Survival February Changelog roundup 2020 – Faster ships!

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I’m on this train of monthly recaps for changelogs over the previous month, this is a bullet pointed list of changes I have made from February 1st 2020 – February 29th 2020, been busy.

Before we get into the changes, I need to give a quick public service announcement, we will be upgrading our ship plugin to a new version that allows double chests soon, this will require everyone to make sure they are locking their ships by placing a piston on them in their claimed land and not be relying on having a double chest to prevent them getting stolen.

Survival Changelogs February 2020

  • Sign up now to build of the month March 2020.
  • Created NPC at /warp cove to open /auc
  • Website: Renewed all SSL certificates (Both maps)
  • Updated Anti-cheat 14 versions & configs throughout the month.
  • Updated Permissions System to a new major version
  • Updated 15+ plugins over the month
  • Removed Glow plugin
  • Updated the Live map plugin a Major Version + 10 Small versions
  • /ignore & /ign which uses the chat plugin to manage ignores, you can see who you have ignored with /ignore ? the issue was we had 3 plugins trying to use /ignore over the 7+ years we’ve been going so i’m trying to clean it up.
    • Removed all ignored players from Grief Prevention ignore list.
    • Changed it so staff can not be ignored.
    • No more permissions to Ignore in Grief Prevention or Essentials, this may pose an issue if you have ignored people in Essentails from years ago as there isn’t a command to wipe them, trying to figure this out.
  • Changed the chat plugin to use MySQL to make /ignore cross-server, will need to set this up on the other servers still.
  • Removed the NPC book plugin
  • Removed permission system legacy API support
  • Removed crew taxes
    • We have been trailing crew tax for the past 6 months, and we have come to the conclusion that it is ill suited for this server. While it encouraged crews to recruit new players, it also gave rise to opportunistic exploitation of new players who were not informed of a crew tax. In addition we observed a few crews who were straight up recruiting new players for the sole reason to take their money. We do not want this sort of exploitation, so we have chosen to remove the tax. If your crew wishes to continue to tax members, you will need to organise this yourselves.
  • Commodore can now Set, Check and Remove Wakeup Points for when people get blackout drunk.
    • Commodore can now set the drunkenness of a player (As means of another punishment for such as toxic chat, alternative to tempmute in a pirate theme)
  • Commodore can now send people to the locker world.
  • Updated Crew score plugin thanks @Creeper to adjust with the new KDR scores, also updates 50 crews at a time.
  • Bought and setup premium version of the admin shop plugin
  • Added premium “essentials” plugin suite of features
    I have added a premium suite of features to slowly replace plugins on the server that are their own individual plugin so all these features are under one plugin so its easier managed, the suite includes a lot of admin/mod/quality of life features without adding each one as its own plugin, this also means a few of our older plugins have been/will be replaced. This new plugin suite will has an essentials set of features that will benefit us over time.
    • Removed Painting Switcher plugin / Replaced with new painting switcher
    • Swapped the teleport system between players /tpa /tpahere and also /top and /back
      • Stops the glitching technique of using safe teleport to get past iron doors/thin blocks.
      • Clickable accept/deny messages in chat, to accept or deny a teleport request, hopefully a QOL improvement.
      • Warmup timer is shown live in the hot bar announcement
      • There is a visual teleport particle when someone teleports, so you can tell they are teleporting
    • New command /colors for everyone (as well as the old /info colors still)
    • Brand new Statistics viewing system /newstats, this actually uses a different set of data for viewing statistics, this will be the new system we will move forward to when we move to 1.13+, what I will be doing is using this to see how different these stats are to your current /stats so we are able to compare the 2 in-game live!
      • The /newstats uses the same data as from when you press ESC > Statistics, which is data only collected after we moved to 1.8, where as the current /stats is from far back as ~1.4 days!
      • You can also view other peoples stats with /newstats <username>
    • RearAdmirals Gained the ability again to view and edit inventories and ender chests from online/offline players.
    • Entirely new in-game help system /guides
      • All our in-game help went open source.
      • You just need /guides or /index (and the old /info) both go to the index page for all in-game custom guides now, all old custom commands have been re-mapped to the new updated custom text files.
    • Commodore and RearAdmiral have a new moderation tool to cuff a player, freeze them and handcuff them!
    • Added the ability to add Holograms
    • Added the ability to add Portals again
    • Player heads will be dropped again! Only currently set to killing other players.
      • Right clicking heads on a wall will show the skin owners username again!
      • 50% drop rate, and then a another 25% reduced trying for a second one!
    • New day/night cycle that gradually speeds up the day/night cycle so the sky animates
    • New, if everyone sleeps at night in a bed, the new day/night cycle will happen!
    • Added the ability to make custom crafting recipes on the fly, instantly.
      You can now craft packed ice!
      Use 9 blocks of ice to craft 1 packed ice!
    • Commodore and RearAdmiral got a new command to /point at things, it’ll let them point at things with a particle of their choosing.
      Quick particle reference for staff. fireworks_spark, crit, magic_crit, potion_swirl, potion_swirl_transparent, spell, instant_spell, witch_magic, note, portal, flying_glyph, flame, lava_pop, footstep, splash, particle_smoke, explosion_huge, explosion_large, explosion, void_fog, small_smoke, cloud, coloured_dust, snowball_break, waterdrip, lavadrip, snow_shovel, slime, heart, villager_thundercloud, happy_villager, large_smoke, water_bubble, water_wake, suspended, barrier, mob_appearance, end_rod, damage_indicator, sweep_attack, totem, spit, squid_ink, bubble_pop, current_down, bubble_column_up, nautilus, dolphin
