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    Okay so im making this thread cuz i need to know whats allowed and not allowed during PvP and Siege so you guys dont have to go and contact the poor staff to babysit me.

    Anything thats not clearly posted on the rules please post here

    So apparently breaking “decorations” during a siege is considered greifing, but it says nothing about greifing at all in the rules?

    Also, during a siege if someone comes into your house and kills you unforgivingly  and then you do the same back to them, why is that not allowed? if they enter your house shouldnt you be able to do whatever you want to them? (Like not let them leave) by PVPING someone in your own house?

    feel free to go agro in the comments, im on very thin ice and I need to know ALL these hidden rules


    ps- Sorry Smokey for interrupting your night, very very sorry ,not cool on my part

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    Rule 9: “use common sense”


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    Blu Pearson
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    Yes, what irs said.

    It would be quite impossible to cover every possible situation and adhere a rule to it. Which is why the rules are broad and instead say “use common sense”. We as staff approach each situation based on the players involved. Their history, attitude, the situation itself etc..etc..

    Unfortunately “common sense” is not all that “common” in the world these days. Its not being taught to younger generations or modeled by older generations so it seems on the verge of extinction. But thats a different soapbox for another time. 🙂

    Think of the “use common sense”  rule as kinda the same as “would I be upset if someone did this to me” the good ole golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” attitude.

    That in and of itself should keep most all situations from becoming an issue.

    As for,

    “during a siege if someone comes into your house and kills you unforgivingly and then you do the same back to them, why is that not allowed? if they enter your house shouldnt you be able to do whatever you want to them? (Like not let them leave) by PVPING someone in your own house?”

    The way a siege is  done is If you lose a siege the winning player/players have a set amount of time to loot as the reward for winning the siege. This means the losing player/players need to stand aside and let the winners claim their reward. If you engage after losing a siege you are technically in the wrong.

    Is it against some rule? Not really but it leads to bitching and moaning about spawn killing, not being able to tp out, yada yada yada. then at some point it gets out of hand and folks get in trouble. But as I said above each situation is judged on its own not some hard and fast rule/nonrule.

    The mistake that 90% of players make is having their set home out in the open. Usually at the front door or main room. So upon respawn you are vulnerable and usually upset about seeing all your hard earned loot being taken away. So instinct kicks in and you want to do what you can to keep your stuff. Also if you respawn in sight of the attackers you will be killed so you cant interfere.

    You really should set your home in a special safe room of some sort. No buttons or levers on the outside to get in, only to get out. And of course keep your chests covered. soul sand is great for this as no tool is needed and its quick to remove it by hand. Yes there is the chorus fruit thing thats enabled after winning a siege so build with that in mind.

    “breaking “decorations” during a siege is considered greifing, but it says nothing about greifing at all in the rules?”

    Greifing is frowned upon at any time siege or not, but during a siege there are only a few blocks that can be broken in a claim and those are fair game when trying to enter a base.

    On the other hand just breaking things for the sake of breaking them isnt cool whether its claimed or unclaimed, during a siege or not during a siege. This goes back to “would you want someone to be doing this to you” would you want something you worked very hard on and for a long time to be destroied by some jackhole just being destructive.

    Of course if you are not a builder you might say “nope i dont care if someone did this to me” Then your just being an ass and with no sense of empathy. Which like common sense empathy isnt being taught by parents or schools or modeled by the older generations and that is also a rant for another time 🙂

    Just bear in mind being an ass will be taken in to consideration when the situation comes before staff.


    Main points:

    Dont be an ass, if someone is an ass to you dont be one back just let staff deal with them or you will be included in the disipline.

    If it would upset you for someone to do it to you, dont do it to someone else.

    Build and plan your base as if  everyone is an jackhole.

    Be smart.


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    Well that thing about letting winners take everything they want is kinda not cool if youre lets say a cadet that just got his first diamonds and needs to stand aside and just watch 5 god people loot all of his hard work… Not that he would stand a chance against them but you know who wouldnt try to defend their stuff

    Keep you'r friends rich
    and you'r enemies rich
    and wait to find out which is which.

    Blu Pearson
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    I agree it sucks to lose a siege and see all your hard earned supplies disappear. It was like clock work when i was working through the ranks that a soon as i got a handful of daimonds and decent amount of supplies some op folks would show up and destroy meand take my stuff. I never had the good sense to stay inside and would always go out and fight XD.

