Survival May Changelog roundup 2020 – Warps & Art!

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

Im posting this changelog months after these changes have been implemneted so please make sure to read later changelogs if anything has changed since.

Starting from this Changelog roundup, im removing all mentions of updating plugins, as I do this so often its 50% of the changelog. If you are curious about what plugins are updating when, please follow the ive changelogs on discord as they happen.

  • Removed Java start up flags which helped resolved JVM crashes.
  • @IndexOutOfMJ has finished updating /warp shop1 buildings and spawn! its looking amazing now!
    • I have since updated all Legacy shops.
  • We’re updating the Marketplace in phases, but its not stopping people trying to snipe peoples shops I’m updating! haha good try pirates!
    • S20 at /warp shop1 re-made (it was so old it had blocks that are no longer in Minecraft and show as untextured!) This was emielreijs shop.
    • S15 at /warp shop1 re-made @Eurospin ready to move back in.
    • S19 at /warp shop1 re-made @Xeron ready to move in.
  • NEW SHOP! S18 (A recycled number) was created at /warp shop1 It got rented in less than 1 second when announced, more are to come don’t worry!
  • Added 8 Alias for shop warps (One less thing to type), you can now also use:
    • /shop1, /shop2, /shop3, /shop4, /shop5, /shop6, /shop7, /shop8.
    • Try /shops or /shop for a GUI of all Shops too!
  • Added shop sign board at /warp shops! I think this was #šŸ”­suggestions by @PIPPIP5789
    • Board created by @IndexOutOfMJ I added a barrier block bridge so you can get up higher to read the signs.
    • It goes from S1 to S84, the blanks are left intentionally for when I re-use the shop numbers. (it now looks very full when posting this changelog months late! Ive dont a lot of marketplace upgrades)
/warp shops and have a look/interact!
  • Promoted @Atalantaa to Moderator.
  • Added /duty for Helper (Busy mode) via @Chimbken #šŸ”­suggestions.
  • Added ship in a bottle plugin again! you can now buy ships you can save in your inventory and place anywhere in the wold, head over to /warp ships and buy one from the Shipwright.
  • New command /whowas. This is just a better formatted version of /seen just for username history. Using @RoMich02 for an example:
Easy to read list!
  • Gave Moderators and Admins a new /vanish or /v for much more control with this better vanish.
  • New Warp System!
    • Changed to a new warp system from the Premium suite plugin, to match the teleport system. /warps.
    • Random Direction for Shop warps! This was my #šŸ”­suggestions which I manged to get implemented by the developer! Unique for PirateCraft but now everyone that has the plugin can use my idea! All /warp shop warps now will pick a random direction to face for shops! No more shop Bias for warps! Heck yeah!
    • New! GUI for /warps It took me a while to make all the custom items for the GUI but its much smarter than the old chat based list!
    • Sounds when warping!
    • Message feedback in chat when warping!
    • We can set GUI items if you have/dont have permission to show more information how to unlock warps.
    • No need to add permissions for creating warps! This means Admins will be able to update/create temporary warps for people to use on the fly! Like Event/Holiday warps!
    • We can now create warp signs!
    • Added new /warp spawner to replace covetown (as its only use).
    • Added /warp travel to go to the old /warp info.
    • We can toggle warps on/off if we need too!
    • This will hopefully fix a few issues with /back after using /warps we still have /homes on the old system which will still cause some back issues until the import is fixed.
New Warp System!
  • Right clicking placed heads is now fixed and showing names again.
  • Removed Easter crate from Survival, Store & Stopped dropping keys.
  • Removed Easter Crate key from the Vote crate, I was suppose to do this and forgot! Thanks @Xeron.
  • Re-synced /crewtop -> should now display the latest and accurate scores, and all disbanded crews removed. (Thanks @Creepermorderen).
  • Added color to the ā¤ Emoji in chat <3 and also added color to :) and :( For no other reason that I am testing another idea!
  • Added Showing Items in chat. For Firstmate+ Via #šŸ”­suggestions by @Gloriosia.
    • Firstmate+ only.
    • Use with [item] or in chat, nothing else needed.
    • Item names will be colored if the item is colored.
    • Item stacks will auto be given a x8 of how many you are holding.
    • Hovering over the item will show its lore
    • Limited to 1 use per message
    • 120 Second cooldown until next use.
    • Empty hand will show nothing
  • Added /h as a alias for /helpop Which has also been reformatted as a help channel.
    • Changed to a new /helpop system in our premium essentials plugin.
  • Updated Ships worldborder plugin (To stop ships going past world border).
  • Big Ships plugin update a lot of versions thank you @eirikh1996 for your amazing work.
    • This update temporarily made all ships very slow, I’m actively working to figure out what changed with this update. Stay tuned with changes. Fixed.