    • New Jail system! We now only have the cove jails.
      • Jailed peoples chat will only be in proximity of 20blocks of people of the jail they are in
      • Jailed players can no longer escape jails, you are restricted to the jail zone.
      • Reasons for jailing can now be given that are shown, in-chat to public, the jailed user and in a hologram in the jail
      • A hologram is shown in the cove jail when someone is jailed with a countdown timer of how long they have left and the reason they are jailed
      • Jailed users will get a bossbar countdown timer with the time they have left in jail.
      • When you are released from jail you are sent to an out of jail location.
      • Jail time is not counted if you go offline
  • Removed Conditional Commands plugin legacy leftovers from the old anti cheat
  • All ships got faster and you can now move entities on ships!
    • @Xeron updated all the ship speeds to match what I was testing with the brig & schooner and never got around to updating the rest!
    • All ships got much faster when cruising.
    • Submarines stayed the same speed.
    • Climbing ladders when moving now will be fixed in a future update
    • Barge, Frigate, Brig, Galleon, Indiaman & Manowar can now move entities on ships! Move villagers or sheep to new islands!
    • Schooner and Dhow will not move entities, you will be required to build a larger ship to move them.
  • Removed valentines kit
  • Added Ship-in-a-bottle that allows buying a chest from spawn that contains a ship you can place down!
    • Buy from /warp ships or /warp cove ship shop.
    • Claims are protected, you have to have room and not be in someone else’s claim you are not trusted in.
    • If you mess up, don’t worry you have 5 minute’s to /sb undo which will undo your ship placement and give you the chest back!
    • If you sail or break blocks on your ship after you place it you will not be able to undo it!
    • Yes the prices are very high for a schooner (£250), but this is initial release! Prices are never permanent and will change if no issues are found with this plugin! Think of it as premium tax for a portable ship you can place anywhere even in the sky! (Ships cant fly ™️ ).
PirateCraft - Ship in a bottle released!
PirateCraft ship-in-a-bottle
  • Made /auc 13, now ended
/auc 13 was live, now ended
  • Made /auc 14, currently live
/auc 13 was live, currently live
  • Added Cross-server portal plugin (for smooth transition between server portals!)
    • Got cross server portals working! (Test server <–> Survival)
    • So when you use the portals you come outside of the other portal, instead of where you last was on the server, so if you connected directly to test server then used the portal, you would come out above at the train station at the cove.
    • This isn’t really intended to be a use-case, the train station is too far out of place, I just wanted proof of concept for later on when we re-design the spawn.
  • Changed siege soft block from Melon to Melon_Block hopefully this will fix it being a working siege block.
  • Added portal to /warp south under the cannons shop, and a portal back from south to the cove, I used to have these all in the train station, but its too out of the way, going to hide them around cove.
  • Tested switching ship plugins
    • Double chests will work on ships soon! Make sure to lock your existing ships using a ship lock (Piston)
  • Removed some allowed blocks from all ships
    • Removed Dragon Egg from ships – Why? I have no idea why I had this on there!
    • Removed Beacons from ships
  • Added some commands /index, /creative To take you to creative /an for admin announcements, /economy as an alternative to /coinage changed Max’s to /xeron added /legq /bazurka /taulov added /resourcepack Added /guides and /guide added /emoji which isn’t setup yet and /follow also added /contributor and /bible which may not work just yet as i noticed a mistake in my syntax! next restart for those 2!
  • Drastically nerfed the amount of entities allowed in chunks, maybe the config was reset at some point or something as a lot of entities were for some reason set to unlimited.
    • This was triggered by some utterly gargantuan farms.
    • This will be an on-going trial and error to adjust mob spawns/despawns over the next month or so.
    • How trial and error works forum post
    • Nerfed monsters spawn limit from 50 to 40 (its all monsters, you can not set per mob spawn limits, only manage them per chunk)
    • Nerfed water animals spawn limit from 4 to 3 Chunks not blocks
    • Nerfed entity activation range for water mobs from 16 to 3 Chunks not blocks (Controls the range in blocks that entities will become “activated”)
    • Nerfed the chunk limiter for Guardians to only 2 per chunk from Unlimited which was doing about 200-350 from me standing around tonight.
    • Nothing is set in stone, Do not panic! I will monitor a few farms I know about for their outputs to increase as we go.
    • Post from 7 months ago.
  • A drunk lumberjack is visiting /warp north having a cheeky pint, I think he’s had a few drinks as he’s buying Dark oak logs and Acacia logs off anyone for £8 a stack!
  • 2 New shops open at /warp shop3
    • 2 new shops created S48 and S49 (At very reasonable prices!)
    • 1 stall removed at /warp shops (Its such a mess!)
New shops up for rent!
  • Updated PvP messages for newbies to display the correct command, it is /newbie disable for new players to disable their PvP protection
  • /guide moblimit Created for mob limit information in-game
  • Limited fireworks to 5 per chunk, not entirely sure this will work as expected. Also available from /moblimit
  • /crewscore will work again next reboot, changed the help guide to /whatscrewscore
  • Re-mapped the alias /info to do the same as /guide so next reboot /info siege will work the same as the new /guide siege for those too stubborn to learn a new command!

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