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    Hello everyone!

    Im firing on all cylinders with this recent spree to update everything and get us fine tuned.

    I need help figuring out what to change boatswain playtime to and what to set the other 2 new ranks as.

    I posted this in requests and suggestions as its still a research stage, I have a rough idea of what I want, but I want to make sure it works with the community too. Now when answering also consider that Donators will be able to use the ranking system at a later date (When I figure it out).

    I made 2 tables of current ranking (All ranks as an overview) and a proposed ranking system, I highlighted the changes to the ranked groups (What were focusing on, forget about all staff ranks for now, nobody ask about helper! that’ll be its own thread.)

    You can click the images for a larger version.

    Current Ranking


    Proposed Ranking

    Proposed system, What I need help with is picking an amended boatswain time and adding in two new ranks to reach, The reason for making boatswain easier so there is progression without being out of reach. 14 days is 336 hours, 30 days is 720 hours, 100 days is 2400 hours.

    Preliminary research looks like these may be too low, maybe we should keep boatswain at 30 days and then make a 60 day and then 100 day rank?

    I have also not figured out the other requirements for ranking up, the only other rank we may want to adjust is getting carpenter, The 5 diamond ore, that makes no sense.. haha I think that was a test that ended up permanent somehow.

    Most permissions are unlocked at Sailor.

    I wish I laid out all ranks in tables before, it makes it so much easier to see everything at a glance!

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    I think they are perfect like that. quartermaster for the real crazy ppl lol.


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    I think you should drop the boatswain down to 15 days, make the first mate rank 30 days and the quartermaster 50 or 60 days. 100 days seems a bit too long (for me at least).

    Also, what would the new ranks include?

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    I really like the new rank! Well played Godsy!

    But i think the Quartermaster is only for insane people, you should keep it around 60 days of playtime, that would be better because more players could reach that rank

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    Here’s some titles that could be used:

    Master at Arms



    Chaplain 🙂

    Petty Officer

    also, there could be chief, first, second and third mates, in that order

    not sure about lengths of time or what each unlock, but, this could add some granularity.

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    Personally, I love these new ranks. As for requirements, I think 60 days is a good one for the more senior rank, while one of them should be moved down to 15 days. Other requirements should perhaps be fight caught (or catched xD), an increase in distance sailed, and probably distance walked; you want people to explore the server before achieving this rank, not just grinding in a hut.

    What are the rewards for this? A /kit that contains a few potions or drinks? Perhaps one of the ranking up kits should offer every dye in the game, for your own unique pirate flag! Regardless, great to see these being introduced!

    Quartermaster is misspelt in the second graph btw 🙂

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    welp i know one rank im never getting haha



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    Yep, I agree with everyone else, boatswain to 15 (took forever for me rip) and then a 30 for first mate and 60 for quartermaster

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    The idea isn’t to have Quartermaster obtainable for everyone, I was thinking about having this as the only rank where you have to actually work for it to reach it, and then give it some obscure privileges for getting there. its set to not be obtainable, for The 1% the elite few, so then I can have a custom /online that displays the top tier gods of PirateCraft that reach it XD.

    I was chatting with Staff and Blu suggested; Boatswain 20, First mate 45, Quatermaster 100. This works for me, I like these numbers.

    The reason I like them, is then the entire set of ranks actually follow a pattern, the playtime for the next rank is double the previous plus a little bit, this makes sense to me, double then plus a little bit! that gives 20,45,100 a balance. It sets an impossible goal, boatswain was my initial impossible goal and we already have people over 100 days, not many but we have them, the server is over 3 and a half years old now, it also isn’t a complete nuke of boatswain for those that have already reached it.

    I didn’t want to add in too many ranks, 2 should be perfectly balanced to give targets for long term players to achieve, the majority of new players barley get to cadet or sailor! plus we can always.

    if we did the 15, 30, 60 we would need another new rank for the 100, I don’t really want to add another rank, I have always had the mindset that I wanted PirateCraft to be hard, and we do need that really impossible to obtain rank!

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    I like the of a harder to get rank, and I think that 100 days is a good amount of playtime for this. Althought since it’s so hard to get I believe there should be some good perks/kits etc.

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    I will have to agree with Joe_Danger2003, I like how it’s hard to get to the bigger ranks but there should be some good perks/kits if you are trying to reach or have reached them higher ranks.

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    How about making one or more of these new ranks play-time obtainable only, to distinguish the players who have really put the time and effort into the community?  For example, a player who donates for captain would only inherit the 100-day rank if they’ve actually played for 100 days, and it would not be available via permanent donation.

    I’m not suggesting this should be the model for all of the new ranks, but there comes a point where it is not really fair to compare the value of a $10-perma-donation to the immense individual impact that Cysteen, lazydog11 or any of the other top-playtime folks have had over the years on player-retention by helping to foster a wonderful in-game community 🙂

    That said, I like the progression of 20, 45, 100.  It feels smoother than the current transition from gunner to boatswain.  I think each new rank will feel challenging, yet still within grasp of the previous.

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    I find the new ranks interesting. sadly for the 1% of us that have over 100 days *coughcouch*, the 100 day rank is already achieved, heh. but for other players, 100 days is certainly a feat id like to see someone else get! 60 days imo is still too reachable, since gods wants to make it damn near impossible, 100 days makes it nearly just that. minus the special few of us ^-^/. tbh im very curious what the kits/rewards would be, and the requirements. what could be given in those ranks that doesn’t tip into the perks of a donator rank? back on topic of the playtime requirement,  I do like the progression idea of the playtime, 20, 45, 100. makes sense. 100 days though… dayum. lol

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    Echoing previous comments, the 20, 45, 100 would work great.

    100 days gameplay… that’s almost a third of a year you spent on a minecraft server…

    Oh well, you only live once.

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    i like very mach

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