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    As you might have noticed, the island recently got a nice looking bridge to the northern continent. I am looking for somebody to design & build a road starting at ArtificialDemon’s claim on the other side of the bridge all the way over to /warp north and /warp shop.

    To qualify, you have to come up with a design and a detailed plan of where this road would go. Once I am satisfied with your plan, I will claim the required land, and you will be able to begin construction. Upon completion you will be reimbursed for the materials (bought at the market rate unless provided by me), and in addition you will receive up to $1000-$2000 as a payment.

    Things to consider:

    • Scenic routes are better.
    • Natural looking roads are better.
    • Cool looking bridges are a plus.
    • Not all claims can be removed.
    • If there is a popular road, people will start claiming land next to it. I need to be able to at least partially control where people can enter and exit the road.
    • Horses.
    • Light level 8+ is preferable.
    • I might have some interesting suggestions, ping me in the game.

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    Ae0, nice idea, that bridge is looking really swell ? when you say you want some level of control, are you talking fences, walls, hedges, trees?

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    Fences, hedges, and trees would work fine, but I don’t want a tunnel, so preferably no walls.

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    i like building trees 😀 *glances over at Everglade* ^-^

    if I may provide some input and opinion, my personal preference are natural looking paths, that have some wear and tear on them. ones that look old and worn. those look best to me. but again, that was opinion based.

    and as for trees, ae, I can build trees wherever, and for anyone else that wants one, I can probs figure it out.

    also, if the path is nice, I may provide some materials and assistance in building to whoever is building the road. 😛

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    Sorry, I’m not gonna build it *yaaay* Not that you would’ve let me, but I think it’d be nice to do it out of logs and other tree-like substances. Or things that are created from trees and use glowstone or something to light it up (preferably something nice) actually scratch that flip it and reverse it, SEA LANTERNS! 😀 they could go in the centre of the bridge ever 10 or so blocks (the floor) preeeettty cooool yeah


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    I think I have a design that might work, more natural, almost old style roads, with large, detailed trees hanging over almost, some hedges.
    A good bridge, sea lanterns, glowstone, grass.
    Maybe a good ‘natural’ looking archway(s) in apropriate places?
    Just my thoughts,
    PM me ingame if you want to talk more.
    -Wilson M.

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    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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