes, but didn’t know the dates! Thank you

    Thank you, are you referring to this? http://piratemc.com/topic/world-war/
    You say there: “I did SOOO much in this war”. I thought the post was about the previous war against the 0utlaws! Then the war moved against Lotus. I wish those videos by Reptaria weren’t broken..! I will be all ears to hear the details.

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    • ★★★★

    Dang, I haven’t thought about the roman empire that I founded since, well, forever…



    - Buildy Squad Leader
    - Governor of Vendigroth
    - Founder and Former Emperor of SPQR
    - Former Minister of Justice of the British Empire
    - Current Lord of the British Empire
    - Member of the Conservative Party in the BE Government

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    • ★★★★★★★

    Ah yes, now I remember what you mean by twin peak islands! Let us just say that the island in that form will never be found again. 🙂 But maybe one day a new one will appear…

    I’ll get to work on that post over Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see the difference. 😉

    I have split S.P.Q.R. into two different pages on the wiki – the original crew you founded and the current namesake. The wiki page was a year and a half old and VERY out of date. XD

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    • ★★★★★★

    Ah well anyways, good job! This is cool ?

    Founder of the Coalition

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    • ★★★★★★

    I must say, this is absolutely [censored] amazing! Great work!

    I’d say about 95% of the info is accurate, and where it should be. The remaining 5% are either events that didn’t happen (due to confusion), or in the wrong place.

    (For instance, LR never disbanded; only merged into.the TXO eventually, and there were never 2 Elven balls in my ball room; there was only 1 hosted on behalf of the Ottoman Empire in july haha).

    It just goes to show: the information is all out there, you just need to find it an align all the dates!

    Myself and PaulonFire (most likely) will go over the wiki pages and update them, remove false dates/find dates, and generally brighten things up on there.

    « Build Team leader »
    « Server Admin »
    Crew History: Red Lotus, 0utlaws, Ottoman Empire, Xenon Empire, The Xanthian Order, The Asylum, Xenia

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    • ★★★★★

    I’m impressed with the amount of effort you went through to fill all tis in!! though I would like to correct you on a few events:

    -november 2015
    17 – The Crusaders of the Void are founded by Cysteen, Daniel_McLachlen, Unic0rnjunk101. According to Unic0rnjunk101, the
    original purpose of the group was to hunt people who stole loot drops at the Halloween event.

    uni(java) was NOT an original CoV leader. the original 5 were myself, Daniel_McLachlen, VenturaTheWizard, dagersh, and DarkCodes97. the original purpose was to be the strongest pirate crew on the server.

    -january 2016
    ? – Eden is founded by Asterity and will soon join the Crusaders of the Void.

    asterity did NOT found Eden. Eden was a large group of players that came from factions. iirc (if I remember correctly), ECaptain was their leader. asterity had offered them a place to live in her town, then eventually got invited to CoV after playing with other CoV and being in TS for a long time.

    -may 2016
    25 – The Asylum is founded by Cysteen and Jmoo_.

    I founded TAS (The Asylum), though I later promoted Jmoo_ and PythonAce after my crew had grown so large, and I needed help to maintain it.

    august 2016
    20 – Cysteen tries to transform the war against the Templars into a minigame with killing points.

    hehe.. lemme try to explain this one. I didn’t TRY to turn it into a minigame. after Templars declared war on BE, several BE members *coughshaycough* refused to accept a loss, even though it was blatantly obvious who lost and who won in some fights. Be would lead a few attacks, then some would run, then say they won because they didn’t die, even though they never finished the fight. it got tiring to see the constant bickering between both Templars AND BE, so I talked with Cap and proposed that stupid point system, for all the whiney ones that couldn’t agree who the beep won how and why. it was literally only made in hopes to stop all the constant bickering back and forth from both crews on who wins which battles. sadly it didn’t work, but I tried. in all fairness, that war wasn’t really much of a “war” anyways, as BE only led less than.. id say 5 full attacks, while Templars led more and hunted more individual BE members. that’s why my stupid point system is seen as turning it into a minigame. because in the end it’s how it felt when people from both sides kept complaining.

    enough on that topic. love the work and effort you put into making this! I hope I was able to clear up a few things, it’s be great if you could make the changes to be more accurate 🙂

    If I had a nickel for every time I, Ooo hey, a butterfly!! *runs off chasing the butterfly*

    - Former Leader of CoV -
    - A Proud Member of The Asylum-

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    • ★★★★

    I haven’t done anything to make the history books 🙁

    Death to da Brits
    Death to da Elves
    Death to da Fruits

    Heck..Death to Everyone 😀

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