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    Minecraft was originally released way back in 2009. It’s funny to think that children today who are 6 years old and younger were born AFTER Minecraft’s release date! Goes to show how time flies by…

    Anyway, I was first introduced to Minecraft by a friend sometime in late 2012. I found the game interesting, so I went and downloaded the PC Gamer demo to see whether I wanted to buy it for myself or not. There was this nifty trick you could use to reset the 90 minute time limit but keep your progress, so I naturally abused it to the best of my ability and must have invested something between 6 and 12 hours in the demo world.

    This was in February 2013, but the PC Gamer demo still ran an outdated version of Minecraft (beta 1.3 which was released in 2011). So pork chops weren’t stackable, there was no food bar, water and lava used the old textures, zombies dropped feathers, etc. Minecraft beta version 1.3 DID however already include the nether!

    So after a few hours I’d got myself a diamond pickaxe, mined obsidian, entered the nether and brought back some netherrack. I decided to use them as braziers to keep my road network safe at night. My base was situated right on top of spawn, on the edge of a dark and very dangerous forest.

    It was a disastrous idea.

    Within a matter of seconds the fire had spread to every tree in the immediate vicinity. It went so quickly that my computer had trouble rendering the inferno. I would walk towards a group of trees and they would just disappear into thin air because the fire had already torn through them.

    I ran straight to my wooden base and started hacking down all the trees and leaves around them as the fire approached. By some miracle I managed to cut off access from the flames and my base survived. But the landscape around me was devoid of life for hundreds of blocks. And there were (raw) pork chops lying around everywhere….

    In the end my world started glitching out and eventually became corrupt, so I went on to get the real Minecraft. But I was a bit sad that fire had been nerfed so badly. 🙁

    That was my first memorable experience playing Minecraft. What was yours?

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    my experience with minecraft was joining a server and be coming a tribes man due to me sucking at typing the only way people could try to interact with me was through swords and shifting even after I learned to type I didn’t type on that server.

    later that mounth I was banned for grief, harassment, hacking and advertising the server on other servers that made the server very hated.

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    Very, very memorable. I’d like to say my first MC experience was building a very very cute little hut out of oak planks and glass, which I was very proud of. 😛

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    i’ll try to keep it short and with good grammar (;/):

    So i was more of a world of warcraft gamer (2 year play time :P) and this new kid came too my school his minecraft name is Prof_infinity.we became good friends (were still) and minecraft was the game he and his other friends were talking about 24/7 (i dint even know of minecraft so it was living hell to me T-T).in december of 2012 i finally got convinced to try the demo,a made a dirt home and then some wierd green monster blew it up.once i found out that you could cut wood with you’re hands i ask my good friend Prof the stupedist question ever “how do you make a crafting table?” he got so pissed of my lvl of noob he dint speak to me for the hole day…..they told me to place four blocks and i did ….on the gruond XD (they dont know that do 0-0).i had lots of fun so i bought the game and made the acount.a month later i found out how to install java….

    So finaly i’m a lvl 10 noob on this epic single player world i only had 1 acount but 3 bros….so we all took turns in the world making are own bases.it was the coolest thing too have a base in a river! sadly it got burned down by thunder…so we moved out north into some mountans and i became the king of solidia!i made a 1 story castle i had my navy (a few minecraft boats) and a villiage that my little sister made.here is the funniest part!i was mining and i found a dark cave with lots of zombies in it i killed them all but they kept coming! (possibly my first dungeon…) i found a witch and i was like “oh no its a boss!” i died lost all my iron and the witch came out of the hole i made “hurry you guys we have to kill it””its a boss its gonna distroy the world!”i was sacred out of my mind btw .after that i never saw that witch again.

    What happened to that world? i learned how to summon the enderdragon and well you know the rest…..


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    I remember I was spawned in a dense forest which was nice unless your computer still runs windows and is about 6 years old then lagg is imense…

    I was stuck and i made a hole and lived in that.

    I then died and found a witch hut and that was were it stopped.