    Of course the first few times I did like everyone does and re-spawned naked ran around trying to fight the looters at least for a couple mins anyway. Eventually i just set home in my new obby vault and it didnt matter anyway haha.

    Thats the thing though, your supposed to stop them from winning the siege to keep them from taking your stuff.

    Plus it just causes problems since when you re-spawn your naked so you cant do anything anyway. Even if you could get to some gear if you werent able to defeat them when you had the entirety of your defenses your not going to keep them from taking their prize :).

    So you can only annoy someone and at best its an attempt to trigger a spam killing jail trip or keeps them tagged and they cant tp out. That causes all sorts of whining and chat wars and pinging staff for an issue that shouldnt be an issue.

    In real life, well in the days of actual sieges you didnt respawn to annoy the victors of the war.

    Not to mention the attitude changes when your the winner of a siege and its your time to take home the loot 😀 then its all “so and so wont leave us alone blah,blah,blah”

    So thats why the loser needs to go to a safe room and the winner needs to just loot and leave the loser alone.

    It would be awesome if the dev could implement something that triggered the loser to be tped to spawn or something. It would make more realistic.

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    no /back after PvP death

    FINAL RULING on uses of /back

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    Main points: Dont be an ass, if someone is an ass to you dont be one back just let staff deal with them or you will be included in the disipline. If it would upset you for someone to do it to you, dont do it to someone else. Build and plan your base as if everyone is an jackhole. Be smart. 🙂

    That ^

    Being an ass isn’t healthy for you or the server – you’ll just get yourself warned. If you ever have any questions, just send any staff a message in-game. Thanks for checking though.

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    I can see what Max and Blu are saying.

    It is just being an ass at the end of they day. Most people if you do respawn back in as their raiding you, as long as you don’t cause them any problems via attacking or opening chests and taking the stuff out of them, will not attack you (and if they do it’s unnecessary and can be harassment).

    Spawn killing is also harassment, as well as tp trapping or spawn trapping- I got temp banned for it before, I wasn’t entirely okay with that outcome as I proceeded to stop, but then again it is again the zero tolerance policy this server goes by about 90% of the time, and it worked as I haven’t done it again though it wasn’t like I was going to anyway as I was one of the few in the group involved who did pull out of what was happening after I realised what I was doing- moral is don’t get caught up in the moment and keep a clear mind and think before how your actions could effect you rule wise, so again common sense.

    Also don’t be an ass is a great one. For example, on the odd ship battle max sets up, there is always that one person who decides to ‘accidentally’ load tnt shot or someone comes along and tnt’s a ship- sometimes without not even having taken part in the battle. It also again falls to the community to also educate their peers on the rules, and to give their own take on what is and what is not allowed. For example:

    Hydra is an amazing crew in my opinion, despite their bad rep. What they do is cunning and clever, and DOES NOT violate any rules, and people will protest against it. They are the definition of trusting the right people to your claims. They never go over the top, only destroy decorations IF they are worth it e.g. player heads, frames etc, and they are usually good sports, find their YouTube channel for example, and listen to their commentary, what they’re saying is not at all spiteful or mocking, they play nicely and even though I have never directly talked to them, they seem like nice people in actual fact, despite often seeming as though they are somewhat separate to the community and their unconventional ways of raiding.


    Again, use common sense, be nice, be merciful by taking only things like ores, easily to replace gear or enchants, no food etc., also if you’d like to keep a good rep and if whom your raiding you may want to be able to work with at a later date.

    Just make sure they have fun too, and that you don’t turn them almost into literal vegetables by raiding them.

    Good luck.


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    I’d like to make a suggestion while this is still up, make it so that after you win the siege, as in the 5 minutes of win time, the person who was sieged and lost can NOT block their chests. It’s completly worthless to see someone open a chest in their vault, siege, and get nothing because they log out, log back in, spawn inside they’re vault, grab a siegeproof block, and block it. Really annoying :/

    im a kau

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    @ministermooself Correct me if I’m wrong. But I am sure that you cannot place blocks etc after the siege.

    But if that is so, I would definitely support that as it should be their own fault for not locking their chests like everyone says when someone moans about it, and that the only reason their stuff stolen is because their own protective measures were not good enough.

