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    My Username: Stewie0404

    Player(s): KiwiKingKaiser
    Username: KiwiKingKaiser

    Reason for Report (please select as needed):
    breaking rules, harassing.

    Overview Description of Report
    when I was talking about my girlfriend; kiwi said this (see evidence). not only that he was racist and didn’t get rid of his racist name.

    Evidence: found below

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    The drunken Lancastrian Lawyer

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    😂 your getting mad over that?

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    You we’re talking trash to our allies and LE’s allies. Then you brought up something no one asked for like your “Girlfriend” and started bragging about it on a block game.

    Then it was when you started getting criticized that you flipped and started peeing all over ally chat. Honestly you’ve been deported from 2-3 crews now, really good ones I believe.

    I also believe there more context to the screenshot you posted, and it wasn’t just buffnut that insulted (BuffNut is 13-16 days away from changing his name)

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    Governor in Rome.
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    I had to stop reading Cosmics Reply after he said: Previous Good Crews.. Considering he was in Rome… Just no…

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    You are just pouncing on every opportunity to get people you don’t like in trouble. You must mature.

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    this one comment alone isn’t really enough to justify a whole report tbh. and if what cosmic said is true, that you’ve cut context and cut out all other parts of the chat where YOU got hostile, then this ‘report’ would be invalid. this isn’t really harassment, its really just throwing flame (giving insults). if you wanted to call harassment youd need to provide more evidence, and not just one isolated comment. im not staff, so I cant make any ruling, but it really just looks as if you got your tail feathers in a bunch. if youd like to argue the replies here, try providing the original conversation, uneditied, in its entirety so a real decision can be made.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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