Survival December Changelogs 2020 – Ho Ho Ho! 🎅

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • Added :bear: to emojis in chat. Suggestion by @CrazyMoneyy
  • Added :w: to the whitelist for similarity in the chat filter. Suggestion by @RatRaceRobot
  • Added Dates written date to books.
  • Changed the /warp south Region to have the same flags as Cove and also denied ender pearl use in it, as LOTS of people keep reporting issues with pearls in that specific region for some reason.
  • Re-enabled pulling people with grappling hooks now that Halloween is over!
  • Fixed /parrots Grey parrot having a spelling mistake saying it was red in its lore. Via Github Report.
  • Updated Brewing plugin:
    • Action Bar graph to show drunkenness!
    • Coloured Particles from boiling Cauldrons!
NEW! With the update to the Brewing Plugin.
  • Fixed rank-up broadcast message for Firstmate & Quartermaster to reflect their real boosts & times. Via Github Report.
  • Updated contribution expiring message to send mail to the new mail system! Via Github Report.
    • I set this as a “Global Command” so it’s global to send for any package that gets removed, hopefully, it won’t send it when you buy something else… if it does create a new bug report!
  • Fixed Vote Crate giving XP Boost tokens. Thanks for the report @Cdtoad!
  • Updated Anti-Cheat & Anti-chest configs thanks to @Encode42 who did them!
  • Updated Ship-in-a-bottle plugin. Massive thanks to @eirikh1996.
    • Eirikh Added some really awesome features like random schematics so we can have 1 Bottle with random ships, or what I wanted it for is to have random trees! Palm tree in a bottle!
    • Also added the ability for temporary structures, anyone got any ideas on how we can use this?
  • Added :rofl: to chat to replace (ˣ∇ˣ). Suggested by @PIPPIP5789.
  • Updated Chat Filters, thanks @Bazurka!
  • Shop s61 was cleaned out and unrented by @lazydog11 due to being inactive and not keeping the shop in stock,
  • Made a title and nice ping sound when you kill someone, it’ll show the weapon used to kill them or if it’s got a name it’ll show its name!
    • Nice, the new kill ping sound is satisfying!
    • Title when you kill someone with an item used to kill them
    • If you get killed you will get a title show up of who killed you with what.
I got this idea from Battlefield when you get a kill and thought it would be nice on PirateCraft!
  • Updated Crew plugin:
    • Adds Clickable messages in chat for accepting/deny.
    • Crew home now saves yaw and pitch.
    • Shows status “in rank” for untrusted players.
  • Added Xmas world to survival.
    • Map Render/Regions/World border was all there from last year!
    • Yes, it’s the same map as last year! Don’t moan! (Build a new one if you want a new one for next year) The build team has spruced it up a bit!
  • Removed Commander Contributor rank from /donate.
  • Removed Cadet, Sailor, Carpenter, Gunner, Boatswain ranks from /donate Keeping Firstmate.
  • Added coupon code scurvysavings for 15% off /donate Thanks to @dagersh for coming up with the name!
  • Added Xmas 2020 Gift basket at /warp west Look out for the giant Santa and get into Santa’s snow globe!
Free to everyone to loot! Take everything in the chest!
  • Temporarily had to nuke Guardians per chunk while were busy again, as someone is sitting at a Guardian farm with 70 people online and using 35% CPU just on Guardians in their farm, can go back up when we’re not so busy.
  • Added /warp private for Helpers (Privateers) This was the old /spawn point of Commodores years ago before I made everyone’s spawn the same again!
    • Inside Cove, so inherits coves flags.
    • Full Build/Break to Helpers, so feel free to tear it down and rebuild/make rooms (its not the best castle!)
    • Blocks anyone else trying to get into the claim.
      • It’s for when/if you need to give something to staff/have a safe place to work together. I used it before to get Helpers to check over event items with me without being bombarded by nosy plebs.
  • Christmas Event went live:
    • Moved /warp event to Xmas world.
    • Created /warp xmas and /warp xmas1 as fast warps for different areas of the Xmas map for added speed/access.
    • Added 36 Custom mobs Created by @CallieMav.
    • Added 145 Custom item drops Created by @CallieMav.
      • PLEASE give a big thank you to @CallieMav and wish him a Merry Christmas! This event would not be possible without him making you this!
  • Deleted old legacy jails.
    • Gave Moderators and Admins the legacy /eunjail command again specifically for players that logged out years ago in the old jail system and randomly come back stuck in the old jail system (I know this is very unlikely, but we had this happen for the first time this month!).
      • Buffed Moderators maximum jail time to an hour for more time to investigate/talk to people (Anything past this needs to be a locker/temp ban).
    • Updated hologram at jails to be useful.
TIP for Helpers: If you use r:Reason you are jailed it will tell the person the reason they were jailed!
  • Updated server list MOTD to tell people about the Winter event /warp event
    • @CallieMav adjusted drop rates of Bosses. To drop better again:
    • Luck Bonus removed, only for weekends.
    • Holiday Brew Healing factor lowered.
I’m going to call it Winter Event from now on, as its past Xmas and allows us to continue with some small winter activities on the server coming in late!
  • Added Winter Event Item Drops NPC!
    • I created an NPC and put every one of @CallieMav custom winter 2020 event items into it sorted and categorized!
    • Its possible to collect these Item drops from the /warp event by killing the custom mobs!
    • View all Item Drops at /warp cove where Santa has crashed his sleigh into Cove!
  • Added overhead tag for portmaster for the Community Manager!
  • Added Winter Crate 2020 thanks to @Xeron see it at /warp cove.
  • Added new PvP arena to /warp east (underground one)
    • This is actually a mini-version of warp east itself!
This has been down here years! Not new! you can also see all the East builders in this room!

More reading!


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego! ❤

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