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    hello, today in the BE govt, the members talked about the apple crew, and the recent attacks the server has done to them, and that they have done to the server. i just want to make it clear what sort of players are in this crew, and i credit all of these discoveries to @crazypirate1 and the power of google translate 😛

    ^^ in that album that was given to Bislo by the crew Apple are several screenshots of their crew chat, which, since none of the govt members know italian all that well, was translated by Crazy into english, and then the pieces were put together on what they were talking about.

    “ho delle hack

    Proof album, 8th image. Translate confirms as ‘<span lang=”en”>I have some hacks’. These guys are aware that their members hack. </span>


    Next word said by that player in /c. Means, active.  I have some hacks…Active.

    non direi

    The next thing said by a fellow crew member. The lovely google translate reveals this is ‘I would not say’. He is advising his teammate to keep the hacks hidden.”

    ^^ that is a direct quote from crazy. Apple himself saw these screenshots, of his crew admitting to hacking and advising themselves how to go about it, and did nothing to the crew members, they are still in ./crew members apple the last we checked.

    If you are still asking “what does this mean”, then here is a nice little bullet point list, also made by crazy lol (he asked me to make this forum post, since he is busy rn :3 )

    a) [Apple] crew members hack

    b) Other crew members support hacking

    c) That [AppleJK] himself is aware of crew members hacking

    d) That none of them have reported this hacking

    this was made to show the true natures of pretty much the entire crew of apple. that is the most major stuff, and there is always the lying in /msg when leaders such as M4Rt3S lie to us about what happened in attacks, we found him out pretty fast when he told 2 different stories, one to me and a different one to crazy 😛

    Thats all for now,



    ps. I hope i posted this in the right forum, im bad with these things XD

    pss. this is the longest forum post i have ever composed XD



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    Is that why the players appear in boxes? Is that sort of aiming hack?

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    Apple isn’t the type of guy I would think to support or condone this, this is strange. Also why were they using Italian? Like if you want a language to cover up evidence I’d use Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic, because good luck copying all those characters.,%20First%20Emperor.
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    This is some pretty good detective work :P.

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    Mr. Bob
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    Dang, I’ve been killed alot for no reason and while it gives the attacker a nice boost in materials, it really affects me. I would usually pass this off as just drama and rage, however I personally can’t tolerate those who have an unfair advantage (hacking in this scenario). Also @kanube I can’t be sure, but I think those are just hit boxes.


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    I also translated one chat from M4rt3s before and found some info like this but couldn’t put the clues together… Finally somone did.

    Nice Work Capt and Crazy



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    Future Detective in Training…


    Good Job!!! 😀

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    I had a pretty good laugh when I saw Keto trying to restrain Shay… lolz

    ~Privateer for the 13c


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    Amazing work! 😉

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    SONO aribato mister robotto. Idk if I spelt that right, but can you translate that too?lol jk, enuff work for teh crazza pirato.

    <span lang=”it”>Tu sei il ragazzo maestro del fuoco , andate unirsi alla polizia</span>

    you need to translate that, even if you have no idea why I’m calling you a fire master.



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    They are Italian I think, well they got pretty emotional when Italy lost against France in the Euro’s, so im guessing from that. But yea good work I guess.



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    No kanube you can turn on hitboxes, It seems that this sleuthing is enough to warrant a Ban.

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    Guys it’s wrong , i’m italien and i can traslate better,  he does not intend to approve the use of hack, you’re wrong Do not trust the google translator because it does not translate clearly and you are likely to be confused with the meanings!

    There was hackers in the crew but now have been kicked and banned! hackers were Falc_eagl3, firebrothers and cubecreeeper,

    trust me please apple, the captain never intended to attack or harm someone else, there are some members of the crew who ignored the orders, but have been or will be punished !



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    @masterm1214 it only takes one drop of poison to ruin a glass of water. It looks like this has happened to your crew.

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    Astrobolt , All server hate us without reason .
    We received racism and other (Denunciable) , Cyberbullism , so SHUT UP MAN

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