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    Current Username: GreasySpider
    Username when banned: GreasySpider
    UUID: 9bd40db1-6a94-4e10-a7b8-4bdf7a391302
    Your punishment tracker link: http://bans.piratemc.com/??
    Banned By: Atlantaa

    Unban Appeal

    So far I only play single player and anarchy but im kind of sick of both. Saw this, it looked cool, first thing I did was turn all the hacks off because they arent allowed, its minecraft, i’ve been playing since alpha, its not a new concept for me….
    Second thing I did was turn them back on to see if the other guys were still using them or not, and the server kicked me. Awesome, that’s just what I was looking for.

    I kept my coordinate HUD, antidesinc, and lag meter because I’ve never had anyone say those were cheating….

    Will was super helpful setting up my claim, (someone had the spot i wanted but hadnt built anything in three years) but then something weird happened. I got stuck in place and couldnt move, screen shook, seemed pretty normal like a ghost block or something, I instinctively hit my unstuck button which just disconnected me because of the anticheat.
    Logged back in and I was still stuck, so I said in chat I was stuck and all hacking did was disconnect me. I honestly thought it was kind of funny.

    So the mod says “you arent using a client are you” and I said “yeah, i am but its just for hud, im not hacking, I literally cant even move, that’s ok right?”
    Well, apparently not. He said it absolutely has to be a totally unmodified client, not that anyone can tell… but whatever, your server your rules, i get that.

    I don’t really play without cords on the screen and light level display and something to screenshot where i died, I get lost and die a lot, so that stuff makes it a lot more fun for me, but I was here to try something different, I wasn’t sure if I’d be back so I decided to pick up the noob kit i started with so it was in my inventory before i logged, maybe try it again another day with a 100% vanilla client and just be lost a lot… So I said okay, I would go back to the anarchy server. But before I could the mod froze me in place and told me if i logged out he was going to ban me. He wanted a screenshot of my client. I could easily fake a screenshot but i didn’t see the point, I just told him I honestly didn’t think having a coordinate display was a problem. Nobody complained, I had literally no items whatsoever, and as soon as he said that wasn’t allowed I agreed to log out and not use it.

    Well, he banned me anyways. Because I got stuck and failed to get un stuck, and was honest about the hud I was using.

    And I just want to say, I paid $6 for 80k alts to try to talk to the guy and explain that I didn’t hurt anyone, I didn’t hack anything, and I was sorry I had my cords displayed on the screen. I genuinely, did not think that was cheating. And all they wanted to do was ban me, make fun of me, and refuse to accept my apology for not realizing HUD was considered hacking on your server.

    I even offered to donate to the server to make it up to them.

    If I wanted to hack/grief your server I wouldn’t tell the mods who I was and/or that I knew how to hack. I just wanted to play the game, if I knew having custom HUD was an issue I wouldn’t have done it. If i was going to do it anyways, I wouldn’t tell the mods.

    I really think, that’s a bit of an over reaction. I really tried to talk to them, and be very nice to them, but they would not listen to me at all.

    It doesnt make sense to me to ban someone for making a mistake that doesnt hurt anyone, especially if they agree to fix it. That really ruined my night and made me want to grief your server, but its a nice server, so instead I decided to just try my best to explain why I am confused and frustrated with that decision.


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    What you were useing was giving you a unfair advantage, it is your own responsibility to read the rules, or ask the online staff. In the case of getting lost, we have a livemap and the minecraft itself as a option to see your coords.

    What I have been told by other staff is they also had to deal with you logging in with alts for a few hours after your ban.  Also threating to hurt the server in your unban appeal is not helping at all.




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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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