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    So I did the biggest goof. I was trying to adjust my claim shape and accidentally deleted a huge ship I was working on. I was wondering if there was any way to get it back. I know it said the deletion was permanent but I’m just curious. That ship has taken a while to build.


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    When you say “deleted”, you mean removed the claim around the ship, right?


    If you want to reshape your claim you can right click the claim with a stick, then right-click one of the goldblocks in the corner to reshape the claim


    If you’re in need of claimblocks, you can buy them using in-game money  “/buyclaimblocks” or using real money “/donate”


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    When you say “deleted”, you mean removed the claim around the ship, right?

    I think he means he was on the creative server, and he deleted his claim and in doing so it deleted his whole build.

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    Whats your plot ID? /plot info

    You can also use https://piratemc.com/map/creative/ to find your plot id.


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    I think I found it. It should be plot 1;14 or around it.

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