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    Ash Kernel
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    Hello. My build has been burnt by Bensterpc and Pablothegreek13. I heard from Azuries that it is a new rule that BOTM suggestions cannot be destroyed. Could you plese clarify? P.S I did not claim my build because to was too big and I did not have enough claim blocks.


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    Well it’s clearly stated that all builds have to be fully claimed by the owner if they’re entered into BOTM, so I think you’ve just severely lowered your chances…

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    Well, if they haventhe screen shot, I think he will be fine

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    Here is the topic with the newly added rules to protect submitted builds.

    @supergl Can you help provide some clarification for this issue and/or look into the matter?


    Ash Kernel
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    SuperGL has seen my build before, now it’s gone, I’m sure he will know my ship is burnt when he sees the remains of the build.


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    I did indeed have taken shots of your build, i know its running massively late but i was expecting godsdead to release BOTY by now. so ill get to posting asap.

    i will need to fully release these rules, and your build really does need to be fully claimed. For this instance i will keep you in the competition, as regards to the build itself unfortunately there’s nothing i can do as of yet.

    Once i have fully released the set of rules everything will be fine.


    i hope that solves a few things.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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