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    Righty so uh….this forum is more of a group effort so I’ll just get all the tagging out of the way! @Chailey @iketo @turkeyman11a @Cysteen @mountainrasta @N4D0M3T1CG4M3R @PythonAce @12965kj WHEW!!

    Long story short is that I decided to start my own small business making pens and what better way than to send the first ones to people who aren’t afraid to call me a $H1T@$$ to my face! I hope that everyone is able to post a picture of their pens because otherwise this post is going to be a waste.

    I never expected when I joined this server that it would take me to this point. Sending out real objects to real people because of a video game. The real effect of what I was doing really didn’t hit me until I had to pay for the stamps and it ran through my head that….holy crap…..this is happening. Thankyou so much for everything to pretty much everyone for making this experience one that has lasted going on 3 years for me. Every good and bad part of this trip has been totally beyond worth it and I really can’t put into words how I feel writing this right now.

    I’ll leave it here and let everyone post the pictures of their (hopefully) nice looking pens!

    Thankyou so much for everything PirateCraft. Fair seas to all!

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    ha you dont have friends


    Jk i love you just reserving number one spot.


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    Just wanna say a big thank you to jmoo for doing this, the pens are amazing and i am making this post to edit to put in the picture of me and mountain with our pens.

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    I loved my pen it was really nice.

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    Ok, idk if this will upload, but here is a picture of my pen and Python in cursive.

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    Why do I not care…

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    reserving my comment spot (astro, piss off with your needless remarks.)

    If I had a nickel for every time I, Ooo hey, a butterfly!! *runs off chasing the butterfly*

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    OOOOoooo! Pens are fun! Love u jmoo. Good luck with all this :3

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