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    Over the past few weeks more and more issues have arisen regarding foul language and disrespect to other players. Piratecraft was curated for fun, laughs, sense of community and to embrace all things pirate like via role play and plugins. We are mature server curaters, trying our best to keep improving our server daily for you all to enjoy, but week after week we always get complaints regarding foul language and disrespect. Although we are lenient Admins the rules for this server are quite simple, 3 strikes you’re out… For good!

    Dealing with players being disrespectful takes away a lot fun and takes up a lot of our time trying to improve the server for you. All we ask is for you to keep it clean and respect others. If you have beef, take it elsewhere not here! Otherwise we will become strict on our rules and take all the necessary actions to prevent those that are being disrespectful and bringing down the community spirit. You guys are what keep this server alive.

    I’ve noticed some flags have been raised on certain players and appropriate action will be taken.

    Just a polite note to you all, although we get angsty within game, we are pirates after all, but continuous foul play and general disrespect to players is not called for! Create a truce in game and keep your beef away.

    I hope you all understand, we appreciate our players and do our best to suit your needs, all we ask is for our community to be polite and respectful.


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    Superb @supergl I couldn’t have put it better myself! With the recent in-comings to the server, I will be implementing a physical warnings system to track in-game and online warnings to keep a mature, clean server.

    To keep toto date with rules please check out

    Server Projects and Master Thread List

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    System implemented

    Server Projects and Master Thread List

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    This was exactly what I wanted to hear a few weeks ago 🙂

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    YEAH! He is back! Oh, my friggen god, he has returned! Tim, do not leave again, please? Missed you! 🙂

    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire

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    Why not use insults made by Shakespere? Or other famous writers so it’s more role play themed and styled and isn’t as inappropriate or rude. I think it would give that touch and make the place better if there’s a bit of swearing and cursing going on with the use of more modern foul language.


    And for those of you that haven’t seen me before, I’m new here and this is my first post. Hope to see you in game and happy looting ya scurvy rascals.

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