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    This is how it would work:

    When a player wears a Pumpkin his name changes to Pumpkinbandit, so lets say Gods wears a pumpkin, if he kills Law, it says “Pumpkinbandit killed Law”.
    BUT if Law kills the Pumpkinbandit it says “Law killed Gods”.

    So basically his mask is removed.
    So people can kill others while being “hidden” but their names arent changed on the online list. If they screw up and die they are revealed. Its a lot of fun and somewhat risky because you can try and attack friends but if they find out you are in big trouble.

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    Post a link to the github repo for it and we can see if we can get Creeper to update it maybe? Its entirely up to your friend that made it, without the code or plugin we cant do it.

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    I thought also. What about playerheads?

    Could I wear lets say some player and then kill someone and frame them? That sounds very piratey.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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