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    note i am posting this for orange since he is banned from forums
    Current Username: 4orange
    Username when banned: 4orange
    UUID: UUID (705b2d22-8489-4e02-b21b-9cb0837d3de3)
    Your punishment tracker link: http://bans.piratemc.com/4orange
    Banned By: maxy

    Being banned for griefing i didn’t do and getting accused of oversexualising chat

    Hello, i can’t believe I have to make another unban appeal this quick but yesterday i was banned partaly for things I didn’t do and out of the 4 accusations against me I only did one. If i had chat logs that would be nice but I clearly don’t as i tried digging up some chat logs but i could not find any. So this will be based off of memory and hopefully some people still in the pmc discord can dig through almost a 2 days worth of logs. So my first accusation i received was excessive griefing. There are 4 forms of “grifeing” that i was RELATED to. Keep in mind the word related. The first being lava casting a wall. I did not have anything to do with this. It was nitro and cosmic. All i did was tp itz_wyatt to show him what they did. In chat I said it was i who did it but if u look into the server logs it shows that i didn’t even have any building blocks at the time and had a full pot loadout and was actually just watching nitro and cosmic do their thing to wyatt. And I know that is a thing because staff on other larger servers have rolled my faction back form over one day ago and have given us our inventories back. Also later in chat you can see nitro telling me to shut up because i legit did nothing. The second case of “grifing” was when i was trying to get into wyatts base. He was under a mountain and with an e4 or e5 shovel I dug the mountain looking for a hole in his base. In the end wyatt somehow ended up dying and I was able to access his base through chorus fruit. The third case of “griefing” was completely legal given multiple cases where the grieving was worse. I had killed vlad and took his building mats. When he asked for them back i gave it to him in a form by placing it around his claim. And i am aware this server has no rules about grieving unclaimed land as multiple towns belonging to players have been blown up by raiders. Even hydra was able to blow up a base and receive no punishment. And the fourth form of “grieving” that i may have been accused with was when a member of csn skeLeton was bragging about how he found 5 or 6 spider spawners. Now take in mind that csn had stopped my old base of every item including valuables and you would understand the hate that I have towards them. So with him flexing his wealth i took a horse and went over to his base and proceed to destroy his UNCLAIMED spawners. This would also be deemed legal has multiple cases from the past such as hydra blowing up a base or even an admin of the server the network was able to scam someone out of their base by threatening to delete it. So all the forms of griefing i was related to were completely legal and should not be able to be punishable due to past cases of entire bases being destroyed. Unless you are trying to say that certain players have special privileges then all of the griefing i did was legal. *note I am not trying to say “oh they did it so i shouldn’t be punished”, I am just biasing my justifications on past cases like district attorney (lawyers) do.

    And now onto my other accusations. “Sexualised, racist, and toxic in chat – final warning”
    Let me state this out right. I was not sexualising chat but there were places where I was slightly racist and toxic. The one example of me sexualising chat was when I said something (I forget what) but another player by the name of hot_egirl or something said something sexual. And if you check logs i repeatedly told her to stop by saying phrases such as: stop or no, unacceptable. The only time i was racist in chat was when at least FIVE, FIVE other players were talking about some easy thing and how some shouldn’t allowed or something, (if you are doubting me check LOGS, They exist for a reason). And as a result i pipe in with 2 messages reading: oh and arabs. And: because they are arabs. (memory may be a little foggy). What i was doing was referencing a marching cadence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKLbVdmtaPM. In it, it describes the enemies of the united states being pushed into a river and drowned. And keep in mind I am asian when listening to the first 2 parts. Anyways as stated above it describes the enemies of the united states being drowned in a river. One enemy to the us is iraq and that is what I was referencing However I did not directly say that arabs were bad myself. I was only making an offensive joke and i am sorry if anyone was offended. The one instance i can rember about being toxic in chat was: fuck csn or fk csn i forget what it was. But it was after i killed the player who found the spawners. I did this because like I said if you think about it you can kind of feel how angry I was after csn glitched into my skybase and looted it.
    I believe prowil was the one who reported me because the entire day he was hinting towards it. And he probably took screenshots of me saying things out of context or just messages i was saying. Another reason why i suspect it was him was because he was the leader of it’s wyatt. And was online during all of the incidents. Even though i don’t have overwhelming proof i believe it was prowil who reported me by taking screenshots and reporting me for “griefing” that was legal and accusing me of sexualing chat even though I made multiple attempts to try and stop hotegirl to stop making comments

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    Bruh didn’t this man just get unbanned too 💀


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    We had reports of you acting a bit up again in chat, so we checked your chat history over the past 24 hours. You stated in your appeal previously that “I have grown up and stopped acting like someone half my age”. I’d say you haven’t changed at all.

    We didn’t want racism, you have us “Arabs and commies all deserve to die”

    We didn’t want you acting like someone half your age/stupid bahaviour, you gave us “tell wyat that we lava casted his base lol”, “who wants to grief wyat’s base”, “I lava casted ur base” and were generally involved in that mess that night.

    If you’d have done these things over the course of a few weeks or sommin, or at least wait after you have just been unbanned 24 hours earlier for toxic and stupid behaviour among other things back in january then yeah, fine, mutes and warnings it is.

    But fact is you came back, and got right into the mess of things. Your behaviour shows you didn’t change at all, we don’t want that sort of attitude on here at all, no matter if it was a joke or not. The thing on Wyatts base – I don’t care if he deserved it, you were involved, and all members involved or associated were given a warning as its a pain for us staff to clean up. There, first rule broken. The comments about arabs and commies were just not needed, second rule broken within 24 hours. Doesn’t look great does it?

    Feel free to appeal again in a month or so, but you fucked up your second chance.

    Closed and denied.

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