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    Yes, We had a player named Olen who cussed me out for enforcing the rule of no swearing. I’d like to start off that one when i said it i was directing it to everyone since i looked at chat and saw swearing occurring and said and quote ” watch your language please everyone”. The response i got from Olen is in the screen shot below for asking everyone to watch it

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    I agree.

    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

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    lol same here 😛

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    See that was uncalled for, all i did was ask of everyone and he cusses me out? There should at least be something done about it, specially since eh also spams chat every 10-15 mins with the same message over and over. And when asked to stop he didn’t he kept at it saying he wasn’t, then replayed the same message.


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    I have seen very distressing, or at the very least, weird messages coming from Olen in the past. Locking other plays in his basement, for example, but they often take it in good humour. Personally, I find him to be…charismatic.

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    Thanks for this. I’ll deal with the issue when I am on later with very appropriate punishment.

    This is simply appalling behaviour. 


    Case closed!


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