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    Hello, I would like to ask for help, Every time I try to log on to your sever I get this message, which is weird because the last time I played on this server, October 2017, I didn’t have any idea what the event server was. If someone could please help me that would be greatly appreciated

    My username is KingUltraKnight if that helps at all

    Thank You in advance,



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    @godsdead @the_network

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    Check the server IP you are using. I’m not really sure what the problem could be off the top of my head.

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    Join with mc.piratemc.com

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    i have checked the server i.p. and joined with mc.piratemc.com but the same thing keeps happening @godsdead

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    Joining with mc.piratemc.com will take you to the last section of the server that you logged off in. But there are ways to directly connect to each section of the server, I just tested and if you log in using the IP: survival.piratemc.com then you will be taken to the survival world where everyone plays. Now if you want to after, then try using the original mc. IP and see if that takes you to where you logged off when you used the IP I just gave you. If it doesn’t, then I suggest you just use the survival. one until we use the events server again. Sorry you got stuck in that world, just something that happens I guess.

    Welcome back 😀

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    tysm this helped alot

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