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    hey all, im sure many of the staff know about this, but a lot of London is admin claimed. I understand why this was here in the first place (a pvp free road), but the admin claim goes pretty far off the road itself.

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    I believe we actually spoke to Godsy about having the claim shortened, as its a real pain to trust people too, and thus, its an insanely difficult claim build around. But, shortening it required some worldguard  wizardry, and it seemed to be a rather complicated and lengthy process (so I recall) – we just decided to roll with it, and save Godsy the hassle; Gildor worked on the principle Gods has much more important things to be dealing with, than messing around with some admin claims that don’t really do any harm.

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    ive seen this happen a few times- people in London get attacked, then pearl to the road (which is pvp free and they have perms to) get untagged, and then they cant be attacked. I haven’t been there much recently, nor have I bothered to check the claims, but I have seen from time to time someone bailing from a fight to the safety of that road to escape all conflict, then to tp away scott free. happened today; I saw on map mandarin went to attack bliso and gildor, gildor pearled and ran off and I saw him run straight to the road that passes through London (the server road), then tped very shortly after the encounter, while still on that road. again, I only saw from map, so it could have been different than what I saw (no proof either sadly). just adding some 2 cents here, no hate or drama comments please .-.

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    Actually, I do not have perms to that road. I simply pearled close and walked into the pvp free area.

    The road has been there long before London was started, and in fact anyone else would be able to build a city or base around it. Simply because we use it does not mean we have a special advantage.

    As for the admin claim, I would be happy to claim it should the staff decide to remove it. I just ask that if they do it they unclaim it when I am online and without letting anyone else know so I get a chance to reclaim it without London being greifed.


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    Yeah, we know about that issue and I have also tried to catch godsy in game when he is not busy, but i just haven’t been very lucky recently, since gods is a busy man these days obviously.

    The pvp-free road is no more pvp-free, try it out for yourself. I sure am not protected by the claim and have been killed om the road several times already.

    And yeah, we would love for the claims to be solved, but we try to work around it best we can atm.

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