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    during the minecon earth the mob B won the votation, and it will be introduced in the next update. this new monster will attack in groups players who don’t sleep.
    on piratecraft nobody sleep, a lot of peoples don’t even have a bed in their home.
    I ended up with 4 solutions:

    1) we deactivate the mob
    2) we search for a plugin like the omnia mod, so , if 33% of players online sleep during the night the night will pass for everyone
    3) we could try to find some plugin to make this flying creature an acquatic monster, it has already the shape of a Giant Manta Ray…
    4) we could make the monster attack only the players who kills and raid a lot, like a curse for adding more challange to raiders.

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    As to your post..why would we disable a mob? That doesn’t make any sense…just kill the mob when it comes to attack you lol. Maybe stop walking around naked and start wearing armor to defend against mobs.

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    I do wear an armor , but if all players don’t sleep a lot of those monsters will spawn and they will fill the mob cap, so any EXP farm on the server will stop spawning mobs,they won’t be dangerous for rich people but they will be lethal for new players who can’t afford a good armor

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    we have absolutely no idea what this mob will truly do when it’s released, or it’s spawning rules. right now is just speculation and assumption. nobody can say for certain what this month will be and what it will do until it’s released. and to talk about disabling it before it even has an official name.. really?

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    Are you actually freaking dumb? This mob doesn’t just spawn like a normal mob.. Its spawn rules are similar to the llama’s, this mob will only spawn on top of hills/mountains so it won’t fill the mob cap, also in order to get this mob to spawn the server border should be extended when the 1.14 update will be out because it only spawns in 1.14-generated lands.

    Also wtf? Why would “raiders” (Concept that is pretty moronic to me tbh considering this is a pirate servers and pirates are meant to sail around the world and loot other ships/foes) be the only ones to get attacked by this mob?

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    I think its actually ok to talk about the mob anyway, these are good idea’s master has listed that could be a good solution to it.

    I get the part about people slamming the idea of it to hunt raiders, though moral, it would be completely bias and make being a pirate on the pirate server very unfair.

    I am also sure @flea that the build/staff team, can place spawn points for the new mobs, as they’re going to make or update (I don’t know what to call it or how) the ocean to add the fish, dolphins, water volcanoes, seaweed etc. Though I can see your point as the mesa I live on didn’t become the gold mine of my dreams over night *sigh*, as only the small speck of mesa on the map (which I don’t know if it is full of stuff) is most likely full of gold, and no one has exploited it yet (unintentionally begins the gold rush).


    1. I think deactivating the mob will be largely detrimental to the authenticity of the server as a whole, if there was a problem, a cap could be instead placed on it, or a periodic ‘extinction’ of them, much like with the skelly horses.

    2. That is an interesting mob to bring up, only thing is that a minority of the server could possibly exploit it for their own gain, but I can see your reasoning behind it.

    3. I know Godsdead said we needed an oceanic monster, maybe this could be that mob, but I feel that it may need to be edited slightly as I wouldn’t really like to see shoals upon shoals of manta rays following me in the water, just because I didn’t get 40 winks.

    4. I’ve covered, and I think it is most likely not something that would be implemented.


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    just sleep u numpty


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