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    Those were some pretty awesome builds last month, keep it up! Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming competition:



    • Each player may submit a maximum of one (1) per month.
    • A player is allowed to submit a non-winning (top 3) build from last month’s BotM.
    • A winning player is allowed to re-enter this BotM, but with a different build.
    • If a minimum of three (3) builds are not submitted each month, then that month’s competition will be cancelled – so get your builds in!
    • There are no size limits for any builds.
    • Screenshots will be taken by SpikyCactus_ with BSL shaders. Alternatively, you may submit your own screenshots in this thread.
    • The use of building tutorials (e.g. YouTube videos, blueprints) is strictly prohibited. Any player caught using these will be disqualified.


    How Does It Work?

    Just like the last BotM, the winners will be decided upon via staff votes. While it means that the community will not be able to vote, it will greatly reduce the voting bias where ‘friends vote for friends’ and not the ‘better build’.


    How To Enter?

    It’s easy! All you have to do is fill in the entry form below before September 20th. -> HERE <-



    1st place:

    Captain Rank (2 months)

    10,000 claimblocks (worth $6000 in-game)

    Custom BotM 1st place trophy head

    A set of special BotM tools


    2nd place:

    Commander Rank (2 months)

    7,500 claimblocks (worth $4500 in-game)

    Custom BotM 2nd place trophy head

    A set of special BotM tools


    3rd place:

    Lieutenant Rank (2 months)

    5,000 claimblocks (worth $3000 in-game)

    Custom BotM 3rd place trophy head

    A set of special BotM tools


    Happy building!

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