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    I started working on this pack a couple weeks ago and over the past while started to get very demotivated to work on it as i couldnt come up with idea’s for the pack and progress started getting really slow. I thought i’d put this up on the forums as nearly a “PMC pack V1” to let yous see what its like so far and to give suggestions below on what i should do with it.

    So this pack is a 64×64 pack although some items that i have taken from other packs i’ve made in the past are 16×16 as i normally make pvp related packs, Aswell as the server’s Custom items will be in 128×128 to add in more detail and make them that bit more special.

    Im not good at forum posts so im just going to make a bullet point list on what i have done on the pack and what i have plans to do on it next.

    What has been done on the pack:

    • All swords have been fully redrawn by me from scratch to make them into a pirate cutlass, i started off drawing the diamond sword and then just changed the blade colour to make the others.
    • Fully redrew the Ender Pearls to make them into a “Black Pearl” and put the pmc logo inside it.
    • Fully redrew both Drinkable potions and Splash Potions to be more piraty and look like Rum bottles (splash varients have a handle on the side, was going for a moonshine style bottle but couldnt make it rounder as the potion overlay had to be the same for both splash and drinkable)
    • Swapped out the Bow texture for a flintlock texture (i took this design from another pack but i have redrawn it in 64×64 instead of 16×16 as i have plans to make a custom one in the future)
    • Made it so when you have a Power V bow the bow texture changes from a flintlock to a Musket as this is i think a more powerful gun (musket was fully drawn by me)
    • Fully redrew arrows to make them look like bullets to match the guns
    • Drew textures for both XP Tokens and Doubloons, these textures only apply to these custom items and both gold ingots and gold nuggets stay the same. (Doubloons are drawn the same as the Doubloons from the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie)

    What i have Plans to do in the future:

    • Draw my own custom Flintlock so as the pack is fully drawn by me
    • Draw Custom tools so they are more piraty
    • Draw Custom Golden apples and apples so they are different then the ones i use for my pvp packs
    • Draw Custom textures for all of the ingots/ores like gold, iron, diamonds (diamonds are from my pvp packs)
    • Draw Custom Particles for the pack so it isent the same as my pvp packs

    These are just some of the ideas i have for this pack and i’d love to get some suggestions on what to add next, i will more then likly keep this post as a Change Log type post for updates on the pack and new download links for the newer versions.

    PMC pack

    Here is the download link for the pack = http://www.mediafire.com/file/8wenpa8u5a4nqr9/PirateCraft.7z

    – Torkey

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    Keep you'r friends rich
    and you'r enemies rich
    and wait to find out which is which.

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    Awesome, why not merge it with the Official one?

    Skins & Resource Pack

    Thread info for the Github links.

    [changelog] Official PirateCraft resource pack started! Help build it!

    Actually im super glad you brought this up, Since I found out its really simple to have thousands of custom items based on custom items in-game, Resource pack and Optifine are needed, but most people can deal with that. Its cool, it means you can say have 500 Diamond hoes that all have their own custom textures, or we could say theme black carpet to look like bones on the floor or something.


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