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    I bought an account early 2011, I think my first version was Beta 1.3 or Beta 1.2. A lot of people won’t remember the Beta here, it was before 1.0 dropped Heres the version history http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Version_history/Beta Which means we went through all those versions before we even hit 1.0!

    Back then there were some wicked mechanics, the fire mechanics were insane, fire spread at the speed of lightning!

    Who remembers this video going viral?

    I started off playing single player, I dug out a room into a cliff, and extended the back with a glass greenhouse that would die every time I played from creepers blowing it to bits, farms were out the front surrounded by mountings.

    My first popular server I spent a lot of time on was frag.co.uk, I also spent a lot of time on was the first apocalypse server, what people would call “minez” server now, I cant remember what it was called but it was one of the first servers to have custom plugins and there was about 30 of us maximum that played.

    For a time me and SuperGL hosted our own server on old computers at our homes, we switched between who hosted it here and there, and I finally bought PirateCrafts first server on September 27, 2012.

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    wait what?! my first server was also an apocalpys server :D.zombies spawned like crazy and then a month before i left the server the 1.7 update came along and the new baby zombies came 0-0


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    well, i  bought minecraft in May of 2014, so i started on 1.7.9 so i am sorta new to this :/ the first thing i remember was i made this HUGE dirt arch above my home in the side of the mountain (i was and still am terrible with directions). i made a waterfall off of it to prevent from dying when i jumped off. i left a hole in my “celing” so i could get in faster since i was TERRIFIED of night. i decided to leave the hole there until morning so all the scary mobs could despawn after i slept. as i was sleeping as soon as morning happens a creeper fell through the hole, blew up, killed me, broke my bed 0_0, broke all of my (full) chests, AND destroyed 50% of my home. Thank God i made that arch in the first place, i was able to get most of my stuff back. thus started my hatred of creepers 🙂



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    I started playing Minecraft in 2013 because I was introduced by a friend, and I had no idea of the controls or what it was about. I slowly learned how to walk but I didn’t know how to punch, so every time I spawned, i got murdered by a group of zombies 😛😛 it was fun…for the zombies at least…

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    I remember the first time i went to the nether i was like “i’m in helll! ” “notch forgive my sins D:” i took some nether rack and madea very beutiful fire penis in front of pro_infinity’s base XD i thought nether rack was a rear item so for me it was a very expencive penis and thought that prof would be happy to tare it down and use the nether rack to make armour or something!


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    i realy like One Piece

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    Now that HardTimez has been banned, things have suddenly become very quiet! We should liven up the forums a bit.

    I’d like to tell you the story of my first server experience back when I was as green as a cucumber and about ten times as n00by as I actually thought I was. Until that point I had only really played survival Minecraft in single player. The time was ripe for the jump into multiplayer madness!

    The server I chose was, in hindsight, a bit insane for a first-time player – a survival server with the lockette plugin to protect your containers. There was no such thing as a safe base unless you built it out of furnaces and plastered it with signs. It was a griefer’s wet dream.

    The first thing I did was very wise, I ran and ran until I was away from spawn… Only kidding! I first tried to build a base bang slap next to /warp east and got my a*se handed to me. Then I built a boat and traversed four oceans until I thought I was safe (though in reality I was still only a measly 2000 blocks from warp). I spent my time as a cartographer, investing hours mapping every pixel of the world around warp.

    I set up little stashes of goods all over the place in case of emergencies. I also built some secret locations with hidden valuable chests as treasure hunts for other players. One such stash was hidden on a lonely church on a tiny extreme hills biome in the middle of an ocean.

    Of course, I met other players along the way. Most were very big n00bs like myself. One guy in particular was getting raided 24/7. The people killing him were such thoroughly unscrupulous bullies that they make the 0utlaws on this server look like teletubbies. The mods didn’t do much about it as far as I could tell. I helped the dude by helping him build a weird and complex skybase above the ruins of his war torn home. We fought many battles there, though most deaths were caused by landing in a splatty puddle 100 feet below.

