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    Smokey River
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    This has been a really big gripe of mine for a while.

    The level of crying and complaining on this server is at a whole new level. And it needs to stop. As I have said many times, this is a “SURVIVAL SERVER” you are supposed to die from time to time at the hands of another. This means:

    – You Die, like lose your hearts and wither away kind of die.

    – You are NOT required to get your stuff back and you ARE NOT supposed to whine and beg for it. If you want it back get it your damn self.

    – You can/will eventually be sieged. Don’t complain if they get in. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and it won’t hurt as bad.

    – If they kill you more than once it is not HARASSMENT!

    From now on any complaining that someone wants to make about being attacked, sieged, etc. needs to be made in the proper place on the forums. That is why we have a forum!

    AS OF NOW- I along with many other staff are not handling these matters in game ANYMORE!

    I’m tired of babysitting baby pirates GROW UP, did you not get enough RUM?

    For those who still haven’t found their rum and learned how to walk on two feet, any excessive complaining done in PUBLIC CHAT will be punishable. *at the discretion of the staff*

    If you cannot comprehend what is said in this message, please go grab a dictionary and figure it out. Use your brain!!


    Reality Check – “Wake up and smell the coffee, shit is going to get real.”

    *NOTE= This is not allowing you to consume alcohol under the legal age of your geographical location! I am not held liable for any stupidity on your behalf.*

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    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


    -Founder of Crew Savage-
    -Rear Admiral or Super Mod-
    *depends on how you want to view my super powers*

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    OMG this made my day. about time this was all said lol


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    OMG this made my day. about time this was all said lol


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    I couldn’t agree more. In the game, as in real life, we all eventually die, and in the end, as in real life, what matters is how we treat others. Β Whether or not at the end of the day we can say that we still have our integrity and our dignity and a legacy left behind that we can be proud of, that we earned the respect of our peers by how we treated them.

    Just my two cents fwiw.

    Now, where’s me rum?

    Brother Kanube, head of the Order of St. Ender, Watcher of the Void
    ~~~~~ from the dust of the void all is made, and to the void it returns~~~~~

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    I think a major problem is a lot of noobs don’t know there is a forum. This was also the case for me when I was still Astronoob.

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    nice note reminding ppl about underage drinking, there are some really dumb ppl out there πŸ™‚

    also i couldnt agree more. ppl are constantly hollering about being killed in a siege, but that is what a siege means- attack (or in rl starve out) an enemy base until they surrender or one side dies. its supposed to happen on a pirate server, so ppl need to understand the meaning of PIRATEcraft πŸ˜›



    Crazy Pirate
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    Like the guy in chat last week who justΒ whined and whined, desperate forΒ captain gear. So I gave him a captain sword, if you get my drift πŸ˜‰

    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire

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    We love you smokey a little laugh for you. see attached


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    This was funny.



    But @kanube … thanks for reminding me we die, irl though.

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    @Smokeyriver – Thank you!!!

    - Chailey (@Chailey)
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    {{Server buildy-man}}
    {{✠Grand Master of the Templars (TMPLR)✠}}
    Don't hesitate to ask me any questions!
    "Only trust the untrustworthy!"

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    Oh, I needed a good laugh, and this certainly did it! But this won’t stop the hoard of whiners from crowding our doorsteps, but it does get the message out there. I think we should all help staff out at this point. I’m saving a link to this and once I sense complaints in chat, I’ll go ahead and show them a bit o’ this! Com’on people! Spread the word of Smokey!!!

    P.S. The Butt-Hurt Report wins every time!

    I... I've got nothing... Carry on.

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    Just when i thought we were turning into disney pirates, this shows up

    Ξ© Former Consulate and Emperor of the New Romans Ξ©
    Vivat Rei Republicae
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    Haha i dont think anyone could have said it better ^^

    it is time for the whiners to give the public chat a rest!

    Good job @smokeyriver fin ally someone dΓ©cider to make the forum!

    #SavedTheLink @silverstone47

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    Β₯Leader Of AtlantiansΒ₯

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    Searches chests. Why’s the rum gone?

    John Archaius - The Inventor whose machines usually blow up.

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    the most annoying time is when you give deckahnds stuff then they try to kill you with it then whine when you kill them and don’t give the stuff YOU gave to them

    i find a way or i make a way wether you like it or not

    baron of the travasen land

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