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    Over the previous few months, I have been under siege numerous times and have been killed in the process. As a result, I’ve attempted to quit multiple times. This is meant to be a polite server where we treat each other with respect. I want siege to be removed completely so we can enjoy our experiences on the server with dignity and kindness.

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    Pfft is this a joke?

    Welcome to pirateCraft m8

    -Siege me i like it

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    Hi Spectre,
    I understand your frustration, it’s the same with other people who just enjoy building and nothing else. Unfortunately, the next popular thing to building is combat and sieges, the siege feature has been part of the server for many years, the chance of the feature being removed is highly unlikely due to how many people still use it.

    The best thing to do is work on your defenses (traps, chorus proof safe rooms, etc) and gather allies to possibly to help you defend yourself against other people next time. I don’t mind giving you a few tips next time you’re in-game.

    Pfft is this a joke? Welcome to pirateCraft m8

    If you have nothing constructive to add, then don’t post at all.

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    What Lego said.

    It is annoying when you get sieged (and unfortunately voicing your annoyances often can work adversely for you) but it is an integral part of this server, which I hope you understand.

    There are however many ways to prevent siege:

    • Use siege-proof blocks which are listed on the website and in game /info siege
    • Cover your chests with said blocks, they then cannot be opened
    • Accumulate allies- there are plenty of players on this server which wont mind offering help if you ask politely for it
    • Try to avoid said players- don’t respond to them, keep calm around them, and only interact with them if it is necessary and on a subject which would not encourage them to get agitated (pvp, siege, if they die)

    If you are being sieged as well by the same players consistently, and if their treatment of you is not admirable (they grief, unnecessary siege damage, actively insult you) then you can always report this to staff on the forums, in game, in discord or pm us on discord, and we can help you from there.

    You’ve posted lovely pictures on discord, and have been polite from what I can see from so far. Don’t descend to the level of those how insult each other and people will be happy to help you, you can always pm me on discord.

    Good luck!


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    All has been said, not happening sorry

    No risk no glory

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