    I also found it funny to make trapped houses all across the map. What a horrible person I was!

    But I also managed to do productive things, such as getting the community together to dig a really deep quarry down to bedrock. Don’t ask me why, it was a bit crazy. But there were like a dozen people working on it at a time, some of them were even enemies with each other. There were quite a few “mining accidents” along the way. 😛

    But that wasn’t the most crazy thing I decided to do by a long stretch. I gave up my hermit life and founded a village – on a quasi vanilla server! I honestly don’t know what possessed me. Blind idealism most probably. I thought to myself: What was the point of playing on a multiplayer server if you lived alone? My architectural abilities were a bit limited back then and I always looked up pictures of things on the internet to build, lol. >.<

    Two of my town members didn’t get on with each other. They both didn’t know that the other person had also been inaugurated as a citizen. I took great pleasure in giving them the same house to live in… It took them a week before they found out! Priceless, haha!

    After that they got on better with each other though. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I chose to build my village within 2000 blocks of spawn. Every other day I had to do repairs and replant my crops. This went on for two or three weeks before a devastating griefer raid completely annihilated every building in the village.

    As mayor, I had had enough. I set out on a nether expedition to look for greener pastures and ordered my townsfolk to come with me. At the beginning of this post I mentioned that you could build “secure bases” using containers with signs placed on them. They were completely indestructible, which is why I chose to encase my new, hidden nether portal in a protective layer of furnaces. It worked! Noone ever got to my new town via nether travel.

    It was at this time one of my townsfolk made me aware of a glitch in the market system. I mined tirelessly for ores and building materials, and the dude came up to me and said: “You do know you can get unlimited materials at market, right?”. The staff had made a grievous calculation error. 1 log could be bought for $2. 2 sticks could be sold for $1. As you could make 8 sticks out of one log, you could basically fill your inventory with logs, turn them into sticks, sell them, and have twice as much money as you spent on logs. With a bit of patience you could abuse this to make millions. Naive as I was, I didn’t realise this was probably not ok and even openly talked about it in main chat. I used the “stick trick” to get chests full of bricks and build myself a giant warehouse.

    It had so much space I never managed to fill every chest in it for the remainder of my time on the server.

    One day, one of my townspeople teleported in one of the most OP players on the server and mugged him. The OP player was really pissed and swore he’d return some day to burn my town to the ground with his two really, really OP friends. He said he’d taken a screenshot of my coordinates. I was scared sh*tless and realised I needed to act fast to save my town. I started buying tons iron and gold ore at market and smelting them in a large furnace room I powered with lava. With this I started gaining XP to create God armor and gapples. This took a lot of time, remember back then you needed 30XP to make one piece and then had to start again from scratch!

    There were so many iron blocks left over I didn’t know what to do with them all. I built a modern iron house in my town and decked it out with modern furniture. I liked how it looked and decided to build more like it.

    I got a nasty shock once when a mod decided to play a “joke” on me. He deleted my entire town with world edit and let me fall to my death. I was horrified at first, but he restored it after five minutes. Dunno if he wanted to make a YouTube video or something.

    I also built an army of iron golems. Because why not?

    This is where things turned sour, however. I caught the guy who had tpd in the OP player doing suspicious things, such as breaking random windows, hanging around with well-known griefers, setting his spawn at their base and generally being really annoying. He accidentally sent me a private message saying he was “getting ready for a siege”. I laughed it off with him. But when he logged off, I started to encase the place where he logged off in a cube of protected iron ovens. I knew he was going to betray me.

    I was the only town member online when he logged back on ten minutes later. He saw what I was doing and immediately started teleporting in his griefer friends. Wearing my semi-God gear I dispatched them with ease. One guy managed to set home in my cube, however, which mucked up my plan. A half-an-hour-long battle ensued with me trying to finish the protected cube and the griefers trying to break out. I had to resort to dumping lava around after a while to hinder their progress. After a ferocious battle, one guy managed to escape into the town and all hell ensued. My iron house proved an irresistible target. They started dismantling it immediately to my great annoyance. I hunted them down and slaughtered them mercilessly like Pooh Bear would do to the Honey Monster.

