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    I am on the accounts forum account to post this, it helps prove my OWNERSHIP of the account I_Sell_Hugs (now named plng_p0ng) it was hacked, and stolen from me 8 months ago. I have been trying (With Mojang, and such) to recover it… ever attempt has proved unsuccessful and I spoke to GodsDead about the situation and was told to bring it to Admins, Xeron has also been spoke to about this…

    I can prove full ownership over the years of the account I_Sell_Hugs (which was A firstmate, with a large claim, and echest of items…)
    I understand that my ranking cannot be restored due to the plugin differences although, I am seeking out for my currency, claim, and echest to be transferred if possible…
    I am trying to move back into the server, with friends- and I also would LOVE to donate, as I have recently been able to get a job and such and I am more able to do so. PirateMC has always been an amazing server to me and I’ve always loved relaxing on it, I hope that this can work out and possibly I can return with all I had… Thank you.

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    I’d like to also add, I’m trying to link my new account (DriftedWoods) to my Discord… (DriftedWoods#1212) My discord is currently linked to the account that was lost, I_Sell_Hugs, it will not let me link Drifted to my Discord account, is it possible this can be fixed?

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    When my account was hacked a few years ago, emailing mojang and telling them my situation is how I got it back, and I don’t see how account recovery can fail, assuming you own the email you signed up with.

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    Tried but it didn’t work, I have no access to the emails- it was changed to a whole new one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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