Deckhands can create crews, Reduced Deckhand & Cadet rank-up time, Updated vote info, Added 15 vote milestones

December 15, 2018 2:29 pm Published by in , . 1 Comment

  • Updated information on /vote, there are now 3 pages /vote 2 and /vote 3.
  • Created 15 milestones for voting /vr milestones or
  • Updated vote page
    • Created and added gifs
    • Added open all link & image
    • Added /vr ? commands
    • Added new milestones
  • Disabled the “on the 7th day” where you would get a vote streak bonus, but it would only give you that item.
  • Deckhands can now create a crew!
    • They cannot ally/rival until cadet
    • There is no /crew verify permission, so I have increased the crew verification price to £250
    • I have increased the creation of a crew to £20
  • Reduced Deckhand rank-up required time from 10h to 5h
  • Reduced Cadet rank-up required playtime from 24h to 10h
  • Updated messages for having a full inventory when you got given a key, the correct command is /crate claim, thanks SizzleMcGrizzle

New Vote Milestones

Milestone Name
Votes Required
Voting Milestone 13£10 & 1 Vote Key
Voting Milestone 2
20£20 & 2 Vote Keys
Voting Milestone 3
30£30 & 3 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 4
50£50 & 4 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 5
100£100 & 5 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 6
150£150 & 6 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 7
200£200 & 7 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 8
300£300 & 8 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 9
400£400 & 9 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 10500£500 & 10 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 11600£600 & 11 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 12700£700 & 12 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 13800£800 & 13 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 14900£900 & 14 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 151000£1000 & 15 Vote keys

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Posted on December 15, 2018

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