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    OK, as many of you know, I have been trying to join the BE. Last I was turned down due to war. I own a port, Port Langton, own a shop, also I am very powerful in some cases. I can influence easily, I can be very patient. One thing I do not do is: kill newbies until I see them on a lot. I hope I will be able to assist you if you let me in.


    I realize that you said talk ingame, I haven’t seen many of you for a while, I have only seen Bislo lately.

    Sometimes we achieve to high, which degrades the amount of fun. To receive that thrill once more, one must start new.


    The Queen
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    Why do they reject you? I was just curious

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    Maybe you should do more in port Langton? as soon as you have prooven that you can be an important trader the british empire might let you in?….or something like that?
    Because then not only you requests entry but the whole Port langton and i guess that at least sonds bigger



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    Might be because of your reputation of annoying certain members of the British Empire. That’s my guess, at least 😉


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    well tim is right…

    but u have redem your selve thought…

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    Posesore of the Ope Ope No Mi

    i realy like One Piece


    Alex Lazescu
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    Tiiiim. You need to come on more often gawsh ;_;

    Also dorkito, my advice, well, more like Tyrion Lannister’s advice is,

    “Wear your mischief as an armor, that way the world can’t use them to hurt you.”

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    Its not about that I got rejected, I’m just asking to join now war is over

    Rep they rejected me because someone said that I would have taken the BE out from inside, which I wasn’t going to do 😛

    Tim maybe if you got on you could see how I’ve changed. I am not the warp killer I was before, I still PVP, but not as much. I own a shop at trade, got op armor, and a lot of trust

    Sting, it’s not that Port Langton isn’t good enough, its not gigantic, but it enough to house 4 people (Still in progress). I have a farm, sea close, in a desert. I have a (Bad) dhow I only had 2 minutes to build it.

    I elect my town leaders with votes, not just who I think. Very nice houses. They are really small though, 1 story. I am working to add more stories and more houses.

    I have not mined there, so loot will be fresh underground. Port Langton is named after a city in the UK.

    Sometimes we achieve to high, which degrades the amount of fun. To receive that thrill once more, one must start new.


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    To be fair to Dorkito i do think he Has redeemed himself. He did once kill alot at Warp trade and wolf, but since he bought his shop, which is now about two months ago(?), I have not seen one single problem involving either dorkito or crabriel. They have learned their lesson.

    As for port langton i would guess either @Michal_tyrlik and @crazypirate1 would have to inspect your town. I would be willing to make you a citizen of my town though, i do trust you enough for that now since you have proven you can change and pvp in a “civilised” manner.

    Chances that you can be let in are much better now, that is for sure, but i need one of the primes to back me up before there can be an accept.


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    As I was reading Bislo1’s post, I thought that how would my town become populated? Do you guys give some more people from the BE? Also the port as of right now doesn’t have any ships but one, I extended the houses to 2 stories each house. If my port doesn’t get accepted, then could I join one of your towns?

    Sometimes we achieve to high, which degrades the amount of fun. To receive that thrill once more, one must start new.

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