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    Me and my friend AnxiousCactus made a crew yesterday, we should be the only people in the crew at the moment.

    The crew isn’t even 24 hours old yet and I just did /crew profile and it says there’s another leader called wiglz_ who was last seen nearly 4 months ago?

    We can demote him and kick him no problem but it’s a little weird as neither me or anxiouscactus have ever recruited or come into contact with a player called wiglz_, We have no idea how he’s been offline for 4 months and managed to become leader of our crew which was made yesterday?

    Just thought it was a weird bug, has anyone else had similar issues to this?

    Not iwanio
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    When you make a crew with the same tag as a crew that has been disbanded, you automatically inherit any members who have not gone online to leave the crew.

    It’s useful if you, for example, accidentally (or someone else maliciously) disband your crew.

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    ^ iwanio is right ;D

    Seems to be resolved in-game as they are no longer a leader so I’ll close this post 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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