  • Entirely new AntiCheat configs.
    • I stumbled upon a community based config for our Anti-Cheat which I have swapped to, it looks way more lenient to hopefully stop the absurd amount of false positives for things like Eating. Remember for things you can re-produce post into #šŸ›bugs with a video on how to re-produce if you get false positives. Lets see how well optimized this config is, we can fine tune/amend settings based on False positives we get ONLY if we can reproduce them.
  • Fixed /checkrank after the permission plugin update, I’ve asked for some advice on how to implement tab-completion and register this as a real command, It’s just a quick script I wrote!
  • Fixed /warp spawner it somehow toggled its permission on itself! Thanks @PIPPIP5789 from #šŸ›bugs.
  • Fixed all /warp shop warps having random direction again.
  • /warp shop7 is now been entirely built by @IndexOutOfMJ and @ScriptX Looking amazing! I have got around to moving some of the shops about and made them a working!
  • Created 9 new rentable shops at the new /warp shop7 consisting of;
    • 3 Shops, 2 really big shops and 1 smaller shop.
    • 6 Stalls
  • Fixed the /warp shop GUI item in /shops.
  • Spawn Update, New /warp travel.
    • This was on my mind as a much needed upgrade for new players to go with our new /warp system, I created /warp travel as its a bit easier to understand what this warp does.
    • I wanted to simplify and shrink spawn (we still do plan to re-make spawn, we have already started! What we did should be able to be re-used).
    • I have updated the small island just outside of spawn to have Portals to the most used warps for new players to easily adventure without needing to learn anything!
    • I did lots of terrain changes to focus on this area, so its like a valley and @IndexOutOfMJ and @TheTikiTotem did lots of details and portal design!
  • What’s changed at /spawn?
    • Removed the old giant tree that was too far away from spawn and very outdated/too small.
    • Created 7 Portals on the small island just as you leave spawn.
    • Built 2 new mountains to block off randomly wandering.
    • Removed the pointless village in spawn.
    • Removed pointless lighthouse.
    • Greatly reduced spawn protection by 100 blocks on 2 sides!
    • Moved the small desert island in to show end of spawn protection.
    • Created Portals to warps & portals back to /warp travel.
    • Created Holograms for each portal.
    • Added markers around border of spawn to see where it ends.
  • Updated Premium Essentials plugin.
    • Should fix random warp position staying after restarts.
    • Fixes holograms disappearing after you leave their range.
  • Gave Build Leader & Builder access to modify the Aqueduct from Spawn to Cove.
    • Gave the Aqueduct the same protection as Spawn, and allowed placing boats, riding animals down it, as well as PvP protection and no hunger.
    • Added an exit to the Aqueduct where the spawn border ends.
    • Added “life rafts” to the Aqueduct ship (on both spawn and cove end) that teleports you to cove, for the new players that want to sail a boat down the Aqueduct.
  • Removed the old server path (Protected Admin claim) that run through British Empire “West Agraria Pike”.
  • Removed road_a, road_b, road_c and road_d which were legacy server roads that lead out of spawn towards cove, but were broken in multiple places along the way and were never updated.
  • Added Map Icons for /warp shop7 and /warp shop8.
    • Added Missing Shop icons on the map for Markets.
  • Updated all positions and edited the text on every single Market map Icon.
    • Moved Shop warps /warp shop2, /warp shop3 and /warp shop5 warps to be more centered as they now have random facing direction instead of linear, so its 360 degree warps.
    • Updated all the Portals for the shop warps I moved.
  • Created 3 new Shop Stalls at /shop5 on a pier!
    • S25 (Ā£1.16 Per day) given to @CT_7567 who had the old S73.
    • S26 (Ā£1.16 Per day) given to @CrazyMoneyy who had the old S79.
    • S27 (Ā£1.16 Per day) given to @PortugalJ who had the old S75.
    • Fixed all /shop1, /shop2, /shop3, /shop4, /shop5, /shop6, /shop7, /shop8 using the right warp system, thanks @Creepermorderen.
  • Gave Admins permission to allow placing/removing Shulker Boxes from Chests/Enderchests, for the inevitable people who have been putting them in Chests/Enderchests while the plugins been broken so they can help remove them later.
    • Shulker Boxes are now blocked from Chests/Enderchests again.
  • Added Tab autocomplete to /checkrank and /checkrank empty itself. So now its registered as a proper command, you can tab complete filling in checkrank and also usernames of people online.
  • Removed Lightning when someone is kicked by the Anti-cheat via @notcapping in #šŸ”­suggestions.
  • Thanks to @IronAR the Cove /warp spawner is now a double skeleton spawner that’s better optimized!
  • Shulker Block plugin fixed by @IndexOutOfMJ so if you previously had shulker boxes in Chests/Enderchest you will be able to take them out now without need for Admins to do it!
    • You will be able to remove your shulker boxes from your enderchests/chests that were placed in there while the plugin was broken and was allowing you to do it.