    As fate would have it, this is the exact moment team OP team arrived. They ambushed me from behind using invisibility potions and overwhelmed me with poison. I lost my best diamond gear in a couple of seconds. My town was pretty much lost from that point on. I grabbed some ender pearls and teleported around town, watching the devastation unfold around me.

    The story does have a happy ending however. I talked a bit with team OP and got friendly with them. They agreed to help me kill the griefer scum, which they did gleefully. And that was that. I was left with a pile of ruins to myself, and a couple of days later the server reset, ending my first experience on a multiplayer server.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my story and I look forward to further great experiences with you all on the PirateCraft server! If you have a tale of your own you’d like to share, feel free to post it below! It’s fun to hear how other people started out on their own pirate adventure. 😀

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    I was ten and it was my second survival world (my first one being just me making a pick then it turned dark and I died) and I made a nether portal using lava buckets and water buckets but still found no diamonds. Then I found out about cheats, blew up my whole world, went to the end, somehow corrupted the world from all of the explosions and then felt stupid.

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    I got minecraft and my very first laptop at Christmas and the next day I went straight to my friends house (because he introduced me to minecraft) we had a survivial but it then turned into creative, we just couldn’t help cheating ? whenever I went minning, I came up with like 10 pieces of Iron and my friend got 100 stacks of diamonds and me being a complete noob, I belived he got i legit. Then I looked over his screen and first discovered Gm1 and him cheating. I copied him and got my self a set of God gear. Then when he changed back to survival I killed him. We got into a huge fight and had a war with wolf’s,Iron Golems and Tnt. We Then chrashed the game and corrupted it, and he shouted at me because he claimed it was the best house he had ever built and he could never go back on that world ?


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    April 19 2013,


    My first minecraft experience ever.


    A joined “New World” I had spawned in survival mode. As I was reading what minecraft was about and how to play, I realized it was night time when I finished reading. I chopped 20 trees, and crafted them from my knowledge of minecraft xbox. I made a tiny hut, with a chest, crafting table, furnace. Sadly, I wasn’t happy about my house. As I tried to expand it, 2 creepers came by. I knew what they were, so I just minded my own buisness and built some more. I have a 3 story house. With about 2 rooms each level. I was reading about mining, so I decided to give it a try. I had all my items on me. I forgot to store them in a chest.


    As I was mining, I noticed alot of this white and block spotted blocks pass by. I mined some, it said “Iron Ore” and “Coal”. I dug straight down for more, I had about 37 coal, 15 iron, and 57 redstone (I had crafted an iron pic….) I was so proud. I found a mineshaft. I explored it, a found this weird looking box with a spinny thingy. I checked it out. Next thing you know is my screen showed this:

    Sneak Attack!


    It wasn’t just a box thingy, it was a spawner! (This wasn’t my world this just kinda simulates my situation.)


    I found a couple of chests. Lets say it was all worthless to me

    A saddle: Phsst, not even worth anything

    Horse Armor: Da heck?

    Diamonds: What are these babies? There shiny with no value…

    Seeds: Where are the dirt blocks?</i>

    Gold: Is this good?



    When I got xp levels:

    <i>Wait, is the green good? Should it be red? I don’t know!</i>



    Moral Of The Story

    Read a bit about minecraft before you play.

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    My first experience? I’ve been through a lot on Minecraft, and a lot of them I don’t even remember ( Got the memory of a Gold Fish :P). I was introduced to Minecraft through the Pocket Edition version, before then I always thought that Minecraft was a stupid game for little kids. However, I grew bored on my iPad and wanted a game that allowed me to build what ever I please. So I said “Screw it” and got Minecraft PE. After  a few months of horrible architecture and dying sheep, I finally got the PC version. The first thing I did was struggle with the controls… I am left handed so you could imagine my struggle to find the button that made me move forward.

    Best start ever XD

    I... I've got nothing... Carry on.

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