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    Previous thread: https://piratemc.com/topic/whitelisted-backend-upgrade-stats-and-autoranking/

    We have been stuck using a statistics system from 2014, It’s not been supported for years, After months of testing and trial and error and copious amount of errors and stress I have finally pushed live the updated statistics system, which in turn has let me upgrade the ranking system!

    The reason this has taken so long, is because we rely on multiple plugins all working together in unison, with developers at different stages in their development and different versions, it was very difficult to update the statistics data without full loss. I ended up using the built in conversion script the developer made, the issue with using his path is it took a whole 3 days and 3 nights to complete the conversion, I just couldn’t wrap my head around writing a custom script so I will take it on the nose for 3 days and nights of lost data. All statistics are from February 14th (Valentines day) easy day to remember then! Statistics seem to have converted fine! which is amazing, it took a LOT of pre-work, testing, trial and error to fix and tidy up the database for the conversion to even happen, but thats what I’ve been doing the last few months.


    Stats now looks like this in-game:


    Mob/Pirate Kills is twice for a reason, the first Mob/Pirate Kills is Mob Kills, the second Mob/Pirate Kills is Players you have killed in PVP, I am not able to name each one separately (Which is a massive shame and a pain in the ass) they both have to have the same title, so if anyone else can think of a better wording then please do!

    Move Walking/Boat is the same, The first Move Walking/Boat is Movement by walking, the second Move Walking/Boat is movement by boat (Default minecraft boat, not ships)

    Sadly I don’t have the option to round numbers either (Sigh).

    With upgrading to the latest statistics these are the things that have changed:

    • Stats web UI needs to be remade from scratch, as the database schema is completely different for stats I will need to remake it, I won’t be doing it soon as we will be upgrading to another stats system in the near future.
    • Now that i’m using this version of stats i’m able to convert to ANOTHER stats recording plugin, one that i’m in direct contact with the developer for an is actually updated and supported, this version we upgraded too hasn’t been updated in ages, and the developer is completely inactive, The reason I haven’t converted directly to this other version of a statistics plugin is because its not mature enough and its very new, it needs some basic changes to make it usable, im in talks with the developer. Plus im sure itll take another 3 god damn days to convert, maybe we can find a way to do it directly in SQL to avoid that.
    • Votes isn’t recorded into stats any more until we manage to go to the other stats plugin.
    • For some reason the dates screwed up when converting stats, so I removed the last seen as it was displaying in the future.

    Lost Stats from the last 3 days

    I am considering opening up a thread to allow people to request stats data back they lost in the 3 days it took to convert, if you spent the last 3 days trying to rank and just lost that, its going to sting, so I will allow 1-2 manual updates of your stats, I can’t do the lot, I can only do 1 or 2 stats per player as its all manual updates, which is time consuming. So only vitals. Request from the thread below.


    Web UI

    I plan on updating the database for the stats web UI to February 14th or todays data so that there is a reference of statistics until I can get a new stats web UI made, no ETA on this.


    Now im using a newer version of the statistics plugin, I was able to finally upgrade the ranking plugin, This is relatively brand spanking new and has been completely changed, there are a few bugs that still need to iron out, we were so far behind I had to convert the player data twice, once through an older version and then again through the new version! I also found 2 bugs the developer made in the conversion process, luckily I was able to fix this myself, it did take 2 restarts live to figure it out though. There is quite a lot of mention about a “paths” system now in it, this is intended for players to select a “path” to follow or choose to upgrade too. For now we are sticking to our linear system where its one rank to the next, so don’t worry about the paths, this is something we can maybe use later on down the line.

    I completed my Exp rank and its gone?

