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PirateCraft Commander SueprGL's pirate island

PirateCraft has been upgraded to a 12 slot server, doubling the player slots and ram, I have also been busy making changes around the server, here’s a quick changelog:

  • Upgraded to 12 Slot server with double ram.
  • Removed Multiverse
  • Removed multiverse-inventories
  • Removed ColorMe
  • Added essentials Spawn plugin, spawn is now /spawn
  • Added jails so users can cool down in heated debate
  • Added NoCheat+
  • Added auto Sign and Rail Protection
  • Added Essentials Chat to replace Colorme
  • Added Group Permissions system, Information page will have all Rank’s and permissions soon with more information.
  • Updated Missive messages
  • Updated Rules
  • Updated Stats database
  • Updated Dynmap claim opacity, Custom Claim colours & hiding claims will be available to Lieutenant rank and above in future updates.
  • Updated death spawn back to beds, Also fixed not spawning in beds.
  • /Siege bug with invincible wolf’s has been passed to GriefPrevention developers who have released a dev build of GriefPrevention for us! – In Process of being fixed.
  • Created the “PirateCraft Cove” for a joint city build, users with high enough rank can use /warp cove 

With all the new updates, I am still tweaking a lot of things, so you might see changes here and there, if you see any bugs, issues, ideas or recommendations please post them in the forums.

A big future update that’s in the works plays on your in game stats, to hand out achievements & auto rank upgrades for completing them, E.g Traveling a certain distance in a boat Achieves a special Sailor rank with some perks, So stay tuned!

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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Posted on May 31, 2013

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