    • New feature! You can store empty Shulker boxes in Chests/Echests for storage, only Shulker boxes with items inside them will be blocked from being put into Enderchest/Chests.
  • For Admins only at present, added the ability to create [jukebox].
    • Allows players create jukeboxes by placing music discs in a chest
    • Had to remove due to plugin creating server lag somehow!
  • Gave /setworth to Helpers so they can help update prices of items worth around the server whenever!
  • New for staff, gave Moderators and Admins /whois which shows all types of information to staff about a player, where their last back was, where they last died, if there in god/fly/flyspeed, easy copy of UUID feature. This is an updated version of what we had previously with more functions, most importantly staff can now find someone’s last back/death location and click to go to it for moderating (Up to their discretion, not on your asking!).
  • Anti-Cheat Fixes:
    • Fixed the Jesus False positives when you have depth strider enchantment and speed potion effect
    • Fixed the Jesus False positives when walking on a boat
      • Thanks to @lego and @CrazyMoneyy for figuring out how to re-produce the bug, record it and send it to me. I sent this to the developer and he was able to fix it in under 24h.
  • Massively increased the Cruise speed of all ships and submarines after the latest Ship plugin update changed the way Cruise works, thanks @eirikh1996 for the help. We did a live test of a SUPER SPEED Cruise on Schooners, I doubled the Cruise speed to see what kind of issues we face having really fast ships.
  • Gave Builders and Build Leader permission to use color/formatting on signs without need of a Contributor rank.
  • Gave Admins the ability to edit signs with shift+right clicking if they /toggleshiftedit. This is a test to see how well it works with the claims systems and shop sign plugins to see if its safe to give back out to builders, I think you all know what happened last time! Haha.
  • Changed Minimum amount of people to sleeping to change it from night to day to 25% of the server.
  • Cannon shop “Gunsmith” NPC now sells the Cannon projectiles, and in the near future “Cannon in a bottle” to place down cannons.Prices changed for all items that were previously sold in the cannon shop.
    • We will never sell Diamonds (Hardened cannonball), so this will teleport you to the /warp shop.
  • New /warp shopHow to shop” tutorial area under /warp shop warp! Massive thanks to @WaterPool and help from @Dokterdrap & @Atalantaa.
  • Fixed /wild working for Deckhands and the wild signs at /spawn will work again for everyone.
  • Resistance/water breathing added when you use the wild signs/command.
  • Via #šŸ”­suggestions by @MinisterMoo, Firstmate+ will now get the perk to show items in-chat by using the prefix or [item].If this is abused/spammed, I will move it back up to Contributors only.
    • Contributors said that they are fine with this perk being moved to Firstmate+ and it doesn’t devalue their Contributor rank, if you feel differently please read/write in the contributor channel.
    • Chat item cooldown increased from 2 mins to 5 mins to cut down on its spam use, as a lot more people have access now via a suggestion from the contributor channel.
  • Added /clear for Admins to clear their own or someone’s inventory online or offline, no going back after this is used! You will get a message in-chat if your inventory is wiped by admin.
    • This will be for people that Xray, so we can reduce the Xray punishment length based on context.
  • Increased Moderator limits for punishments massively.
  • Fixed Admins being able to use the chat /emoji commands like :dog:.
  • Added more of a classic portal design to the /warp cove portal and gave it a hologram to explain where it goes.
  • Removed Resource pack being auto downloaded for the new animated doors plugin that hasn’t been released yet! Its on the server, I just need to sort perms! Very close!
  • Added barrier blocks around Vote chests at /warp cove to stop people yanking people out with Grappling hooks.
  • Added /nicosemsrott to credit for;
    • @NicoSemsrott has created 3 custom pieces of Artwork just for PirateCraft, specifically for in-game maps to be used as unique artwork, without the need of a resource pack! These are normal Minecraft maps!
    • Added plugin to create custom artwork maps based on images.
    • These pieces of Artwork will be sold for Ā£3500 per, at /warp cove using in-game money so you will be able to decorate whatever you want with them!
  • Check out her portfolio here.
Feathered Liz, Captain Flint and Treasured Booty.
If you have requests for new artwork please post in #šŸ”­suggestions on discord for @NicoSemsrott to pick and choose!
  • Updated Shulker blocking plugin to fix a bug reported by @Nationalistic that made it block all Hotkeys working! Massive thanks to @IndexOutOfMJ who re-made this plugin for us!
  • Created a graphic for the BOTM and created it on Maps at /warp cove so people can view them in-game!

More good reads!


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego

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