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    Hello! I am EchoOcelot, from The Bitter North crew, and I request an alliance with the British Empire. I have been their ally for months when I was a part of Ender, so I am familiar with the BE and their customs. Here are some of the topics that we can strengthen together:

    1. Fighting The Evil

    There are many crews that attack other crews without them knowing, wanting, or having a reason to be attacked. Together, we could help stop this evil when they try to do that.

    2. Projects

    I had always admired BE’s great buildings and ideas, such as the many incredible cities, like London and Whiskey Peak. Also, I have admired their transportation projects, such as the nether rail to many different towns and shopping locations. Together, we could also bring many great new ideas to existence.


    Thanks for reading my proposal through, and please consider it. Thank you!



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    I am not related to to this post and should not take part in the conversation, but I felt too tempted.

    Fighting openly raiding groups whenever they try to “attack other crews without them knowing, wanting, or having a reason to be attacked” has never been a fundament of the British existence in Piratecraft.

    Historically, the British Empire used to intervene only against crews they considered a great danger for the whole server balance.

    Last time the British Empire was involved in a war was against the Templars. When, more recently, Piratequest declared war on them, british citizens themselves explained how they had a lack of fighters and therefore were not able to sustain a rivalry and have a “fun war”.

    The amount of raiders is reducing but some crews still plunder around the world. Denouncing their evil actions would turn them into open enemies and I do not think this is an aim of the British Empire.
    Not counting that they need to vote before every conflict, which means that military action against raiders is not automatic.

    If you mean fighting the evil in a diplomatic way, then maybe!

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    So your saying all raiding is bad unless it is in war? Pvp server+pirates…Gl with that

    A endermite kicked my ass

    The Queen
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    See your taking this out of context, Echo.

    When you say Fighting Evil its so bland you need to explain what you mean besides the plain meaning for it.

    The Elven Empire allows its people to fight any non allies. The Empire as a WHOLE will not officially be involved sending our troops out but we will not punish our people for fighting people were not allied to. The Empire will fight as a whole if it is politically agreed upon to wage total war on a specific crew/organization.

    Its all about balance and at this rate it looks like its not going to last long and take advice from someone who has had stupid choices made but we live and we learn right? 🙂

    I hope this made sense

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    If people get attacked with the defender knowing, how the hell is this a pirate server?

    This is like saying “Oh I’m gonna rob you” to the guy standing next to you. PIRATECraft. Loot and rob.

    Founder of the Coalition

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