    Yeah, you’re going to have to do it again, sorry. I think something changed with how exp is ticked off has changed, I’ve left a message with the dev to ask whats going on, I’ve done everything I can. I made sure that the data was correct and it was listed as being “done”, but when That was brought to the server and /rank or /ar check it looks like its re-checked to see if you have that XP rather than check if its already been ticked off, which is odd, because I tested this again by giving a player XP and it ticked it off fine, I have no idea why its not using the already ticked off data, the XP data is removed on boot, so for now, you have to do it again. Please don’t ask me for XP, you will only drive me insane. Im waiting on a reply to see if there’s a fix.

    Otherwise your /rank data shouldn’t have changed, if you did things previously then it should be ticked off (Minus exp) please do report to me if you have anything different, and I can compare your old data to the new data.

    1. One big change you will see from a donator perspective is that its only possible to rank up once through the ranks, so I will need to figure out a fix for this at some point, for now I could just set them as boatswain, or figure out if its possible to reset their ranking paths somehow.

    Kits instead of being sent items direct on rankup

    This has been a long time change coming, (Not live yet, hopefully by tonight) gifts from ranking up will be a one time kit instead of having the items sent to you directly, this saves being sent everything at one go when you least expect it, one downfall to this, is that once I make the kits, every single player that has already ranked will be able to get the kit again, I guess that’s fine in your books! haha.

    Why is this such a big deal? What happens from here?

    This is about stage 1 of 3 for back-end upgrades that need to happen for all future plans, this has been something I’ve been stuck on for months and its finally live, so lets just crack through the bugs as they come.

    • I want to change out permissions system, I can upgrade that last legacy plugin now (Woooooooooooooo) Im not even going to list the amount of benefits this will give us in this thread, as thats too much information for now. I want to make sure that this conversion went Ok, fix any issues and then thats the next big job, move to a new permissions system.
    • One step closer to getting rid of old legacy plugins, which means one step closer to updating to 1.11/1.12, I have a feeling 1.12 will be out before I get the chance to move to 1.11!
    • The new ranking plugin allows many many new options, I will be re-looking at all ranks, permissions and kits in the near future (once were on the new perms system)
    • New statistics allows us to move to a different statistics plugin (waiting on a few fixes for it).
    • Progression, once were on a new perms system, we can finally start work on cross server compatible ranks.




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    Crazy Pirate
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    every single player that has already ranked will be able to get the kit again, I guess that’s fine in your books! haha.

    Woo hoo! Maybe I’ll get a smexy helper rank too 😉

    - CrazyPirate
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    • Topics: 529
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    every single player that has already ranked will be able to get the kit again, I guess that’s fine in your books! haha.

    Woo hoo! Maybe I’ll get a smexy helper rank too 😉

    Helper rank will happen with the permissions upgrade, which is the next big step, if there are no major issues with this stats and autorank upgrade I could potentially do it in a day.


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    Awesome work @godsdead !
    Thank you so much for putting so many frustrating hours into this !

    And I see the “Fish catched” wording got finally corrected. Stinkin’ Brandy, that was an eyesore – good I was wearing my pirate patch 😉


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    • Topics: 529
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    Awesome work @godsdead ! Thank you so much for putting so many frustrating hours into this ! And I see the “Fish catched” wording got finally corrected. Stinkin’ Brandy, that was an eyesore – good I was wearing my pirate patch 😉 Baz

    Ha, I had to re-write the messages to add color to them, That’s also been driving me crazy for years!

    I have done at least 5 dry runs of this conversion as its such a painstaking process, it took me a further 10 before that to figure out all the errors and issues that caused it to fail, I will be truly happy once were completely off this plugin and with the brand new system with a developer that’s updating regularly! Thats for another time though, for now, lets figure out issues this update may have caused! Thank you for understanding how much of a pain its been to finally get this done. It doesn’t seem like a big thing to most people as what they see if no difference in-game, but this is something which will allow us to finally move on and progress.


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    I honestly don’t care what I lost in 3 days. As long as stars are fixed, I am a happy pirate.

    Sometimes we achieve to high, which degrades the amount of fun. To receive that thrill once more, one must start new.

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