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    There’s been a few Bilge rat’s creeping their way onto our ship recently, so I’ve started part 1 of the extermination.

    • Added a new VPN blocker, The old one kept breaking. These aren’t perfect and easy enough to bypass, but it takes effort to find a VPN that isn’t blocked.
    • Added a new plugin to fix some ancient gitching methods to hopefully crack down on glitching through walls and doors, This is impossible to block permanently, and there will always be ways to bypass, unless Mojang drastically improves minecraft at its core instead of just adding useless bits to the game!
    • Added custom mobs back for our Halloween event at /warp Halloween, Blog post to follow soon with details, initial spawn location is PVP free but the Halloween event is PVP on. Thank you @calliemav Mobs this year are insane!
    • Updated griefprevention, this should Improved portal trap rescues.
    • Removed Emotes plugin, It was never used.
    • Removed siege capabilities from Deckhands via @cysteen request http://piratemc.com/topic/suggestion-deckies-and-siege/
    • Cove Wood shop now has infinite sell signs, so chests wont get filled up http://piratemc.com/topic/sell-logs-at-cove-no-longer-reliant-on-chests-infinate/
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    About the halloween event:

    Someone spawned herobrine at the event and, after being told about how tough it was, I decided to leave as I was not ready to face him. I /home’d and went about my business until to my shock herobrine appeared! (see attached screenshots) I tped in turkeyman and we proceeded to attack him in my base until we had beaten him down two lifebars which, apparently, should maybe have killed him? Instead he just disapeared leaving no loot and two confused players…

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    here is a few other screen shots i got of it from about half way though the fight

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    Crazy Pirate
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    That would have scared the hell outta me xD

    Blu Pearson
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    He’s in the system now and will haunt the server killing everyone that dares to log in muwahaaaaahaha.

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    That would be insane to have him in my house when I don’t expect it! XD

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    That’s what happened to me too @gildor my bow was on its last legs so I tp’d to my grinder and just sat there for a while (almost AFK) I hear the noise when sword hits the meat of the player so then I turn and see Herobrine trying to kill me and everybody at the event was like “where did Herobrine go” lol


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    I probably woulda screamed, then scared the crap out of everyone in TS because I screamed. XD


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    don’t tell me that herobrine can come and see me at any time?!


    This post that I posted on this post about something is probably useles information.............

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