    I don’t think not allowing that person back to their base is the right way to go about it though, as I could see an awful lot of people getting stressed about it. Yes say they should have fought better, defended their base better to argue for that, but I think it would annoy anyone to be powerless in the end.

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    Thank you guys for telling me all this info!! It means alot sense i am on thin ice and trying to stay on this server! I love the pvp siege,and live map. Telling me this is important because i dont want to upset staff or a player because i am in the wrong.

    seen it all, ive been here since 06/06/2014

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    from what I understand, when the sieges happened on jetty and rex (pastel and n1_), we managed to win one of the sieges, and got in. you both proceeded to punch everyone and refused to stop, even chasing us as we explored your *coughhorridcough* base. one or both of you managed to force kai into jail by constantly attacking him, forcing him to kill you because you wouldn’t leave off. afterwards, we all got kicked from siege timer ending. after that, kai was unjailed (time was up) and he was tped back in, and around this time the base was resieged, so nobody else could tp in or out. you had camped his tp point with god gear and killed him. that’s just straight up obnoxious. firstly, being annoying by punching everyone as we even just walked around, and then camping kai’s tp point. after the second siege, you nearly did the same to p1ndr0p by punching him into a hole and continuing to punch him, and wouldn’t stop. smokey had to log onto discord chat to yell at you both to stop, or he would have suffered kai’s unfortunate fate as well.

    while im here, even though these may have been stated, no harm in restating I suppose. no /back after pvp related death. if you die by another player, you cannot /back. (unless if the killer says it’s ok. purpose is, you cant /back to get your stuff, or to be obnoxious and try to punch them to death.)

    spawnkilling is a douche move, and shouldn’t be done. it isn’t exactly spawnkilling if you’re forcing people to kill you by punching them. at that point, youre just being annoying and you’re just giving the other players free chances to boost their kdr, get heads and up their kill streaks. and boost their ego. for some, it’s big enough.

    @minister, im fairly certain that’s already a feature. you already shouldn’t be allowed to build in claims during and after siege time, during the 5 min looting period. if players are able to do that, then that should be reported to be fixed. ive experienced when that feature broke, it isn’t fun.

    and jetty, this comment is to you directly. I did tell staff of several of your actions, but my intent was never to have you banned, or to try to get them to punish you. since your absence, things have changed, and im certain you’d have forgotten some of the unspoken rules, so me telling staff was just so they can properly tell you what is and isn’t allowed. since.. well… you didn’t want to listen to a damn thing anyone of us tried to say, I had to ask the staff to tell you instead. if the staff did choose to ban or punish you severely, that’d be their call, and their sole decision, and the rest of us; and you; would just have to accept and respect it. to reiterate- just don’t be an ass.

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    And thats exactly why i asked these questions. My understanding (at that moment) was “your in my base, im gonna try to make u leave” but NOW that i have asked, i know now that spam punching is not allowed.

    -thank you Cysteen for the info!

    can someone check for me if i got banned? I havent been able too :/

    seen it all, ive been here since 06/06/2014

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    My two cents is honestly I have no problem with grief.

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    You also should have learned from this Jetty that breaking decorations, dirt and a bunch of random things all over someones base during a siege is frowned upon, and as Blue said not permitted. So please do not continue going around breaking everything you can while running around like you did at Cysteen’s base just to harass the player and be an ass. Wanted to make sure you picked up on that too, not just the spawn punching to keep people from leaving. If your breaking blocks to try and get into someones base, that is a different story. Breaking most of her ducks, and her pathways, along with random blocks, wasn’t very cool. It gains you nothing and just makes a lot of wasted time for players. I live for instance in an underground box, with a purely decorative base on top. If someone were to siege me and destroy the candy kingdom decorations just for giggles, it would probably make me despise the person and start needless grudges. You should try to plan out a siege, examine their base, and look for weaknesses. That is my two cents. Mind you, I am a player that does not PvP unless I am being attacked or Cysteen is. Glad your back, but try to listen to other players advice in game. Ignoring it and waiting for staff confirmation can instead increase your chances of getting in trouble. I generally don’t do anything people say is against the rules, and then confirm with staff when possible. It avoids putting myself in a bad situation.

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