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    Current Username: RoMich01
    Username when banned: BotGamerHD_
    UUID: 5c64c202-1282-4af7-81d2-ba9bfb45463e
    Your punishment tracker link:
    Banned By: GodsDead


    As you may know was banned roughly a month ago due to doxxing godsdead, you may have my sincerest apologies and I fully take the responsibility for my actions. It was a foolish act and although I knew that, I didn’t really think I would get in trouble.. a few days later karma hit me and I was greeted with a weird yellow text on my screen saying “you have been banned for: doxxing”. I was really looking forward to playing piratemc these weeks but oh well.. I believe that I learned my lesson after a lot of memes and a ban, I don’t think I’ll do such kinds of “jokes” again. The images that have been posted by me have been removed from the alliance discord. About my request: I think it would be best for me to receive a temp ban (1-5 months long, as long as you think is needed) and some sort of in game punishment, maybe a locker? I planned to keep this appeal short and my plans I will follow, I thank you for taking your time reading this.

    Have a great week, I hope you will accept my apologies and consider my request.

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    I believe that armando should be unbanned, I think he didn’t mean to get in trouble, he is usually a very good boi and doesn’t do bad things unless its for a joke, he also was one of the last active remaining semi-veterans which are essential to keeping pmc pvp alive.

    I'm Italian and I hate Pineapple pizza.
    Lego is a good toi.

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    Think he deserves second chance because from what I was told he only found him on PUBlIC Social platforms so it’s not really doxxing but yes

    Former leader of scamming sailors and raiding them
    Has experience in running from the cops
    Has raided lots of chungeses per-

    Former leader of Rome|
    Former advisor and leader of copt|
    Founder and Ceo of being better then you|

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    I don’t know if this man deserves to rot in hell for doxing or should be a god

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    I love that your backup crew is Romich and Olpx, not setup replies at all Lol.


    Funny enough, Im going to Deny this appeal. 😂

    Im not entirely sure you fully understand the severity of your actions here. This was very recent also, so even if I were to let you back on the timeframe between you doing this to me and the time you have been banned isnt relative.


    I cant make heads or tails of this mentality for doxing people and then wanting to play on the server they were slandering in the first place! its bananas! 🍌🍌🍌bananas I tell you!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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