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    Please welcome @lazydog11 to the team! lazydog11 has been promoted to the moderation team as Commodore! lazydog is a very long time member of the community at PirateCraft and I’m sure you are all with me in welcoming her into this role. It always means a lot to me when people are willing to help out the community here at PirateCraft, so from me thank you very much for wanting to help LazyDog11!

    Commodore is the blue moderation rank for moderating player behaviour, they are able to kick/ban/mute.


    I would also like to welcome @browe_ to the team as a build leader, Housewright. Browe’s been around here a while too! The projects over the years! Browe has recently been helping out build a Hub for PirateCraft, were still not ready yet, loads to do, but its all going on behind closed doors! There will be a massive need for builders in the near future and someone will need to lead each project! So everyone please welcome Browe_ to the staff team as Housewright! Form me Browe_ seriously thank you so much for all your hard work over the years, this should have come much sooner!

    Housewright is a rank for a build leader, build leaders lead a project, from planning, design and organisation of people to help build, Craftsmen. Housewrights can promote people to craftsmen, and all these roles can build at public warps on Piratecraft and will be automatically set as builders for extended projects we have! These ranks are Aqua in color in game.


    Some of us know him as the Ship king, others know him as a poi magnet, that’s right this is Maximus_Terragon @maximus! I’m happy to announce I handed Max the keys to my heart today with a promotion to RearAdmiral! Max has risen the ranks faster than a toupee in a hurricane. Max has too many projects to list at present, we should probably make a list. So please congratulate Max in his well deserved promotion to RearAdmiral. Max i’m again blown away with the help you have given to the server over the years, its outstanding, I’m honoured you are part of the staff team at PirateCraft, Thank you.

    Rearadmiral is the orange names in-game, these are Admins for PirateCraft, Admins have the highest power under owner. This includes being able to remove claims, regenerate land, fly, spectate etc.


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    Congratz lazydog11, Browe_ and Maximus!

    Well deserved everyone!


    Dark Guard
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    Quality of staff on this server is amazing


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    Congrats all of you. I personally can say all of you are perfect fits for the job.

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    Congratulations! 😉 all deserved


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    Congrats and welcome to the team Lazy and Browe!

    And also grats to the ship king, max !

    All 3 well deserved


    El Monks
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    ~ xMadMonkey ~

    «Special Force SAS Vanguard engineering Commando Tank Division Sniper Unit Housekeeping Brigade First Class Captain in the Royal navy»


    sabrina (lazydog11)
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    Thanks a lot all!!

    Max and Browe grats with your new ranks!


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    Congratulations to all of you!

    ~ Leader of The Coalition ~
    ~ Member of The Asylum ~
    ~ Co-Leader of The Seagulls ~


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    Congratulations @lazydog11! You’re probably the most active and certainly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met on any Minecraft server. I think it’s safe to see you deserve every bit of this promotion!

    Gratz again, @browe_! You’re an incredible builder and I can’t wait to see some more amazing creations around the server!

    As for @maximus, methinks this is a sign that even the mighty dead god has at last been converted to poism. Jk congratulations on your promotion, you certainly deserve it!

    ~ SnapCrackPlays ~

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    Chairman of Panda Press

    Crew History:
    Imp, RN, EM, TXO, BE

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    Captain Frederick "Hooky" Bell, CB, aboard HMS Exeter


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    Congratz guys!


    Maximus Terragon
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    Congratulations everyone and thanks 🙂

    « Supreme Master of The Xanthian Order »
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    « Build Team leader »
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    Crazy Pirate
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    Well done to the lot of you, I think we’re blessed here with some really excellent players and a boss who recognises and rewards that 🙂


    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire


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    They grow up so fast :’)


    Minister Moo
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    To be honest… EVERYONE DESERVED THIS GG :D!!!!

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